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This section contains portion of Global Peace Walk 2000 schedule already covered. It will be updated periodically with reports of what happened along the way. For postings of letters and proclamations of support, photographs, newsclippings, etc., received by the walk since it started January 15th, click here

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(Previous schedule)

Note hyperlinks from city names for access to printable local events flyers, eg, (Fax version) Latest Main GPW2000 Flyer (4JAN2000 version) (clearer pdf file version side1) (side2)

[please note that the larger entry for Columbus, Ohio, is not just directed towards our local coordinators there but for local coordinators in each community in general answer to the question of "what can I do to help?"]

Please offer your support in any way you can. Tax deductible donations to support the Global Peace Walk Project may be sent to:

c/o Yucca Foundation [501(c)3]
Phone: 415-863-2084 (office)[after January 15th this is WALK VOICEMAIL
e-Fax: 413-895-8588 (faxes to walk can be relayed by email)
e-mail: GPZONE@aol.com
web: www.globalpeacenow.org
P.O. Box 170245
San Francisco, CA 94117-0245

United Nations 55th anniversary Global Peace Walk 2000, inaugurating
UN Year & Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace for 21st Century
San Francisco St. Louis -- Washington DC New York / U.N.
January 15th August 6th -- October 7-12 October 24, 2000

[Walk will keep on schedule by some relay walking, running, and skipping]

January 15th, Sat., 9AM (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.s Birthday) sendoff: GPW2000 initiation/opening ceremony begins, 9AM at SF War Memorial Building site of UN charter creation. The opening ceremony was a memorable experience within the circle of about a hundred people. Special prayers and messages were offered by Reverend Yusen Yamato, by Corbin Harney who is Founder / Executive Director of Shundahai Network and Newe (Western Shoshone) Spiritual leader on whose land many nuclear tests have taken place and nuclear waste dumps planned at Yucca Mountain and Ward Valley, by United Farmworkers San Francisco Staffperson Eva Royal who read Cesar Chavez' prayer of grace spoke on behalf of the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation which was created to continue his work for peace, social justice, and an end to the insanity still preventing them, and in turn around the circle with presentations by Chris White Cloud of the PeaceQuest campaign to gather 100 million signatures on a Global Peace Declaration, by Dennis Peron of Calfornia's Prosition 215 Committee, by Bill McCarthy of the Unity Foundation, by Dave Whitaker poet of free food programs, by Elvy Musikka of the US Federal prescription cannabis program.

The walk received an additional proclamation of support from San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown and also from Helen F. Chavez, widow of Cesar Chavez. The formalized presentation was postponed regarding the proposal for rededication of this building to be renamed as San Francisco Veterans Peace Memorial Building, featuring a special marble Peace Pole/Pillar symbol of the message of peace.

These messages and proclamations will be accumulated to be publicized by the walk and delivered in Washington, DC, and to the United Nations as part of The Message of Peace for delivery to the public, media, politicians, etc., in Washington DC, and to the United Nations in NYC for its 55th anniversary October 24, 2000, to help fulfill the original purpose of the UN Charter to remove the scourge of war from the future generations, to help inaugurate the "UN Year and Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace for the 21st Century", and to observe the beginning of the second half of the UN International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples 1995-2004.

Pass by Stanford University in Menlo Park. Contact Updates# above for location of camp/housing of walk January 15th.

San Jose Area Events

January 16th, Sun. - 10 AM depart Santa Clara City Hall (Camino Real at Isabella) walking Hwy 82 about 4-5miles to Noon arrival at Columbus Park in San Jose at Walnut Street and Asbury for local event until 2PM. Corbin Harney participating, ceremony at 9PM. Afternoon/evening events being coordinated by San Jose Peace Center, 408-297-2299, basecamp Jan15-18, 48 South 7th Street, San Jose between San Fernando and Santa Clara Streets.

5:30-> Gathering with ceremony by Reverend Yamato for evening program at First Christian Church in San Jose (located at 80 South 5th Street, between San Fernando and Santa Clara) where walkers will be stayed overnight at this Church Jan15-16.

January 17th, Mon. - Join "Freedom Train Ride" on Caltrain from San Jose to San Francisco (info: 408-274-0617) for "Martin Luther King, Jr. March" birthday holiday observance of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 10:00AM Boarding at San Jose Diridon Station, 11:30AM arrives at San Francisco Caltrain Station (4th and Townsend) when March starts there proceeding to Yerba Buena (701 Mission Street @ 3rd) and then to Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (Grove & Larkin), Rally there 12:30-3:30PM with inspirational speakers, Musical Guests and Performers of all ages (info 510-268-3777 or 415-771-6300). Global Peace Walkers bus back to San Jose.

