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Grand Champion Horses - The Early Years
Grand Champions Group Shots

Thanks to Renee and everyone else who helped ID these guys!

   From left to right (top to bottom):

   First Row: 
   Thoroughbred Stallion (dapple gray-english) "Stormy Skies",
   Appaloosa Stallion (bay blanket-western), "Indian Summer"
   Thoroughbred Stallion (flea-bit gray-english) "Foxcroft", 
   Missouri Fox Trotter Stallion (chestnut-western) "Dancer", 
   Bay Roan Warmblood Stallion (really a buckskin-english)"Victory", 
  *Pinto Stallion (bay tovero-western) "Indian Chief", 
  *Tennessee Walker Stallion (chestnut-english), "Magesty" 
  *Arabian Quarter Horse (gray-western) "Silver Streak", 
  *Bay Morgan Stallion (bay-english)"Hot Fudge", 
  *Mustang Stallion (sandy bay/buckskin-western) "Phantom",
  *Thoroughbred Stallion (gray-english), "Grey Ghost"
    Black Morgan Stallion (black-western) "Spark of Courage"

Note horses with an '*' are the '94 horses re-released

   Second Row: 
   Talking Stallion Appaloosa (gray blanket-english) "Spot O' Silver"
   Talking Stallion Quarter Horse (chestnut-western), "Big Red"
    Velvet Mare/Foal Set Bay Morgan (dark bay) "Princess Bay & Born Lucky" 
    Family Set Mustang (mare/foal w/blanket/stallion ~ sandy bay-buckskin):
    - Stallion is "Phantom", mare is "Wild Honey" and faol "Maple Sugar"
    Mare/Foal Set Thoroughbred (gray) "Windsong/Misty",
    Single Mare Appaloosa (bay blanket-no tack) "Running Spring" (also called "Starlette" in foal set)
    Foals - Pinto "Nickers", Chestnut "Rusty", and Grey appaloosa "Shadow"
   Third Row: 
   Talking Stallion w/Rider Set Cowboy (palomino) ~ "Maverick"
   Talking Stallion w/Rider Set Indian (pinto) ~ "Scout"
  *Deluxe Horse Rider Set Circus (gray/white stallion) "Snowflake"
  *Deluxe Horse Rider Set American (light chestnut/palomino) "Goldenbolt"
  *Deluxe Horse Rider Set Arabian (brown/bay stallion) "Sultan"
   Horse /Rider set Western (palomino stallion) "Gold Dust"
   Horse/Rider set English (black stallion) "Midnight"

Note rider sets with "*" denotes horse sold alone aswell

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