Indian inventor harnesses power from empty space
SPG produces three times more power out than input

SPG produces three times more power output than is consumed

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April 5 - April 11, 1987

Indian inventor harnesses power from empty space

New Delhi (Press Trust of India):

A revolutionary machine that extracts electricity from empty space, built by an Indian scientist, has created a sensation in the world scientific community.

The Space Power Generator (SPG) invented by Paramahamsa Tewari of the Indian Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) has been hailed as a breakthrough in energy generation.

Tewari demonstrated his unique machine last week at Hanover in West Germany before an audience that included 1,500 scientists from around the world, leading bankers, and representatives of world-famous electrical firms.

The German Association for Gravity Field Energy (GAGFE), which airlifted the machine from Bombay to Hanover for exhibiting it to the world, adjudged it the best among 25 similar machines shown at the international conference.

Tewari has received the first prize (Rs.24,000) which, the CAGFE said, was "in recognition of the eminent and irrefutable achievements in research which Dr. Tewari has achieved for the welfare of humanity and the honor of his Indian motherland."

Tewari's model is a magnetized conducting cylinder rotating at high speed with the help of a motor. According to him, the SPG produces three times more power output than is consumed, defying known laws of science by which any output cannot be greater than input.

According to Tewari, the excess power comes from empty space between atoms of the rotating cylinder, confirming his "space vortex theory" developed 12 years ago.

Tewari believes SPG's, generating as high as 50 kilowatts of power from space can easily be built, providing a new route for solving the energy problem.

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