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Dramatis Personae
(Basically, it’s the Character List)

Areol, Codi—A bounty hunter with an unusually kind heart when he chooses to be kind. He is also capable of being very ruthless. His sense of honor is somewhat twisted by normal standards, but is still present. He is not in the habit of being a back-stabber unless he was paid to do so. Codi uses various bows and guns in his profession. He is not a very good judge of people’s ages.

Arlono—A fighter and scout in the Resistance. His strength and clear thinking serve him well during covert operations.

Armstrong, Riley—He is a 15 year old ninja who is perhaps a bit over-eager at times, but he means well and is very skilled at what he does. His preferred weapons are katanas and throwing stars.

Beal—One of Duncaan’s fighter opponents. Some would say he just got lucky…

Berut, Colonel—Though young, he has been in the PSI military since it was founded a few years ago, and in other military ops before that. His most recent assignment is one code-named the Conduit Project.

Cabarel, Lyta—An orphan who was taken in by her abusive uncle. She left home to sail with Dacota, a long-time friend and mentor, and seeks a life of freedom and excitement away from all that she knew. Lyta is friendly and outgoing, but spends a bit too much time thinking about young men. She is skilled with using ice.

Cabarel, Rafal—Lyta’s cruel and abusive uncle. He will take any chance he can get to swindle and cheat his clients. He runs a cargo shop in Turtle Town.

Chatorn—The guardian of earth, a mythical being.

Dacota—32-year-old captain of the Seabird’s Flight (a cargo ship). Raised by Cap’n Hauki, a mysterious old man who saved him from a gang of thugs that was attacking him. Dacota finds the sea calming and has the ability to use water and water-type magic. His weapons of choice are the pike and the chakra.

Darlie, Captain—He commands a sea-based troop transport fleet for the military and will take no nonsense from his crew, of whom he is very protective. He is also a cruel interrogator.

Dorrel, General—He is one of the top generals in PSI. While loyal to the government’s ideals, he does not always agree with individuals in the government, even those with seniority over him. He is a very skilled scientist.

Elaina—One of Faith’s friends who can’t ever turn down a good bet. Her dwindling bank account is proof of that…

Faith—This 19-year-old blonde is the daughter of a rich family who lives on the island country Los Juegos. Faith grew up around gambling and is quite the skilled gambler herself. Her parents have sponsored Duncaan’s fights for 7 years, so she has gotten to know him fairly well. Faith is a sensitive girl with little desire for adventure, but is strong of character and her stamina serves her well. She might be described as having an “fiery” personality at times.

Gorran, President—President of PSI, overseer of other undercover organizations. He is NOT someone you would want to get to know. Nickname: Snake Eyes

Hauki, Cap’n Vakta—A mysterious old man who rescued a young Dacota from thugs who were trying to beat him up. He and his wife raised Dacota and taught him all about sailing and the ways of the sea. His eyes are vivid with many shimmering shades of blue, almost to the point of being unnatural. One time, Hauki’s ship never returned and little is known about his fate, though people assume the worst.

Keriador, Duncaan—A master at various forms of martial arts, Duncaan is a very athletic type with an ever-changing mood and personality. He cannot go far without being recognized because of his fame. So if he were ever to be wanted by a government, he would find it difficult to hide. His childhood friend is Jakar Nerak and the two are both sought by the military because of their skills. Duncaan uses lightning magic and the power of storms.

Lacy—A secretary in the offices of PSI, she works specifically for the president.

Latark—One of Duncaan’s many opponents. He was considered a champion until he fought Duncaan in a rather “stunning” match. He was a bit “shocked” that he had lost, but life goes on…

Mina—A freedom fighter and member of the Resistance. She works well with others and rarely questions authority.

Nightshade, Lyrion, Merlyne, Trynion—Mystryl’s brother, mother, and father. Her brother still lives in their hometown of Meadows, but little or none is known of the whereabouts of their parents or even if they still live. Trynion carries the affinity for light magic in his genes.

Nightshade, Mystryl—A thief by vocation, Mystryl insists on a less offensive title. Her parents were seized by the government years ago because of special powers they were thought to possess and Mystryl has spent her life training and searching for them. Though a thief, her sense of honor is still intact and she would rather plunder tombs than steal from the living. She avoids killing except in defense and uses the power of light magic, often for healing purposes.

Nightshade, Tristan—A distant relative of Mystryl’s family and a lighthouse keeper. Disease and shipwrecks killed his family and he is the only one remaining at his post. He is a bad cook, but a good conversationalist and has a kind heart. It is possible that the ability to use magic might be dormant, but still present within him.

Nerak, Jakar—Jakar is a mercenary of sorts with a simple childhood, but a troubled life later on. Some of that later life includes involvement with an undercover military. PSI has taken a great interest in his actions and it is rumored that there is a price on his head. He lives a lonely life, but still makes time for some friendships. He grew up with Duncaan Keriador, though has been out of touch recently. Jakar’s specialty is earth magic, and because a few people know his power, he has been used throughout his life.

Okaim, Dr.—Little is known about this eccentric man’s personal life, but much is known about his professional life. His specialties are in gene manipulation, studies of human anatomy, and a general brilliance in the field of biology. He has never been known for his bedside manner, and is cruel to his live test subjects (human and otherwise) beyond belief. His most important work is on a secret project called Project Mage. Perri—An employee of Dacota’s with ambitious plans. He sometimes challenges authority, but usually tries to please those over him.

Tauner, Capt. Mikol—Formerly the captain of the guard at PSI, he took the blame for a prisoner escape and lost his only son because of it. After witnessing his punishment, Mikol was dishonorably discharged. He has sworn an oath of vengeance against PSI and no one knows what his next move will be, or whom he will side with.

Siat—A semi-skilled scientist underling. He takes very little initiative, which is probably a good idea considering that he works under the “mad scientist”, Dr. Okaim.

Xentan, Major—He oversees personnel matters and is working on the Conduit Project. He has the ability to become a military genius if only he would give it his full attention.