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This site is for people in ALL aspects of law enforcement that are of the Jewish faith. I noticed that there was no specific place on the world wide web dedicated to this subject. If you are like me, you felt that an important aspect of your life was missing, religion. Sometimes it's hard to stay on the right path when there is so much going on in our lives. But, hopefully you will take the journey with me.

Often, people in the law enforcement community deal with situations that aren't always the happiest. Yet, somehow have lost their way on the road of religion. I understand your need to feel you have to hide your religion. I too have felt the pressures to "fit in"'s sad to say there are still people that do not like Jews. I have hope that this site will begin to connect the lost and unused roads. When I have enough people interested in joining this site...I will create an area where we can chat together as a whole. I will also create a web-ring so that we will all have access to one anothers home pages. Please join me in this effort! Thank You!.

For your convenience I have listed a few Jewish related links below. They have excellent resources and search routes.

Judaism 101
An in-depth guide to all aspects of Judaism. Excellent place to begin!
Aleph Institute
Serving the needs of Jews who are in prison, in the military, or otherwise isolated from their heritage. Links to legal & law enforcement sites.
The International Fellowship of Christians & Jews
An organization aimed at uniting Christians & Jews.
Jewish Defense League
An organization dedicated to preserving the rights of Jews.
Young Jews
Social, cultural, and community groups dedicated to promoting a stronger sense of community among young Jewish adults, ages 21 to 35.
Shamash Network
Network for Jewish religious, education, and social service orgs. worldwide.
Lights To The Nations
Promotes & teaches the eternal Biblical values of Israel and to build a bridge of understanding between Jews and Gentiles.
Jewish America
Information on the Torah, Jewish history, life, products and services.


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The information on this site has been compiled from the above sites. For further indepth information please refer specifically to Judaism 101 site. It has over 200 pages of text on everything you'd ever want to know of Judaism.

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