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The truth is not right here...I know nothing!

You must go see these sites...or else!!

Magic: The Gathering

  • Errata, Errata, Errata
  • Magic: The Gathering Home Page
  • Urza's Legacy
  • Interesting Page
  • Need Singles?

    Dungeons and Dragons Links

  • The Trap Page
  • Messy ASCII version of the Big Handbook of Traps

    Image Links

  • Great Icons
  • Go Here for awesome Gif's and Jpg's
  • Awesome Backgrounds

    I have nothing to do with hotmail.comFree e'mail...and Free is's like Classic Black, Free never goes out of style.

  • Free Web Pages, and not bad ones at that
  • Great Guestbooks and Counters
  • Excite Search Engine
  • "Go Get It, Boy"--Lycos
  • HotBot Web Crawler

    Really Bad Sites

  • Stuck in the 80's
  • Pathetic
  • Gotta Give 'em credit for simplicity

    EtCetera, EtCetera, EtCetera
    Erkin sucks beholder eyestalks!Erkin's Page...(Indigo and Erkin, sittin' in a tree...)
    No! Barney was my librarian's cousin!!The only web page where Barney and Wesley Crusher are both Crushed by a big rock.
    My nose looks like a gourd.The reason my picture is not yet posted.
    beeb boop boop click whirrrrrFor the nerds and non-nerds alike.
    is it paranoia, or is it true?Go here for an update on the y2k problem...but not if you get nightmares!

  • A site about Happy Noodle Boy
  • When You're Really Feeling Down...
  • Some Screwed Up Renditions of Old Xmas Tales.
  • The Definitive Spork Site
  • Ever wanted your own "Personal Jesus"? Just clone 'im!!
  • When You get Sick of Those Stupid Frogs
  • All hail the Mighty Wurst!
  • Ever Wanted to Know Your Fave Cartoon's Political Agenda? Didn't think so.
  • Squirrels will be Squirrels...
  • Church of the Subgenius
  • A Really Neat Waste of Time
  • The Mushroom--We Don't Stink or Make you Cry...
    The Onion, America's Finest News SourceThe Onion, America's Finest News Source

    I will be adding more sites as I continue my journey down the potholey highway of patient.

    Good God, I just Can't STOP the KITTY LICK!! Good God, I just CAN'T STOP ADDING TO IT!!!

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