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Okay, I am a Banner Freak! I love how they look and how they represent your website! So I have basically gone crazy here!
Feel free to use any of these banners on your page. Just please link them back to my web page.
Wallpapers are at the bottom of this page

My Banners

S&B Banners

These S&B banners are for my mailing lists so if you use them on your page, please link them to the mailing list url which I will give.
The url for this S&B forever mailing list is:

The url for this S&B fanfic mailing list is:

These are my E&T banners. Please link to the E&T Guardian Angels page:

These are other mailing lists that I own and have made banners. Feel free to use them on your page but link to the url I give please.

This is a banner for my Kay Lovers Mailing list. The url is:

A banner for my Spike and Buffy mailing list. Url is:

Speaking of Buffy, here is my mailing list for Willow and Xander. Url:

My Carter and Lucy mailing list. Url:

My Danny and Michelle mailing list. Url:

My Wallpapers

All are in .ZIP form so you need to have Winzip to view them. Must download into temporary folder to work. It should do this automatically.
Sonny and Brenda with SBGHF

Sonny and Brenda Passion defined(2)

Brenda's waiting wallpaper

Black&white S&B wallpaper