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Shadow Vale is a wolfrider tribe
led by Chieftess Silvergrace.
They bond with wolves,
but there is also a herd of horses
that is tended to by Spiritdancer.
Warriors, hunters and dancers adorn this bunch!

Chieftess Laughter leads the Whisper Vine Holt.
The bonds in this
tribe include tigers, panthers, jaguars and
any other kind of feline you can imagine!
Though they once wandered for 33 years,
they have made a secure haven for
themselves somewhat close to Shadow Vale.

Chief Truehawk leads the Eyrians,
and they are the gliders of the storyline.
The Eyrians ride on large hawks,
wear elaborate clothing and jewelry,
and also have a resident nasty bad
high one named Nightbringer.

The Surf Riders and the Ocean Dwellers
are a combined tribe that lives
on an island not far from Whisper Vine.
Chief Swifteel leads this group of underwater
breathers and tailed elfin aquatics.
They are a colorful tribe who spends
their days in the sea and sun.

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In all good fandoms, there must be certain ground rules or else the whole kit and caboodle would run rapid and wild. I have come up with a few that have already been in effect since day one, but were not written down.

1.) First of all, PLAY FAIR! Each character belongs to someone here. This means that if you did not create him/her, you must get permission from their owner to use them in a story. Be sure when you use their character to get their input. Some people do get very frustrated when you misuse their characters. So please follow this one!

2.) Stories. All stories must be typed and able to be edited/changed to help the flow of the story lines and use of characters. No one is allowed to kill off a character without the permission of the Holt Leader and/or person who decided to get rid of that character. Stories must be at least a page and a half long to as many as you can whip out.

3.) Artwork/Illustrations. All artwork must be inked by the person who drew the picture. Please send the creators a copy as well as the Holt Leader. Pencil drawings will only be accepted if we can get a good clean copy when we take it to the printers. Artwork can be send over the computer, however the same rule applies, if we can not get a good clean copy, we will ask you to please snail mail us a copy. Artwork for stories can be requested by a certain artist, however this is not a guarantee. Please remember that all if not most of our artist has another life outside of the Holts and needs time for that as well!

4.) No Super Elves! Please remember that this is Elfquest, not D&D or Superman. None of the elves will ever have x-ray vision or can bend steel or melt ice with fire from their eyes. It is true that some of our Eyrians and some of the older Ancient Elves like Lothlorian or Nightwish have some Super Powers, however they are also over 10,000+ and are High Ones. The younger generations lost their abilities with each new birth. Unless your elf is an Eyrian, any elf whos creator deems that they just have to have a talent, must get them approved by the Holt Leader. We also ask that you please limit your elves with abilities to 1 in 8 elves. If a talent becomes available, like a healer dies, then we will have a bid on the talent.

5.) No Gay or Bi-sexual elves mentioned. There are plenty of Holts out there with these types of elves and can accommodate those who have to have one. We have placed this rule not because we are prejudice or homophobic but rather because of how the original EQ was. Until the Wavedancer series, nothing was ever mentioned about same sex relationships. AND IF it was, it was done so tastefully that no one noticed. Fifteen Years ago, when we set this holt up, it was just starting and we decided against it. Most of those who have gay or bi-sexual elves only have them so they can draw or write about them in sexual situations. I am sorry, but we have 7 members in this holt right now who range from 14-17, and though it may be true that they know what it is, I do not want their parents attacking me. I have had it happen, and I will not have it happen again. We have several members who are gay and bi-sexual in real life and they agreed with this rule and its funny that most of those who want these types of elves are not them. This rule will not bend or change ever. Thanks for understanding.

6.) Another thing about Talents. If the talent is not listed in the Elfquest Big Gatherum, It will not be permitted in this holt. No x-ray vision, no super sonic speeds, no mutants, etc. If it has happened in the EQ books, then it will be acceptable if we need that particular talent.

7.) Nudity. I agree that if an artist can draw a picture with carefully shaded areas, a partial nudity can be submitted in the newsletter. We have done this before and will do it again, however if it is done with full frontal, I will have to contact the parents of the younger members and get their ok to send their child a newsletter. Most of the time this is okd by the parent. I just want to make sure that no one gets hurt. This Holt has been around longer than most of the others out there, and I would like to pass it on to my daughter when she is ready.


Please remember that this is strictly an offline holt. This will never be an online holt and we will never have any role playing in the message boards. New Members must submit the following information before being accepted to the Holt.

Your Full Name

Your complete and home address, not just an e-mail address

Your age. We welcome younger members however I would like to know your true age because we have had problems in the past with underage members and some pictures drawn by older members. If you are under 18, I will write a letter to your parent and let them know about the holt.

After you agree to the guidelines of this holt and meet the requirements, you will be given a list of the current elves available for adoption. If you do not chose to adopt any of them, you are free to create a character, however they must meet the guidelines set by each tribe and be approved by me before another in the holt may see them. Then if you are an artist, please draw your elf for us, or I can have some one do it for you.

Subscription rates: 20.00 for 3 issues of Nighttails. All Back issues are available for some cheaper rates and can be ordered either online or by contacting me.

Thanks for Understanding and Welcome to our Family!!!!

Warm Skies,


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