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Grand Champion Horses Mail Order
Grand Champion Blue Ribbon
Mail Order Horses

These special horse were available only though the mail, by sending 16 Blue Ribbon Points you collected off the back of your package. Most adult horse came with four points. A different horse was made available every two years or so.

In 2001, after Empire Toys changed hands, many mail order horses were available for sale on line. You were also able to receive regular run horses with points too. Because of this added confusion, it makes it a little more difficult to id the true Blue Ribbon horses; I have decided that those advertised *as mail order offers* on the back of packages will be the ones shown here.

Parade Horse - Captain Courageous
This was the very first mail order horse, simply called a parade stallion, and certainly decked out in all the finery! He is often confused with Snowflake, a later parade horse, and the only sure way to tell the difference is that Captain, like all early horses, does not have his "GC" emblem circled; Snowflake does.
Palomino Foal
This foal (which actually looks a lot more like a sorrel to me!) came unnamed, and was available for a brief time in the early 90's. He has no parents, but looks suspiciously like '95 Missouri Belle... that star on his forehead is the give-away...
Derby Horse - Commotion
Commotion, as this horse is named, comes with a bright saddle blanket and racing hood, and of course - the gold cup! He is a warm liver chestnut with socks, and is pretty distint in that right.
Andalusian Stallion
The Andalusian Stallion came without a card or name, poor guy... I always thought he looked kind of strange (that pose is jut odd!). His colouring is really quite nice, dapple grey with a flaxen mane, if you can ignor that awkward neck of his.
Arabian Mare - Kamira
I loved this mare from the moment I saw her. She comes with a red and gold Arabian halter, gold tail loop and neck ribbon. As the very first arabian mare in that pose, she certainly gave all that followed something to live up to. She remains one of the most lovely of all the Grand Champions.
Lippizaner - Skydancer
Here's another stallions who's just stunning in person! He's only the third Grand Champion to be released with long, wavy hair. He was re-released as the 2001 mail away stallion.
Clydesdale Twins - Serenity & Tranquility
Since I never found the Clydesdale colt in the stores, it was my mission to get these two. They are a darling pair, and one I would recomend to anyone who loves drafters or foals. They come with colour co-oridated little blankets and tail ribbons :) I suspect the darker of the two is Tranquility
Clydesdale Dapple Grey Stallion - Snowy Knight
Being released within the '99 set year, this stallion, though beautifully detailed, did not come with a story card. However, if you ordered him *after* 2000, he did! Strange, huh? He is certianlly one georgeous horse, and the most impressive drafter to date!

After this point, foals became the mail order standard starting in 2000. Foals could be ordered for the adults bought in stores, which was pretty smart way to do it, marketing wise. Becuase of this, foals have been placed with thier parent's picture in the regular galleries!

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