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The Official Mystica Web Page

The Story of Mystica

In a distant time and place there exists a world called Mystica. Most Mysticans were peace-loving folk, who were happy to earn their living in professions such as farming, blacksmithing, hunting, and so on. In recent years though, the trades of gambler, mercenary, thief and bounty hunter are becoming more and more common as a new government, PSI, rises to power and wreaks havoc on the peaceful citizens of Mystica. However, as horrible as PSI appears, there is a force yet to reveal itself that is even more deadly and cruel. As towns are ransacked and pillaged, and citizens are forced to join ranks with PSI, the people cry out for someone to deliver them from this tyranny...and so the tale begins.

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Dramatis Personae

In-depth Character Bios! (Spoilers!)

Short Stories, Poems, and Fan Fictions by the authors

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