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In the following pages you will find various Family Stories, Letters, Obits, Photos, Census Listings, and Other Misc. Documentations.
Within each page, you can follow additional links to other relations.

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HARROD, DUVALL, DAVIS, MCHENRY, BRADFORD and more surnames in the following pages/links...

*Samuel MCHENRY, go to Sarah (McHenry) DAVIS)
* James & Sarah GOODALE, go to Thersia (Davis) GOODALE
* Wm & Elizabeth (Harrod) TRIPLETT (go to HARROD)
* Elcy MCHENRY Court Records (go to MCHENRY)

...More...BAILY, MCHENRY, POWELL-Early Fulton Co. IL, Vermont Twp

View Fulton Co., IL Marriages 1824-1946

View BAILY Cemetery, Fulton Co., IL

*****DAVIS Direct Lines*****

GGG-Grandparents J. Madison DAVIS & Elizabeth (EVANS)
GG-Grandparents Monroe DAVIS & Sarah (MCHENRY)
G-Grandparents William Monroe DAVIS & Ida Ellen (HARROD)
Grandparents Harry M. DAVIS & Verna B. (SALISBURY)

SURNAMES RELATED to above DAVIS by Marriage, Adoption, Etc.
In-Laws, Parents, Children, Siblings, Etc.

MCHENRY- Parents/Siblings of Sarah (McHenry) DAVIS
HARROD - Grandparents/Parents/Siblings of Ida E. (Harrod) DAVIS
DUVALL - Mother of Ida E. (Harrod) DAVIS - Further Research In Progress
Thersia E. (Davis) GOODALE, Dau of Monroe & Sarah DAVIS
Alva M. (Birchfield) BRADFORD, Adopted Dau of Monroe & Sarah DAVIS
Samuel DAVIS - Son of Monroe & Sarah DAVIS
Lula Blanche (Davis) SMITH - Dau of Wm & Ida DAVIS

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