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Grand Champions 1999...
the Year that Hiccuped

Apparently, 1999 was a strange year! Here in Canada, no new back cards or pamphlets were released with this set. International packages didn't even have biocards! This left many of us shaking our heads, because there were many beautiful horses produced, including some exciting new poses. Even the mail order horse - "Dapple Grey Clydesdale" - came unnamed, without a story!

However, I've learned that the horses release in the States did come with personalized back & biocards. Very strange indeed! Thanks so much to Liz for the terrific new pictures of the 1999 horses!

And thanks to Mariana, Renee, and Heather for providing names :)


Brumby Stallion - "Boomerang"
Criollo Stallion - "Bolero"
Shire Stallion - "Timpani Drum".......
Tersk Stallion - "Rastputin"
Selle Francais Stallion - "Waterloo"
Hanoverian Stallion - "Ludwig"

As usual, there were six stunning stallions released, including a wonderful new "rearing" pose! And while the brumby stallion is pictured in Western tack, he actually came with english attire, including an orange saddle pad. Everyone else seems to be in order :)


Hanoverian Mare - "Blyth Spirit"
Shire Mare - "Miss Maggie"
Criollo Mare - "Maraschino"............
Tersk Mare - "Nikita"
Selle Francias Mare - "Bruchetta"
Brumby Mare - "Waltzing Matilda"

These six mares, like the stallions, are all lovely, and included another new pose - a cutting mare. Renee pointed out that a horse in this crouching pose is actually cattle cutting, even though she was sold with a barrel! Oh well, she's lovely just the same :)

The Blue Ribbons Points were also included loose inside the package, rather then part of the back card. It was a rather weird year!

If anyone has any more information or pictures, please email me!

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