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Short Stories, Poems, and Fan Fictions

Here are the other writings. They are sorted by genre, alphabetical game/book/movie, then sub-alphabetically. I have also listed the level of spoilerishness (?!) if I knew it.


Chrono Trigger

Love is Stronger-B.H.
An endgame related Chrono Trigger fanfic that answers some old questions and ties up loose ends. Written around '99. Heavy spoilers.
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Whew, what to say... This has been in the works for at least four years I think.(2000/1) It still has lots of editorial notes in it and needs italicizing in some places, but I needed the encouragement of making progress. Anyway, this is a post-game fic about Frog and Magus. Be warned, it is long and has medium to heavy spoilers. I'm quite proud of it though, which is probably why I haven't submitted it yet...
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Battle for the Blackjack-S.S.
A comical tale about Setzer, an auction, and a very eager boy. Few to no spoilers.
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For the Love of a Ghost-B.H.
A sad, thoughtful piece about Cyan Garamonde and his loved ones. Low to medium spoilers.
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Promises Fulfilled-S.S.
Unlike the other FF fanfics, this one never got published, probably because the story is implausible. Still, it's not bad, and maybe worth your time. It is about Shadow and Relm after the great war. Medium to heavy spoilers.
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Where Espers Sleep-B.H.
This is one of the poems I discovered on a disk when I was cleaning my room. It is a beautiful, wistful poem from Terra's point of view and sings of the people she has come in contact with and her longings for a place to rest. The last file modification was August 1, 2000, so I guess it was written some time before that. Mild spoilers.
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Where the Heart Is-S.S.
This fan fiction was published over at RPGamer, but without the somewhat lengthy author's note you see here. Their summary said: A short first-person perspective Freya fanfic capturing her inner struggle throughout and after the game. Since this is post-ending, there are heavy spoilers.
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The Stained Ground-B.H.
This is a great fanfic about an unlikely character, one of those ones that randomly joins in FFT. This fic is set fairly early in the game, but still manages to grab your attention and emotions. If you ask me, side characters make for some of the better fanfic subjects and you should definitely check this one out. Low to medium spoilers.
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Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

Bedtime Fairytales-S.S.
This is an older piece of mine written sometime before June 2002. I wrote it when the whole Mystica gang was on a Florida vacation together. We were sitting around bored and this was my remedy. It was supposed to be comical, but ended up being annoying. Hopefully Brad's story from then, The Bar Shack, will be recovered one day as it was much better than mine... Medium spoilers?
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Wild ARMs

Cry to the Heavens-S.S.
Lyrics to the post-earthquake Surf music in Wild ARMs. Also about Rudy's thoughts. Medium spoilers.
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Strategy Games


Hoping against Hope-B.H.
This is a StarCraft fan fiction about a rookie marine named Jaxon who is violently thrust into the horrors of war. It is told from his point of view as a distress message sent out to whomever may hear it. Note: this contains violent imagery and is not intended for children. Also, this is only the rough draft and is subject to future change. Probably medium to heavy spoilers.
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