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   The Mailboxes are made from pine with a very simple design. Plans will be posted in the near future. The Folk Art painting finishes them off with a nice touch. They don't have to be painted but if you decide to paint yours be sure to stain the wood prior to painting to prevent the paint from bleeding into the wood. It is not a must to paint yours. Finally the mailbox is sealed with a polyeurothane varnish. The finish helps protect the wood against the elements outdoors.

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The Water Mill

The Inspiration for the Water Mill arose from a miniature soap stone carving that my wife has. The overall look made the intricate work well worth the effort. All the small bricks were shaped and sanded and colored with red Mahoghany Stain. The trim, brushes, grass and colored windows (tinted seran paper) complete the enssemble. The Mill has a musical box built in that you can wind up by the water wheel, so that it plays music as it turns. A light fixture was put inside to allow the Mill to be lit up. The bulb can be changed by removing the roof. An excellent project for the enthusiast who has plenty of time on their hands. If you have any questions about it please e-mail me.

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