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Acupressure is an alternate healing technique derived from ancient Chinese medicine that evolved over centuries and has been recently accepted by western medicine as a valuable healing tool. It is similar to acupuncture but it makes use of non-invasive pressure like the pressure of a fingertip applied on specific points along the body's energy channels. The applied pressure activates the body's natural healing ability and many problems can be solved or aided without the use of drugs or surgery.

Using gentle acupressure Dr Gormley can treat many illnesses including the following:

Dental anxiety, fear of dental treatment
Headache pain, frontal, occipital
Migraine pain
Facial pain
TMJ, temporomandibular joint dysfunction
Dry mouth, xerostomia
Halitosis, bad breath
Ear ringing, tinnitus
Smoking control, nicotine addiction
Oral habit, bruxism, teeth grinding
Oral food craving
Dental health maintenance
Mouth ulcers
Stress reduction
Immune system improvement
Focus control
Other pain related problems
Many other problems, ask if we can help

All of this treatment can be done with simple painless pressure on the skin and no needles are required. Dr Gormley first does an exam in which he measures the body’s natural energy at specific skin locations on your hands and feet by touching them with a soft Q-tip. From there he proceeds to balance the body’s natural energy and also treat the locations corresponding to your problem with simple easy pressing your skin at locations indicated by your exam results.

Many problems can be resolved with one or two treatments while some problems require other medical or dental intervention or further acupressure treatment. In many cases after initial success with in office treatment, Dr Gormley will show you how to do self treatment at home. Please ask Dr Gormley or our trained staff about your interest in learning more about this. We will be happy to discuss it with you.

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