The Key to Abolishing Nuclear Weapons

The fundamental basis for the abolition of nucear weapons, other weapons of mass destruction, and general disarmament, is the same: A change in the moral position of the population of the United States of America, the only nation to ever use nuclear weapons against human beings.

The key factor in correcting this moral position is the reevaluation of the hidden histroy behind the atomic bombings of Hirsoshima and Nagasaki and with this deeper understanding to change the popular American attitude that "even though it was horrible and should never be repeated, these bombings were justified because...."

In February of 1945 a then secret meeting took place between the leaders of the Allied Powers, with the expected imminent defeat of Germany that happened in April, to plan not only the boundaries of Eastern Europe but the plans to finish the war with Japan. At this meeting it was agreed that the Soviet Union would bear the responsibility of the final attack on Japan and that Japan after the war would be a Soviet satellite nation. On the eve of the atomic bombings the Soviets were massing troups at the Manchurian border preparing to execute this agreement. By this time the US was resolved that this agreement should not be kept. The public justification of the US for these bombings, of civilian populations with no war industries in their cities populated by women, children, and elderly because the male population was away at war, is that it was "to save American soldiers' lives". But behind the scenes these bombings were calculated human tests of this fearsome new weapon done primarily to threaten the Soviets, begin the Cold War, and to ensure that Japan became an American "possession" after the war.

Until the American public and its government adopts the postition that no matter what the reasons at the time, in retrospect it is clear that it was morally WRONG to execute these bombings, there is no hope of nuclear abolition.

Many people are still reluctant to criticize a still popular President Truman. Because of his knowledge of these facts, the man whom Gandhi called his revered teacher (Guruji), Nichidatsu Fujii, in 1978 at the end of the American Indians' Longest Walk in Washington, DC, spontaneously added to his prepared speech the message that because of the motivations of these bombings and that they initiated today's threat of nuclear conflagration, and that they violated the principles of the United Nations Charter against such weapons which was executed in San Francisco in June of 1945 two months before these bombings, that the United States is a violater of the UN Charter, an enemy of humanity, and that "Truman was ten times worse a war criminal that Adolph Hitler". This is from one of Gandhi's teachers.

Until Americans adopt the corrected moral position that it was a crime to execute these bombings in light of these suppressed historical details, there will be no hope for the abolition of nuclear weapons, other weapons of mass destruction, and for the general disarmament necessary for a lasting global peace.

Therefore, I urge that the Nuclear Abolition 2000 movement include this simple line in its position documents being created this weekend, "It was wrong to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki".

Any great movement for deep social change requires the demonstration of popular support of people actually taking to the streets and demonstrating publicly their resolve for such change, in large numbers. This is the opportunity of the Global Peace Walk project to motivate local Global Community Peace Walks in communities across the country and around the world to correct human thinking and abolish nulear weapons and all weapons of mass destruction as a realistic step towards true global peace. Please also embrace the Global Peace Walk and popularize local Global Community Peace Walks right away this year on a regular weekly basis in your communities.

David Crockett Williams, February 11, 1999