January 18th, Tuesday, 11AM Gather at Columbus Park, 12-12:30PM walk ~1mile to City Hall at Mission and Miller. Walkers received a nice letter of support from the San Jose Mayor and then the walkers covered some of the distance towards Santa Cruz. Walk covered by local TV.

Santa Cruz Area Events

January 20, Thursday, walkers covering distance to Scott's Valley City Hall where walk will start next day. Jan19 overnight was at Resource Center for Nonviolence in Santa Cruz, 408-423-1626, Afternoon gathering at Nelson Center in Santa Cruz.

January 21st, Fri. - 9AM Walk departs Scotts Valley City Hall walking 5-6miles to 11AM rendezvous with local walkers at Grant Park (200 Grant Street) leaving there at 11:30AM walking ~1mile to arrive at Noon at Santa Cruz City Hall (Center Street near Locust St.) After receiving message from Mayor walk departs for San Lorenzo Park for early afternoon gathering.

January 22nd, Sat. - Santa Cruz Global Peace Vigil in San Lorenzo Park, local walks and area event(s), details tba

January 23rd, Sun. - MONTEREY: 11AM walk departs Broadway Gate (Broadway Ave. near North-South Road) to walk ~3miles, west on Broadway to south on Del Monte to arrival ceremony at Noon, Monterey Bay Park (Del Monte at Estero).

January 24th, Mon. - gather Monterey Bay Park 11AM, depart 11:30 walking to Monterey City Hall ~1mile for arrival at Noon, reading mayor's proclamation of support, walk continues, as running, south

January 24th, Mon. - Big Sur, tba

January 25th, Tuesday, Morro Bay, arrival at City Hall at 12noon.

January 26th, Wed. - San Luis Obispo (Area events flyer), Global Peace Council, location and details tba, local contact is Dia McAfee at 805-929-6159. Check for walk info posted at New Frontiers Market in San Luis Obispo.

January 27th, Thur. - San Luis Obispo, gather before 9AM at gate to Camp San Luis on Hwy1 about 4-1/2mi north of town for prayer ceremony, walk leaves 9AM Hwy1 to Foothill Blvd. to California to Cal Poly Quad for rally ~10:30-11:15AM then walk Grand Ave. to right on Monterey to Noon arrival ceremony at County Govt. Center and early afternoon potluck lunch (indoors?), afternoon run to Diablo Canyon for "live at 6 O'Clock" ceremony? details tba

January 28th, Fri. - Spiritual Unity Relay Run, sunrise at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Gate to Noon arrival and rally at main gate of Vandenberg Air Force Base near Lompoc CA until 1PM, Afternoon and overnight camp with Solar Logos Foundation community in the Buellton area [P.O.Box 2008, Buellton, CA 93427, 805-688-5404].

(Flyer)Santa Barbara Area
Local Contact: Cara Ong, Abolition 2000, 805-965-3443

January 29th, Sat. - Sunrise Ceremony with Corbin Harney.
11AM Isla Vista Anisqoyo Park, amphitheather stage
Global Peace Walk 2000 for a Spiritually United Nations, I.V. to UCSB
12PM Noon, UC Santa Barbara, Spiritual United Nations Tree of Peace, located at Northwest corner of Storke Tower: Peacemakers Council for The Great Law of Peace and ceremony invoking The Message of Peace.

January 30th, Sun. - Sunrise Ceremony with Corbin Harney at UCSB Eternal Peace Flame, located in lawn just southeast of Buchanan Hall
~8AM Walk leaves for Santa Barbara
1-3PM Trinity Episcopal Church, 1500 State Street, meet the walkers.
3-9PM Parish Hall, 1535 Santa Barbara Street, walk videos, food, donation, speakers include Corbin Harney, Cesar Chavez' eldest grandson Eric Chavez on behalf of the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation, Global Peace Walk and Zen Buddhist Monk Reverend Yusen Yamato, David Krieger of Aboliton 2000 and president of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and Hymon Johnson of Antioch University who is a well known local speaker on the message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and who is president of the Santa Barabara Sri Sathya Sai Baba Center.

January 31st, Mon. - Sunrise Ceremony with Corbin Harney at SW Alice Keck Park
9AM Join walking from Trinity Church sidewalk to
10AM Santa Barbara City Hall and reading of Mayor's Proclamation, then to
11-12AM Walk by La Casa de La Raza, Cesar Chavez Center Prayer Ceremony
Evening Camp at Carpinteria State Beach?

February 1st, Tues. - Noon, Ventura City Hall
(Big Mountain relocation deadline date)

February 2nd, Wed., Fillmore CA, details tba

Bakersfield-Tehachapi Area Events

February 3rd, Thur. - Bakersfield, 11AM walk departs Chester at Brundage north to City Hall arrival ~12:30PM.

