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The Wheelchair Was Only The Beginning....


All my life I was blessed with natural athletic ability. There were very few challenges to overcome. I had the career of my dreams, a great relationship. and a life that was better than anything I could have ever imagined.

Then one day I woke up in the hospital...unable to move.. paralyzed. I was devistated! Life was over. I was trapped in a useless body. I could no longer run, jump, rock-climb, or do any of the numerous things I valued so highly. I could not return to my job. I no longer knew who I was because my whole identity was wrapped up in the things I did, not who I was inside. With the support of family and friends, I managed to regain partial use of my arms, and maneuver a wheelchair. From their life took off!

I was released from rehab, returned to college, graduated, got married, learned to drive again, and found limitless sports that are accessable to wheelchairs! I started slow.. Snow-skiing, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, Rafting, Fishing, Water-Skiing... the options were endless! I started the local chapter of WOW, a scouting type group for kids who use wheelchairs, and love every minute of it!

No, life isn't perfect, but it wasn't perfect before I was in the wheelchair either! Over time I have come to ralize... it wasn't me who changed... it was my perspective! Being in the wheelchair has reminded me to appreciate the little things in life such as being able to get out of bed each morning and enjoy the fresh air. I have begun to realize, it is not what I do in life thet matters.. it is who I am inside that truly defines the real ME.

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