Praskey vs. Toronto Police Services Board, et al.

Case Background
Praskey vs. Toronto Police Services Board was the case law decision that allowed a police officer to proceed to the courts. Praskey was a detective sergeant with the Toronto Police. He complained of a course of action which began in August 1991 and resulted in disciplinary proceedings being brought against him. The proceedings culminated in a hearing held on January 7, 1993, at which all charges brought against him were dismissed. In his statement of claim, Praskey sought damages for those torts, for loss of employment income and pension benefits, for loss of enjoyment of life and mental distress, and for loss of reputation.

Where are they now?
Praskey retired in 1995. The lawsuit was settled out of court.

Russell retired from Toronto Police in 1995, then resigned from the Ontario Parole Board to become Chief of LaSalle Police Service in April, 1997. (see Renaud vs. LaSalle Police Services Board)  He retired in 2000 amid controversy.

Boyd retired December 31, 1994.

Waddell became chief of Niagara Regional Police in 1993, then retired from there in the spring of 2000.

Sweeney became a private consultant in Cornwall.

Michael Federico went to the Bail and Parole Enforcement Unit

What about the Association?
The Association provided financial support.

Related Freedom of Information Requests/Appeals
Praskey's request for his own investigative file was denied.

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