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Please see the separate page for writing workshop links.
In case you don't have your paper version handy.

The Grammar Lady
Web rants from a wired librarian type.

Columbia Journalism Review: commonly misused words
We all do it.

Zuzu Petals Literary Resources
Prepare to get lost in this site for hours.

Same as above.

Misc.writing: when do you call yourself a writer?
A few thoughts from the pros.
A huge writing resource.

Writer's Digest
The Bible for writers of all kinds.

The Short Story Workshop
Get some feedback for your original fiction.

An Introduction to Britain
A resource for non-British slash writers.

Fanfic sites

Good Slash Fic archive
Good stories voted on democractically and then posted for your reading pleasure.

Ultimate Slash Links
By Krychick. A very comprehensive guide.

Slash Fan Fiction on the Net
If it's on the Net, it's here.

The Wonderful World of Make Believe
Absolutely huge. It houses dozens of fandoms, most of the stories in communities formed by Peja, webmaster and mailing list queen.

A good place to find rare slash for Brit shows that not many other people watch.

Agent with Style
A place to order all sorts of zines.

Complete Kingdom of Slash
Just like it says.

the Nifty archive
This site contains gay, lesbian and bi sex stories, some of which are fan fiction but most of which are original. Much of it is written by gay men, so it reads much different than your local X-Files slash list.

The Renegade Slash Militia
Heart stopping banner graphics, good links and an assortment of interesting things. We're still not sure if they carry guns.

Fanfic resources

The epicenter of slash on the Net. Rec links, writing resource links, scores of slash homepages and archives and reliable web hosting.

Nifty's information page
Includes information on gay sex, male orgasms, etc. Not always accurate but usually entertaining.

Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers
If you're going to write slash, you might as well do it properly. This site could also be helpful for erotica writers in general. It is very graphic and contains pictures. Not recommended for those under the age of majority.

Queer Sex Guide
OK, we got that link from the site above.

Slash Writer's Support Group
This is a helpful site. Supportive, if you will.

Fan Fiction Resources
This site is about het fiction, but these resources are great.

Dawson's Creek resources
Great information for would-be DC writers.

Fanfic discussion

Characters they don't want to see slashed
And we really don't, either.

Purity's Rants
"There are other slash glossaries around, but this one's better." How can you argue with a woman like that?

The Generic Slash Defense Form Letter
In defense of all things slash.

A List of One's Own: How Young Women Explore Their Sexuality Via Internet Fanfiction
The title is clever and the essay, by prolific Buffy writer Kate Bolan, is even better.

In Defense of RPS
Vali, the resident lawyer on the RareSlashX list, gives a legal opinion in favor of real person slash.

BLAST @ Explode: Fan Fiction: The Irreverent Web Zine
An article about X-Files fan fiction in which the reporter interviews fan fiction authors. "Fan fiction is like escargot. Even when it's good, I'd still rather have pizza." We used to sound like this.

Power of the Pen: Fan Fiction
Laura Luchau's mostly anime-related fan fiction commentary.

I admire Zorrorojo and I shudder to think of the shit she puts up with.

Fiction links

Master and Apprentice
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Elusive Lover
This is an archive for fan fiction from the Star Wars original trilogy (OT). The online counterpart of the Elusive Lover print zine, it works hard to promote quality in web-based fanfic.

SWAL (Star Wars Adult List)
An archive for all kinds of Star Wars slash.

Diversionary Tactics
Very well designed. A comprehensive site for Homicide: Life on the Streets fiction.

Unconventional Relationshippers
The original Buffy the Vampire Slayer slash/adult/unconventional pairings list and archive.

Lipstick Traces
Velvet Goldmine fanfic.

Torch's site
Home of editorials, recs, links and Torch's fiction.

CABS discussions

Cereta's Fan Fiction Symposium
A place to discuss fan fiction. There's a column on us and we wrote a reply and that was pretty much the end of it.

The Inkwell
It's called Here We Go Again. "Well, folks, it's happened again. Yet another nasty web page masquerading as constructive criticism has been put up by some benighted souls who apparently think that they can stem the tide of bad fanfic."

Avocational Angst
Subtitled "Hey! You, with the attitude! Stay the hell off my side!" She even ragged on our site design. It's enough to make you stay up until 2 a.m. watching sappy movies and eating a gallon of Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

Don't Call Any CABS, I'll Walk
She gets extra points for the pun.