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WORKING SCHEDULE, as of Monday, July 13, 2000, 12:00PM PDT
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YEAR2000 Global Peace Walk
"Global Peace Now!" as a universal human resolve
for a worldwide Global Peace Zone 2000

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Note hyperlinks from city names for access to printable local events flyers, eg, Latest Main GPW2000 Flyer can be found, along with recent letters and proclamations of support received -- all latest information and local events flyers, etc., in recent posts to coordinators list to which all are invited to subscribe or view updates via that link.

[please note that the below larger entry for Columbus, Ohio, is not just directed towards our local coordinators there but for local coordinators in each community in general answer to the question of "what can I do to help?"]

Please offer your support in any way you can. Tax deductible donations to support the Global Peace Walk Project may be sent to:

c/o Yucca Foundation [501(c)3]
Phone: 415-863-2084 (office)[after January 15th this is WALK VOICEMAIL
e-Fax: 413-895-8588 (faxes to walk can be relayed by email)
P.O. Box 170245
San Francisco, CA 94117-0245

Note: For more immediate connection you may contact walk coordinator David Williams at 661-822-3309

United Nations 55th anniversary Global Peace Walk 2000, inaugurating
UN Year & Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace for 21st Century
San Francisco St. Louis -- Washington DC New York / U.N.
January 15th August 6th -- October 7-12 October 24, 2000

[Walk will keep on schedule by some relay walking, running, and serial relay walking]

The earlier portion of the Global Peace Walk 2000 schedule is posted here and below is upcoming schedule which will be updated as more details are known.

For copies of letters and proclamations of support, news clippings, etc., received since the walk started January 15, 2000, click here

July 15th arrival in Columbia, MO -- July 16th, the 55th anniversary of first atomic bomb test, walk noon from Hickman High School parking lot to County Government Center, local contact for info Jeff Brotemarkle 573-449-4286

Jefferson City,

St. Louis, August 15, 55th anniversary of the end of World War II. Note: St. Louis will be the gathering point for all people to walk to Washington D.C., walking from St. Louis Zoo to the riverside by East-West Arch.

Indianapolis, Indiana,

Louisville, Kentucky

Lexington, KY

Cincinnati, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio, September 1-5, 2000

As for Columbus Ohio events en route of walk we would like to fix basic main walk event asap to include with prestart publicity. Being the state capitol we would like to get a proclamation from the governor designating Columbus as a Global Peace Zone and including his global peace and survival issue messages for the walk to carry and publicize and deliver with the compilation of such letters/messages/proclamations, etc., to Washington and the UN. In addition we would like to get Columbus Mayor's similar proclamation of the city of Columbus as a Global Peace Zone asap. If we can get these before Jan15 then we can announce in prewalk publicity and at the beginning of the walk. On arrival in Columbus the walk will spend a few days there on dates still to be set. The main event will be a walk from the City Hall to the State Capitol to receive formally the proclamations of Global Peace Zones by Mayor and Governor (we can use original in b/w and color photocopies starting right away and then receive original on arrival in ceremony presentation. Perhaps in interim you can display and copy these proclamations locally until then.

In addition with a couple of weeks before the walk arrives (or longer as possible) we would like the mayor and governor to proclaim the dates of the walk's activities in Columbus and in Ohio to be Global Peace Walk Days in Columbus and Ohio. These can then include latest peace messages from these officials during that time frame.

Suggested time frame: Walk arrives Columbus to Mayor's office (ie, City Hall) at Noon on Friday September 1, 2000, takes part in Labor Day weekend events throughout town on Sat Sun Mon, and perhaps creates a daily one hour walk in town. On Tuesday, September 5, GPW2000 walks from 11AM City Hall to State Capitol arriving at Noon (?). Walk departs Columbus early next morning Sept 6 en route to DC arrival at White House Oct 7, Saturday.

Other events, gatherings, potlucks, etc., can be filled in as they develop but these are my suggestions for basic walk business events in Columbus.

We need something from you asap that we can circulate and post on our website as soon as possible before Jan15. The main thing we need from you is your letter of support for Global Peace Walk 2000 including your survival issue messages that the walk can help publicize immediately and which it will carry in a compilation of such letters and proclamations as "The Message of Peace" to Washington DC and the United Nations.

