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The Law

We are of the Old Ways, among those who walk with the God and Goddess and receive their love.

Keep the Sabbats and Esbats to the best of your abilities, for to do otherwise would lessen your connections with the God and Goddess.

Harm None! This, the oldest of our laws, is NOT open to interpretation or change.

Shed not blood in ritual, the God and Goddess need not the blood of their children to be duly worshiped. To do so is to pervert their most sacred creations. Life is MOST sacred.

Those of our ways are kind to all creatures, for hurtful thoughts and actions are draining and are not worth the loss of energy. Misery is self-creating; so, too is joy, so create joy and disdain misery and unhappiness. And this is within your power. So, harm not.

Teach only what you know , to the best of your ability, to those students whom you choose, but teach not to those who would use your instructions for destruction or the control of others. Also, teach not to boost your pride, for ever remember: h/she who teaches for vain-glory shall take little pride in her/his work; h/she who teaches out of love shall be enfolded in the arms of the God and Goddess.

Ever remember that if you keep of our way, keep the law close to your heart, for it is the nature of the Wicca to keep the law.

When ever the need arises, any law may be altered or changed and new laws be written to replace them. So, as long as the new laws do not break the oldest law of them all: HARM NONE!