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BAILY CEMETERY, Sec 7, Vermont Twp
Fulton Co., IL

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John COFFEY b June 23, 1852 d Sept 7, 1918
Margaret, wife of John COFFEY, b June 16, 1856 d Aug 17, 1898
Eliza R., wife of E. BOWMAN, d Mar 18, 1870-33y,2m,28 d
Ewing BOWMAN d Jan 23, 1881-64y, 2m, 20d
Rebecca H., wife of E. BOWMAN, d Aug 27, 1874-37y, 11m, 24d
Harvey, son of E. & E.R. BOWMAN, d Nov 11, 1871-4y, 2m, 17d
Ann S. BOTTENBURG, b Sept 20, 1837 d Feb 13, 1909
Norma C. BOTTENBERG, d June 23, 1892-32y, 9m, 22d
Homer BOTTENBERG, d Sept 12, 1883-19y, 23d
Catherine E., wife of Albert MILES d July 17, 1882-19y, 10m
Lewis E. infant son of L & A BOTTENBERG, d Aug 9, 1870
Levi, son of L & A BOTTENBERG, d Sept 15, 1856
Jacob BOTTENBERG d June 12, 1853-76y, 1m
Catharine BOTTENBERG d Sept 27, 1844-66y, 2m
Isabella BOTTENBERG d Aug 14, 1849-12d
John S. BOTTENBERG d june 12, 1868-24y, 8m, 27d
Catherine BOTTENBERG HUSHAW b Nov 12, 1830, d Sept 30 1862
Amanda P., wife of William A. BOTTENBERG d April 10, 1868-22y, 1m, 22d
Elizabeth, wife of Jacob BOTTENBERG b Feb 8, 1806 d July 12, 1883
Jacob BOTTENBERG d Feb 27, 1882-78y, 9m, 15d
Lewis BOTTENBERG b Mar 9, 1828 d May 3, 1906
Iris L. dau. of W.A. & F.S. BOTTENBERG b July 9, 1881
Cpl. John V.S. BOTTENBURG Co. F. 84 Ill Inf.
Inf. dau. of M.H. & M.J. BURGESS d Nov 8, 1858
Clarra I. dau of M.H. & M.J. BURGESS d Jan 3, 1859
John W. son of B & M McDANIEL d July 27, 1867-13y, 9m, 3d
*Naomi MAYO d Oct 22, 1851-73y, 9d
*Edward D. MAYO d Mar 5, 1877-14d
*Charles E. MAYO d Nov 1, 1869-2y, 4d
*Mary I. MAYO d Oct 28, 1876-6y, 7m, 22d
*Children of D. & E. J. MAYO
Ida E. dau. of J.H. & M.M. MORGAN d July 24, 1873-6m, 2d
Mary M. wife of J.H. MORGAN d Jan 22, 1873-23y, 11m, 8d
Elmer C. son of E.D.C. & M.B. HAINES d Sept 5, 1863-2y, 4d
Edgar B. son of E.D.C. & M. B. HAINES d Sept 1863 or 1868
Harriet dau of E. & E. R. BOWMAN d Oct 20, 1857-1m
Myron son of E. & E.R. BOWMAN d Aug 13, 1858
Deloss son of E. & E.R. BOWMAN d Feb 13, 1859-3y, 11m, 10d
Charles K. BROWN b July 5, 1824 d June 13, 1902
Emeline wife of Charles K. BROWN b Oct 27, 1822 d feb 28, 1902
George I. son of Charles and Emeline BROWN d June 1865
Martha C. HERMON d Dec 9, 1857-35y, 5m, 15d
Ida E., wife of William YOCUM b Dec 17, 1861 d Aug 25, 1881
James C. MCHENRY d Feb 4, 1865 Seventy ? y, 10m
William MCHENRY d 1863
Nancy dau of W. & N. MATTHEWS d June 8, 1857-6d
Joseph son of E.A. & A. BATESON d 1868
Mary L. dau of E.A. & A. BATESON d Oct 15, 1867-9y, 6m, 15d
Thomas J. BATESON d Dec 16, 1862-31y, 11m, 23d
Nancy wife of H.T. GREGG d Jan 22, 1873-45y, 6m, 1d
Evan BAILY d July 16, 1873 (or 1878) 72y, 7m
John BAILY d July 27, 1883-45y, 2m, 7d
Elizabeth (McHenry) BAILY d Apr 4, 1891-83y, 10m, 6d
Susan CRAGO d Jan 18, 1881 age 66y
*Lewis BATESON SR. d June 24, 1878-82y.
*It is unknown if he is buried in this cemetery, but there is a death cert that states he is buried in Vermont Township.


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