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Grand Champions 2004/05

Welcome, one and all, to the Grand Champions of 2004... and a few that probably won't be here untill 2005. Most of these horses are out in Europe, but with luck North America will be seeing some new arrivals in the next few months. Don't forget to check out the Mini Pages to see some of the new horse and rider sets and the Micro Minis page for the new stables!

Horses for 2004/05

At last, here they are... the carrot Alpha has been dangling before us. They are finally showing up online sites, so with luck should be apearing in a store near you this new year. So the Wuttemburgers are the Holstieners, as we predicted, but oh, the arabains...!

First row - Anglo-Arab Stallion "Encore" and Arabian Stallion "Pharoah's Dream".
Second Row - Anglo-Arab Mare "Angelique" and Arabian Mare "Jewel of the Nile"

Here are those talanted multi-breed horses themselves; the Wuttunburger mare, "Moment by Momment", is set apart form her Holstiener counterpart by a different pose. The stallion, "Cativator", is not so lucky... which might be just as well, since the dressage pose is so suited to him either way ;)

Foals for 2004/05, and possibly '06

Considering these foals have been out for a good year now, it's anywones guess when they'll ever have thier parents all on hand. But just so long as the horrendous new Horse Country stallions don't pop up in the GC line, it will be a good year to come!

The top row features the alluring 2004 set with the Belgian Warmblood "Lil Miss Charmer",
American Cream Draft "Noble Lad", and the flashy American Paint, "Artimus".
The second row brings us foals who seem quite simmiliar to the photos of thier parents,
with Anglo-Arab "Seraphina", Wutternburg "Intrigue", and Egyption Arabian "Scarab".

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