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The Wiccan Garden

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What's New

The Reading Room

What is Wicca? Where To Start for beginners Traditions of the Craft
Meet the Deities Magickal Symbols The Witches' Alphabet
The Elements The Wiccan Glossary Your Legal Rights in The USA
The Pentagram Suggested Books Stones and Metals of the Craft
Reincarnation The Herbal Kitchen Finding Your Magickal Name
Colors and Their Magickal Associations The Chakras The Legend of Stonehenge

Wiccan Text

Thirteen Goals of the Witch Call of the God The Charge of the Goddess
The Law of Power Song of the Goddess Words to the Wise
The Witch Alone Charge of the Dark God 10 Things About Being Wiccan
The Principles of Witchcraft The Decrees of Witchcraft The Nature of Our Ways
The Law The Spiritual Laws of Witchcraft The Wiccan Way
The Witch's Rune Words of the Goddess The Charge of God
Drawing Down the Moon Invocation of the Horned God Witch's Rede
The Great Rite Invocation Before Time Was The Wiccan Rede

The Sabbats

Beltane Imbolc Litha
Lughnasadh Mabon Ostara
Samhain Yule The Dates

How To Make Your Own Tools

Book of Shadows Besom Candles
Incense Magick Mirror Oil
Magick Pen Pendulum Pouches
Runes Wand Holy Water


Crystal Gazing Dice Divination Egg Divination
Fire Divination Water Divination Needle Divination
Oil Divination Paper Divination Using the Pendulum
Plant Divination Sand Divination Sky Divination
The Tarot

The Moon

Moon Magick 2002 Moon Phases 2001 Moon Phases
2000 Moon Phases 1999 Moon Phases

So You're Ready To Perform?

Cleansing Tool Consecration Ritual Circle Preparation
Casting Of the Circle Call of the Quarters Raising Energy
Self Dedication Ritual

My Furry Family
Tigger Deva Jade


Money Spell A Simple Mirror Spell Lunar Eclipse Spell
How To Break A Spell Imbolc Spell Invoking The Four Winds
Rain Spell Study Spell Binding Spell
Keeping Evil Spirits Away Banish Fear or Remove a Problem Communication With a Reply
Simple Candle Spell An Earth Spell Writing Your Own Spells
A Windchime Spell Find Something Lost Another Mirror Spell
Another Way to Break a Spell Book Blessing

Misc. Pages

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Past Site of the Week Awards Site Survey Pagan Visions Graphics

The Burning Times

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