Renaud vs. LaSalle Police Services Board

Case Background
In July, 1998, Renaud, a Staff/Sgt. of LaSalle Police Services filed a $300,000 lawsuit against members of the LaSalle Police Association, the Town of LaSalle, the LaSalle Police Services Board, Chief Ian Russell (see Praskey vs. Toronto) and former chief Larry Shaw. Renaud sued for loss of income, mental distress, civil conspiracy and loss of reputation. In February, 1996, then-chief Larry Shaw ordered Renaud to investigate accusations that Constable Ron Stewart pointed a firearm at dispatcher Bridget Chippett on three separate occasions. Renaud said he experienced harassment and discrimination from several fellow officers during and after his investigation.

Where are they now?
Stewart was found guilty on July 2 of one count of pointing his pistol at Chippett.

Russell retired in 2000 amid a controversy about the sale of his condo.

Renaud continues to work as a Staff/Sgt. on LaSalle Police Service. His lawsuit is outstanding.

What about the Association?
Renaud felt that some members failed to represent him and that he was target of a compaign to discredit, harass and intimidate him over the Stewart case. The association brought seven discreditable conduct charges against him which were investigated by London police. The charges were dismissed.

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