February 4th, Fri. - La Paz in Keene, Cesar Chavez Memorial Ceremony, 12Noon, walk arrives at 11AM and continues walking/running in afternoon to end in Tehachapi at Woodford-Tehachapi Road and Hwy202 (Texaco gas station in Olde Towne)

February 4th, 5th, 6th, Fri., Sat., Sun. - Tehachapi, Capital Hills Rendezvous Gathering parked in empty streets of Capital Hills California, adjacent to north edge of Highway 58 between Bakersfield and Mojave off middle of three Tehachapi offramps, at Mill Street exit, exit north and park in far upper right corner of streets with streetlights. Dedication ceremony for Capital Hills Global Peace Park and Peace Monument, and for the site of the Capital Hills Research Center global new energy facility. Global Peace Vigil 24/7 at Peace Park site at northeast corner of the Streets of Capital Hills. Vigilers will patronize Denny's, the Arco gas station minimart, and the US Post Office sited there at Capital Hills California, located 8miles east of La Paz, the Cesar Chavez Community in Keene.

February 5th, Sat. - Los Angeles (Bus to and from Tehachapi) Local coordinators for more information, Action Resource Center, 310-392-7656
"Walk a Mile for Global Peace Now!" GPW2000 goes Hollywood 11:30AM gather- Hollywood High School, Highland Ave N/of Sunset Noon, GPW2000 Hollywood Walk of Fame past Hollywood & Vine to LA Subway Station Plaza, Survival Issues Rally until 2PM. Bring survival issue messages and signs, leave footprints for the future.
Afternoon and evening events for Global Peace Walk in LA area still pending ater which walkers will bus back to basecamp in Tehachapi area.

February 6th, Sunday, 9AM Walk starts from Woodford-Tehachapi Road (Texaco in Olde Towne) and Hwy202 proceeding east on Hwy202 to left at firestation, then right on Tehachapi Blvd, then left at Green Street over R/R tracks around past Tehachapi News to end at Capital Hills.

Noon, Dedication ceremony for Capital Hills Global Peace Park and Peace Monument, and for the site of the Capital Hills Research Center global new energy facility. (Ronald Reagan's birthday, Leonard Peltier's 23rd year of imprisonment ends, Bob Marley's birthday).

February 12-13th, Sat-Sun. - Ward Valley CA 2nd Occupation Anniversary. There will be a small gathering at Ward Valley. On February 12th there will be a Ward Valley Coalition meeting during the day. That evening the Tribes will begin ceremony which will most likely continue on through the night until the next morning. Info= Save Ward Valley, 760-326-6267

Walkers' planning meeting to stop nuclear waste dumping, further Nuclear Abolition 2000 and the H.R. 2545 global Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion act of 1999, and to urge consideration of now available Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation technology alternatives for onsite remediation of nuclear wastes to avert a mobile Chernobyl scenario in transportation to proposed dangerous nuclear waste burial sites.

Las Vegas, Nevada Vicinity, contact info Shundahai Network 702-647-3095

February 14th, Mon.- PooHa-Bah Healing Center, (760) 852-4288, Tecopa Hot Springs, Corbin Harney hosting walkers and offering special message

February 15th, Tues., Noon Ceremony at Nuclear Test Site gate, Mercury NV

February 16th, Wed., Las Vegas, 12noon arrival at US Department of Energy Office bringing top new energy research scientists for a seminar on new developments in energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and, to neutralize radioactive wastes via Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation as a superior alternative to burying such wastes after dangerous shipping to places like Yucca Mountain and Ward Valley.

2-5PM, If negotiations fail for above presentations, or if they take place privately with the DOE in the morning, then the walkers will receive and record a seminar briefing, separately at an alternate location reserved by Global Peace Walk Project in conjunction with the Institute for New Energy, about new energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and LENT Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation technologies to neutralize radioactive wastes, speakers include Hal Fox of Institute for New Energy, Gary Vesperman, et. al., for details contact Gary Vesperman 702-435-7947.

EVENING gathering with the walkers, details tba

February 17th, Thurs., Las Vegas, 11AM Rally at Department of Energy office (to present seminar results, followed by walk to Las Vegas City Hall on the way out of town for connection with the mayor

February 24th, Thurs., Walk arrives Noon at Flagstaff AZ, to the sign outide Northern Arizona University at junction of Hwy 40.

February 25th, Fri. - Flagstaff, Arizona, 11AM Walk begins at NAU sign walking to Park at City Hall for Ceremony and presentations in City Counci Chambers 12-3PM.

