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The Woodworker

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I was born in Shirebrook England, in 1945. Where I lived until I moved to Canada with my Wife and three children. I enjoy playing the Organ and Woodworking.

As a youngster I had a passion for cars and Motorbikes. My first car I owned was an Austin Mini. It was followed by a NSU scooter and finally I got my first motorbike an Ariel Leader.

I got my first tool at age 11, when my mother baught me a Black & Decker excessories kit for X-mas. It could be turned into a Lathe or a Drill press. My earliest memories were sitting on the Living room floor all Christams Day Lathing a piece of Wood (What a mess it made). I had the bug and it never left me. The Woodworker was born. It wouldn't be for many years that I would begin to create projects on a regular basis. But, I tinkered with wood all my life teaching myself the tricks of the trade through trial and error. Through the years I was able to pick up experience and techniques that might interest the beginner to intermediate woodworkers which I am always willing to share. Although I will never be a mastercraftsman or carpenter, I have made some interesting and attractive projects. Using the medium of the Internet I can share my work with others.

My Earliest Projects were of sailing ships. I built them for Friends and Family from old Apple Baskets. Every piece on them was hand crafted from the sails to the cannons.

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I left woodworking for several years but the bug to build me never left. I took on the major task of building a Replica Mercedes Benz from an Old ford Pinto.

Through out the years several diversions kept me away from woodworking on a regular basis. Firstmost on the list was raising a family. Like a typical family the kids were involved in numourous activities including soccer, scouts, and camping. The family even had a horse at one time. We spent time at the cottage where the kids could ride the Motorcycles, Skidoo, Ski, Go Boating, Swimming or just relax. During this time most of my projects were small, usually a carving of some animals like a cranes or giraffe, spaced far apart. We began a family buisness selling Pizzas. Between it and work there was little time for woodworking.

My eldest was heavily into the Martial Arts. He began teaching at a young age and soon opened his own school where he taught while attending Highschool before leaving to study Medicine at University. My two daughters now have children of their own.

Once the kids had all grown up, moved out or gone off to University it became too much to continue the Restaurant. Selling it gave me the opportunity to fufill a lifetime dream of mine - To Build my own Workshop. Now I was in full gear. I began by making a replica model of my Mercedes. My friend saw it and asked me to build his truck and I accepted the challenge. It turned out so well I decided to build myself the Motorcycle.

It was about this time that my wife enrolled in a Folk Art course. Soon she was asking me to make her projects for her so that she wouldn't have to buy them. The Folk art teacher soon was buying all her wooden projects from me which she in turn sold to her students. She would bring me the specifications and I would have to build enough for the entire class. It was mostly simple items and not very challenging to build. I didn't mind the money, but I didn't enjoy it as much as building my own projects. I love the challenges of working the details out to make a project work.

Now, working Part-time I have all the time I need for the loves in my life, My beautiful Wife, Woodworking and my Grandchildren.

Thanks for Visiting my Woodshop. I hope you will return soon. I add new projects, plans, and ideas on a regular basis. Look through the various pages and E-mail me with any comments or suggestions. I am always willing to share what knowledge I have with others.

Yours in Woodworking, Stan

I Hope you have enjoyed your stay here and that you will visit me again soon.

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Have any questions, comments. Want to chat. E-mail me

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