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My McHenry's
David C. & Elizabeth


My GG-Grandmother was, Sarah (McHenry),
the dau of David C. and Elizabeth (?) MCHENRY.
Sarah was born in March of 1844, in Illinois.

Research continues for Sarah's childhood
David C. and Elizabeth (?) MCHENRY children;
Nancy, William, John, {Sarah}, James, Samuel.


**Lists David MCHENRY paying $52 personal prop.
taxes in the town of Vermont, IL. No real estate.


1850 Census, Vermont Twp, Fulton Co., IL:

**MCHENRY David, 44, a farmer born PENN
MCHENRY, Elizabeth, 39, born PENN
Nancy, 14, born VA
William, 12, born VA
John, 8, born IL
Sarah, 5, born IL
James, 4, born IL
Samuel, 1, born IL

Other MCHENRY in this 1850 Census;
1.) John & Elcy MCHENRY
2.) Evan & Elizabeth (McHenry) BAILY
3.) Samuel & Margaret McHENRY

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1860 Fulton Co., IL,(Vermont Twp) Census:

**David McHenry, age 54, M, Farmer, born Penn
Elisabeth McHenry, age 49, F, born Penn
William McHenry, age 23, M, Farmer, born VA
John McHenry, age 17, M, Farmer, born IL
Sarah McHenry, age 15, F, born IL
James McHenry, age 14, born IL
Samuel McHenry, age 12, M, born IL



I believe James C. MCHENRY was the father
of my David C. MCHENRY, and he was for certain
the father of Elizabeth (McHenry) BAILY....
{Quote-Chapman; Evan married Elizabeth MCHENRY,
daughter of James MCHENRY of Ireland}

James C. McHenry d Feb 4, 1865 7_(?) 7, 10m

1.) Was James C. MCHENRY the father of
my David C. MCHENRY and John MCHENRY?

2.) Who was the wife of James C. MCHENRY?

Continue reading about Elizabeth (McHenry) BAILEY
and about John MCHENRY (wife Elcy and children)...



From The History of Fulton County IL.
{Quotes Chas. C. Chapman & Co., 1879}

Evan BAILEY, deceased, was born in
Brooke Co. W. Va., in 1805, son of
Thomas BAILEY, who was born in East
Pennsylvania and was a farmer.

Evan married Elizabeth MCHENRY, daughter
of James MCHENRY of Ireland. In 1836 they
emigrated to Vermont Twp, settling on a piece
of timbered land which he'd previously purchased,
where he found but an acre and a half cleared,
with a cabin on it. Here he worked and prospered
and obtained a good reputation as a citizen.

In 1868 he was elected County Treasurer. He was
killed by a runaway July 15, 1878. He left a
widow, now in her 71st year, and 10 children,
4 having formerly died.

Evan BAILY d July 16, 1878
{72y 7m}

Elizabeth (McHenry) Baily d Apr. 4, 1891
(83y 10m 6d)

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Fulton Co, Il Marriage A/43/14
MCHENDRY, John to BOYLS, Elsie Feb 8, 1838

1823-1851 Grantee Index lists John MCHENRY
purchasing land from from William MCCURDY.

#13389 - Land Purchase, Fulton Co, $175 Paid,
to Wm McCurdy by John McHendry, Dec 10, 1842

#13390 - March 26, 1845, "Indenture" made between
John McHendry & Elcy, his wife and Morris Merrick,
selling a Fulton Co land parcel to Merrick for $300

Lists John MCHENRY as owning a lot in Vermont
and paying $153 total on lot & pers. property.

1850 Fulton County IL Census (see OTHER above for details):
Wife, Elcy;
Children; Thomas H. B., Enos, Samuel E., Mary A.

Also, from {Chas C. Chapman & Co}:
History of Fulton Co, IL Page 901-3
"Cholera of 1851" prepared by Esquire HS Jacobs,
published by LEWISTOWN DEMOCRAT 6/5/1879

....John MCHENRY and several of his family
were taken down the day after Langston's death.
There not being room in his house for all of them,
he was taken down to the Christian Church, where
he received all the care and attention that was
possible, but he died shortly after. Four of his
children died; Samuel on the 8th, Enos on the 10th,
Thomas B. on the 12th, and Mary A. on the 17th of June....

VERMONT CEMETERY, Sec 29, Vermont Twp

First, the 5 deaths due to Cholera Epidemic

MCHENDRY, John Aug 30, 1814; June 11, 1851 (25-4)
{Chapman provides d. June 8, 1851, after Langston}
{1852 Court Record Provides d. June 11, 1851}

MCHENRY, Samuel E. son of J & E McHenry d. June 8, 1851
{4y 7m 24d (25-6)}

MCHENRY, Enos son of J & E McHenry d. June 10, 1851
{8y 11m 8d (25-5)}

MCHENDRY,"T.B.M" (stone provides initials only)(25-2)
{Chapman provides, Thomas B., d. June 12, 1851}
(1850 Census, makes him 12y at death in 1851)

MCHENDRY, Mary A. dau. of J & E McHendry d. June 17, 1851
{2y 9m 15d (25-1)}

(Vermont Cemetery burials PRIOR to 1851)....

MCHENRY, James K. son of J & E McHenry d. Sept 30, 1846
{2y 2m 16d (25-8)}

MCHENRY, Elizabeth J. dau of J & E McHenry d. Oct 12, 1848
{7y 6m 30d (25-7)}

The above 8 McHenry/McHendry Burials complete
Section 25 Plots 1-8, with exception of plot 3,
nothing listed. Perhaps this was the intended
grave for Elcy McHenry, who remarried.

Next to the above MCHENRY/MCHENDRY burials are
many McCURDY Graves; Sect 25 Plots 9 through 14.

2 more MCHENDRY burials, in different Sections;

MCHENDRY, Nancy J. dau of W & E McHendry
Apr 24, 1848; June 22, 1849 (11-2)

MCHENDRY, Jackson d. Apr 25, 1853 22y 2m 23d (24-1)


CIRCUIT COURT Fulton Co, IL No. 2055
Elcy MCHENDRY, Complaintant/Petitioner
Evan BAILEY, Administrator & Defendant
Sarah Caroline MCHENDRY (Infant Defendant)
Guardian Ad Litem for child, W.C. GOUDY

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Elcy MCHENDRY re-married to Joseph B. ROYAL Oct 22, 1853
Fulton County, IL

Sarah C. MCHENDRY married J. Oscar DAVIDSON Aug 29, 1875
Fulton County, IL


Fulton County, IL 1824 to 1946

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My GG-Grandmother was Sarah (McHenry) DAVIS
dau of David C. & Elizabeth (?) MCHENRY. Please
follow the link below for details of Sarah's
adult life; marriage and children.....

Sarah (MCHENRY) DAVIS, and her family.......

Monroe & Sarah (McHenry) DAVIS
Sarah's Brother, Samuel McHenry
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