Tehachapi Tech Forum Update

Tehachapi News
Volume 100 - No. 21
Wednesday, September 15, 1999
page A3

Tech Forum update

David Crockett Williams of Tehachapi has been added to the list of participants in the upcoming Tech Forum to be held in Tehachapi on September 16.

Williams will be one of the speakers scheduled to address participants of the luncheon portion of the Tech Forum. His presentation regards Capital Hills Research Center (CHRC), a proposed research center in Tehachapi to develop new-energy technologies.

He will also have an information table at City Hall, along with several other firms and agencies, sharing information that may be transferable to other industries. Jim Crawford, a Capital Hills owner, is also expected to attend the Tech Forum, along with Victor Williams of Network Solutions Group.

Tech-Expo presenters expected to be at Tehachapi City Hall's Council Chambers from 1:30 to 3 p.m. on September 16, include: John Rombouts, mayor of the City of Tehachapi; Allan Krauter, will share a county update from the Kern County Administrative Office; Randy Innis, International Trade Consultant; Jaymie Salas, FPL (Florida Power and Light) Energy, Mojave; Mark Fechner, American Carriage, Tehachapi; Dave Foran, Industrial Rubber Innovations, Bakersfield; Walt Smith, CACTO-CO, Ridgecrest; David Shaw, Selecta Switch, Tehachapi; Bob Barsaloux, RB Systems Engineering, Ridgecrest; Kathie Rener, INCOTEC, Mojave; and Cathryn Jacobsen, "The High Desert Business & Technology Expo," Quion Inernational.

For more information, contact David James, Tehachapi city planner, at (661) 822-2200. Tehachapi City Hall is located at 115 South Robinson Street. For more information about KCTTG [Kern County Technology Transfer Group] call Donavan Ropp at 664-2435.

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Note: After my presentation above, a man with the USAF facility at Edwards gave me his card and said to the group that his boss was working on something to do with the “zero point energy technology” genre that I spoke about. This was confirmed by email from DoE’s recognized expert, Dr. Hal Puthoff, as one of the military research programs but not publicly known.

For many years now the owner of Capital Hills has offered to donate land for the construction of a free energy technology research and development center and peace park there to center that 1900 acre development from the easternmost two lots in the 100 acres of streets just north adjacent to the Mill Street exit of Highway 58 in Tehachapi California. But folks are not taking me seriously enough on all this to help towards implementing this plan for a global free energy center. If you want to help, you can join and promote and help activate the Yahoogroup:


The Global Peace Walks of 1995 and 2000 both camped a week at his place with the support of the owners and the community and the Global Peace Zone Parksite designated by proclamation of the owners and many others is a great place visible to the traffic on that major highway between California and Arizona, Las Vegas etc, used by many coming from the north to go over the Sierra's at their lowest point (about 4,000 feet) before they drop off into the Antelope Valley and Mojave Desert. An ongoing Global Peace Free Energy Vigil on that site would attract lots of attention from those seeing it driving on the freeway and stopping by to check it out, as well as from the community. There is now a Denny's restaurant, a 24/7 gas station mini-mart, the Tehachapi Post Office and a newly finish Holiday Inn near the other end of those 100 acres of streets, which could support such a Global Peace Zone and Free Energy Technologies Center Vigil with tents or mobile homes or whatever useful.

See many details about the new energy ("free energy") technologies in archived posts at:


Email: gear2000@lightspeed.net