February 26th, Sat., early morning rendezvous in park by City Hall, walk/run departs Flagstaff for Big Mountain with many local supporters.

Large Global Peace Walk 2000 to Big Mountain departs Flagstaff.

February 28th, Mon. - Big Mountain, Black Mesa, Arizona

Early March 2000: Walk through Hopi area, council on new energy research and development local ecomonic implications, bring message to Window Rock AZ.

As of March 9th the walk has completed its course through the Hopi and Navajo areas and ended its line of walk in Gallup NM where it also received a proclamation of support from the mayor there. The walkers have gone back to Flagstaff now to take part in following events early next week:

Global Peace Walk 2000 is in Flagstaff AZ (Mar9) and will be attending and participating in the following events:

Courtesy of Glen Canyon Action Network:
(which will be presenting its letter/message of support for GPW2000 to Rev. Yamato at 14March event below)


"Colorado River Restoration Celebration & Rendezvous"

Monday, March 13, 2000

Join us in Flagstaff on the campus of Northern Arizona University for our First Annual...

"Glen Canyon Restoration Issues Teach-In"

12-5pm - Panel Discussions and Presentations University Union Field House, Kaibab Room Featuring Dr. David Wegner, river restorationist

7-9pm - Evening Program
Cline Library Assembly Hall
"Glen Canyon Before the Dam" slide show
Music by Katie Lee; Campaign Update by David Brower

Tuesday, March 14
Glen Canyon Dam - Page, Arizona - High Noon


Opening Ceremony by local indigenous leader and Rev. Yamato
David Brower - "The Archdruid"
Robert Hass, former U.S. Poet Laureate
Katie Lee, musician and author of "All My Rivers Are Gone"
Ken Sleight - "Seldom Seen Smith"
Kent Frost, author of "My Canyonlands"
Michael Dorsey, Sierra Club Director
Bill Oliver, eco-folk singer
.. and many more!

For more info: Call (435) 259-1063
or email: info@drainit.org
Glen Canyon Action Network
PO Box 466
Moab, UT 84532

"Just Drain It!"

March 6, 2000, Gallup NM

March 24-28, 2000, Phoenix, Arizona, received Global Peace Zone proclamation of support from Phoenix Mayor and letter of support from Arizona Governor.

Albuquerque, NM, April 4th, anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. assasination, walked from Robinson Park to Albuquerque City Hall

Friday, April 7th, Santa Fe, NM, 11AM Ceremony at Childrens Peace Statue (behind downtown Post office in Plaza at Paseo de Peralta and Old Taos Hwy) followed by Noon walk by City Hall to State Capitol Rotunda to receive proclamation of support from New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson

April 8th, Sat. - Santa Fe, New Mexico, Buddha's Birthday Day Ceremony by Global Peace Walk initiator, Zen Buddhist Monk Reverend Yusen Yamato, Rosario Cemetery Memorial Gravestones at site of WWII Japanese-American Internment Camp (follow signs from entrance at Paseo de Peralta and Hwy 285)

April 9th - 21st - Global Peace Zone Ceremonies/Gatherings
(at various locations in New Mexico)

Friday, April 14th, Albuquerque, Benefit Concert for Global Peace Walk 2000, El Rey Theater (624 Central, downtown, at 7th & Route 66), doors open 8PM, 18&over, 505-764-2624)

April 19th, Wed. - 22nd, Sat. - Global Peace Walk - Santa Fe to Taos

April 22nd, Sat. - Taos, New Mexico (Earth Day 2000 Ceremony/Gathering) Kit Carson Park in Taos, sunrise ceremony, tree planting, global peace gathering

May 6th, Saturday, walkers will return to Albuquerque to take part in the local event there, one of ~80 in cities worldwide, in favor of medical cannabis relegalization, and Ibogaine program for ending hard drug addiction now approved by FDA for clinical trials, ie, Millennium Marijana March, coordinated by Cures-not-Wars, local contact Bruce Bush 505-256-0810.

May 17th, walkers tried to offer help for evacuees of Los Alamos fire but were turned away by FEMA.
Oklahoma: Oklahoma City National Memorial, Memorial Peace Ceremony at Federal Building site, Memorial Day Holiday, Monday, May 29th, 11AM Free Speech Area

Tuesday, May 30th, 11AM, Walk from City Hall to State Capitol

Tulsa, walk to city hall

Kansas: Lawrence, walk to city hall

July 1-4th Independence Day Gathering, fasting four days at Riverfront Park near Leavenworth Prison praying for Freedom for Leonard Peltier

Kansas City, local contact Adam Spak 816-471-1732

Missouri: Kansas City,


Above schedule will be gradually converted to report vs. planned results with links to details. Check back again for updates.