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cnrshl.JPG - 24038 Bytes The Corner Shelf Set adds beauty and style to any room. It's a Simple and inexpensive project that is easy to hang.


1) Follow the plans below to cut shelfs out to size.
2) Cut hearts out on a scroll saw. You can substitute any design you choose.
3) Rotor the front edges. I use a 1/2 round bit. But you can use whatever edge design you prefer.
4) Use a keyhole bit to set holes in bottom side of shelf for easy hanging.
5) Glue and nail together.
6) Stain is desired.

free.gif - 4409 Bytes Here are the Plans

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Carrier Model

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The Carrier was a challenging project. It began when a truck driver asked me to build his rig. I visited his work and video taped his truck and trailer. The moving parts were a challenge to design in order to make them all functional on the model. The picture set against the backdrop of my kitchen cupboards gives you an idea to the model's perspective. I enjoyed building this project immensely because it provided many challenges in its design. I hope you enjoy it as much as I. Please, E-mail me with any Comments or Suggestions

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