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Petition/Dower of Elcy MCHENDRY
Fulton Co, IL - 1852

Excerpts from 1852 Court Records

Filed Feb 17, 1852, Petition-Bill for Dower
The petition of Elcy MCHENDRY, widow of John MCHENDRY late of said County deceased, respectfully presents that she is the widow of the said John MCHENDRY, who died inestate on or about the eleventh day of June AD 1851 and as such is entitled to dower of the third part of all the lands whereof her said husband was seized during coverture.....

That Evan BAILEY was on the 30th day of July AD 1851 duly appointed by the County Court of said County Administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels rights and credits of the said John MCHENDRY deceased, that he the said Evan BAILEY then and there took upon himself the ?? of said Administration. That at the time of the death of said John MCHENDRY he left as his heir at law Sarah Caroline MCHENDRY, and the only person intrusted in same estate, except your Petitioner, That the said Sarah Caroline MCHENDRY is a minor under the age of twenty one years. She therefore prays that a guardian ad litem may be appointed for the said minor heir, that the said Evan BAILEY and Sarah Caroline MCHENDRY may be made defendants to this Petition, that process may issue against said Evan BAILEY and Sarah Caroline MCHENDRY that they may be made defendants to the Petition, and that they may be compelled the same fully and particularly; and that upon the final hearing of said petition, she may be allowed her dower in the lands liniments, before described and have such other and further relief as to Justice and Equity....

From April 12, 1852, Petition for Dower
This case coming to be heard upon the petition of the said Elcy MCHENDRY, and the answer of Sarah Caroline MCHENDRY infant defendant, by W.C. Goudry, Esqr Guardian Ad Litem, and the said Evan BAILEY having made default, and having failed to answer after having been three times solemnly called, and the Court being satisfied from the evidence exhibited by the said Petitioner, that the said Elcy MCHENDRY is the widow of the said John MCHENDRY in said Petition mentioned and that the said John NCHENDRY during his coverture with the said Elcy MCHENDRY, was seized as of an estate, to wit........ the said town of Vermont, it is therefore ordered and decreed by the Court the said Elcy MCHENDRY be endowed of one full equal third part of all the above described premises;
Commissioners appointed to "set off & alot the dower"

Bill For Dower/Final Order
Filed August 9, 1852;
It is hereby finally ordered adjudged and decreed by the Court, that the said report be and the same is hereby approved, and the said complaintant be endowed of the Lot of ground assigned as aforesaid, that one half of the cost of this cause be paid by the said Complaintant and the balance by Evan Bailey, Adms of said estate, out of the assetts in his hands.

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