Charleston, West Virginia

Wheeling, West Virginia

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, PA

Hagerstown, MD

Baltimore, MD

Washington, DC

October 712th, - Washington DC "Rediscover America Events"

Friday, October 6th, walk ends with rally at Malcolm X Park in DC. NOON, Saturday, October 7, 2000 Global Peace Walk from Malcolm X Park to The White House (Lafayette Park) Global Peace Park Anti-nuclear Vigil (since 1981), Conducting Global Peace Opening Ceremony and Peace Council Special Focus on Nuclear Abolition and Demilitarization of Space. Delivery of The Message of Peace to The White House and invitation for the President and Vice President to take part in the rededication ceremony at the Washington Monument.

DC Contact: Peace Through Reason 202-462-0757

Sunday, October 8, 2000, Global Peace Walk from White House to Ceremony at Jefferson Stone, Sunrise Circle Prayer Ceremony.
Main Dedication Ceremony, NOON
The Jefferson Stone is the Nation's original symbolic center. It is placed at the intersection of the original N/S Meridian line, which goes through the center of the White House, and the E/W line from the center of the Capitol. (both of which mark their 200th anniversary this year) It has great symbolic importance and was to have been the location for the monument to George Washington. The obelisk (begun in 1848) was too massive for the site and so it was placed off center at its present location. The original, intended, center has been neglected over the years until it is barely recognized. The plan is to rededicate the site as a sacred center. This is in motion, the site having been blessed by a number of Native American Elders since 1994. There will be a ceremonial cycle in 2000 beginning on April 22 through the eighth year of the Elders Prayer Vigil (Sept. 23/24) until October 8. Corbin Harney is among the elders who have offered a blessing to the site. (ceremony coordinator Arthur Lisch)

October 9th, Mon., Columbus Day Holiday, 1000 year anniversary of the Vikings coming to America (according to Smithsonian Institute), and John Lennon's 60th birthday:

Sunrise Circle Prayer Ceremony at The Jefferson Stone followed by walk to the Washington Monument.

NOON: Millennial Peace Ceremony to rededicate the Washington Monument as a Symbol of The Message of Peace, perhaps gathering over one million people.
Late afternoon walk to Jefferson Stone for sunset ceremony

Tuesday, October 10, Begin US Government Overtures and delivery of The Message of Peace to Congress, Senate, government agencies, etc.

Wednesday, October 11, Global Peace Walk from White House to Department of Energy headquarters to deliver accumulated New-Energy Research Report. Seminars and demonstrations of new invention prototypes and experiments will be offered at scientific and public presentations during the 10days before this date. The objective is to gather as many new energy scientists and inventors as possible to come to Washington to explain and demonstrate their discoveries relating to new energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and to neutralize radioactive wastes in order more fully document and expand on the mention of these devices alluded to on P.57 of DOE's 1998 Comprehensive National Energy Strategy (CNES), the first new national energy policy plan revision since 1992 (done at President Clinton's direction in response to Kyoto Protocols for ameliorating global climate change). For details see "energy" button link at bottom of Proposition One homepage. For selected references to websites discussing this information see
GEAR Links

and GEAR Homepage

Thursday, October 12, Indigenous People's Day (traditional Columbus Day) Take part in sunrise and noon ceremonies with indigenous peoples in DC. Exchange The Message of Peace.

Friday, October 13, Walk Departs DC after sunrise ceremony to College Park, and Baltimore MD for Noon at Balitimore City Hall Event

Baltimore, MD, October 14, Saturday,

Wilmington, DE, October 16, Monday, 11AM City Hall, walk to Park for Noon Rally

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Wednesday, October 18th, 11AM, Ceremony at City Hall, afterwards walk to Liberty Bell

Trenton, New Jersey

Newark, NJ

New York City, Central Park, October 23rd, Monday

Tues, October 24, 2000, 55th anniversary of the UNITED NATIONS in New York City, inauguration of the UN Year and Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace for the 21st Century, marking beginning of second half of the UN International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples 1995-2004

We are working on more details will keep you posted.
Be sure you are on coordinators list or keep checking archives at

Selected listing of support letters/messages received

c/o Yucca Foundation [501(c)3]
Phone: 415-863-2084
Voicemail & Updates: 415-267-1877
e-Fax: 413-895-8588
P.O. Box 170245
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