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S&B GH Fans Quote Keepers

Brenda Quote Keepers

See this means you can leave me right now.... you can walk out of here.... you can leave me standing in the rain and I wouldn't need anyone to rescue me because I'd be okay on my own...but I'd miss you forever. - owned by Jill (

I was born to be Mrs. Corinthos! - owned by Madeline (

You know, of everything that's ever happened in my life, your love was the best. I couldn't let go of it even when I wanted to. It's the strongest thing in my life. - owned by Cheri (

That was the first night you ever kissed me it was, oh my God, do you know that 2 years later I still sit up at night sometimes and my mouth still burns from that kiss? - owned by Sue (

I've decided that no pride or saving face or anything is worth knowing I can't be with you anymore and that I'll never be able to make love to you anymore. Nothing is worth that to me. - owned by Andi (

(talking to Sonny when he was in jail) "Remember what stone said to us? He said to leave in the moment, our moment is now!" - owned by Natalie (

It's *not* wrong..Sonny, then if it's wrong, then let me be wrong. - owned by Suha (

Sonny Quote Keepers

I have always loved you and I will always love you, no matter what happens, you have to know that. - owned by Jill (

Are you going to be satisfied with a spark or *do* you want to set the whole world on fire? - owned by Cheri (

You don't think about waking up with someone you love. And when it happens you keep on lying because as long as she believes it, because, look if you tell her the truth you could lose her, how could you lose the one person who means everything to you? - Cheyenne (

I let you in places I didn't even know I had. I loved you more than I ever thought I could. - owned by Andi (

When I found out your birthstone, it had to be this right, your blood runs through my veins. - owned by Sue (

About five seconds, that's all it took me to know that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. - owned by Cheyenne (

You know even now I walk by your billboard and I see some guy staring up and I think this guys an idiot. What does he...he doesnt have a clue how beautiful she really is...not even Jax knows...only me. And if we had grown old together when you had lines on your face and gray in your hair you'd still be the most perfect thing in the world to me. - owned by Amy (

We've only just begun. Between us, we can make the angels sing! - owned by Thyana (

If we had grown old together, when you had lines in your face and gray in your hair, you'd still be the most perfect thing in the world to me. - owned by Cheyenne (

Exactly. They donít need words. They have a look, a smile, a touch, theyíre connected to each other right here (points to his heart). A connection we all dream about, right? Itís on a whole other level - cosmic, if you believe in that stuff - soulmates. It takes your breath away and at the same time makes you complete. Itís a strange thing, this connection and it can be terrifying - owned by Suha (

I've known you right from the start. Spoiled and reckless, lonely and brave. Not too many women would find a gunshot man, hiding from the cops, and give him blood on the strength of two dates. - owned by Becky (

S&B Quote Keepers

Sonny -You know sometimes I look at you and I can't believe you're real, you know. I wonder what you're doing with someone like me.
Brenda -Oh, baby, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.
Sonny - I'll tell you what I want to make you happy, alright? I want to adore you and I want to make you happy. - owned by Kristina (

Sonny -I can't let you walk out of here this way.
Brenda-Are you saying that you want to share everything with me?
Sonny -With you Yeah I'll figure it out
Brenda -Do you know how much I love you
Sonny -I know
Brenda -You really can't say it can you?
Sonny -How may times do I have to tell you sweet heart It anit the words that count it's the actions
Brenda - Yeah but sometimes some words count a little more than others But it's oky It really is exactly what you're doing is enough for me right now
Sonny-I'll show you enough... I love you Brenda.
Brenda - I know. - owned by Kristina (

Sonny - Do you know what I want to do when I get outta here?
Brenda - (laughs) Take a shower?
Sonny - I want to marry you ! - owned by Natalie (

Sonny- I love you
Brenda:- I know. - owned by Crystal Ann (

S: From that day in that car dealership till now..nothing, and I mean nothing has been stronger than us. I couln't fight it then, I can't fight it now. The difference is, I love you. And I just want you to know what you're getting.
B: I'm getting the only thing I've ever really wanted. I love you too. You know what you told me, that uhm, wasting time was like laughing in god's face. You were right, I don't wannna waste anymore time. - owned by Suha (

Brenda: "Tell me we're gonna be all right."
Sonny: "We're gonna be sensational! - owned by Rose (Roseame

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