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Santa Barbara California

The Weekly

Reports and Comment on Local Issues

August 14, 1986

City News

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SB Scientist Bruce DePalma

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The N-Machine

Violating the Laws of Physics

by Rich Alcott

Santa Barbara Scientist Bruce DePalma received a letter early last month from Paramahamsa Tewari, a Bombay-based physicist who sits on the Nuclear Power Board of the Indian Department of Atomic Energy. Tewari is also, according to DePalma, a holy man, a disciple [devotee] of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, as well as the author of works on electron structure with space dynamics and the builder of electrical systems for India's plutonium plant. Tewari wrote, "Recent experiments performed for generation of electric power through a machine (the N-Machine) operating on new basic principles have shown that an output power greater than input can be generated." The machine apparently produced more energy than it consumed and these new principles Tewari described appear to be in direct violation of the laws of physics.

In 1978, Montecito-based, MIT-educated DePalma invented the N-Machine, a device he claims will revolutionize the planet by providing free energy -- eventually to light homes at night and electrically power automobile engines. Initially though, "My energy machine," he says, "is going to be more likely used to run a hotel or a hospital -- big buildings: apartment complexes -- because it's too expensive. At this moment we're talking something like $30-50,000, but that's the cost of this kind of energy." The big machines, DePalma says, will be built by the end of the year. At that time, he plans to demonstrate one in this country. For DePalma, a man who accepts comparisons with Michael Faraday, Nicola Tesla, and Albert Einstein, the letter from India was worth waiting for. "This is my latest affirmation," says DePalma.

Free Energy: DePalma describes how his N-Machine works.

It's simply the discovery that you can take electricity directly out of a rotating magnet. You have a magnet like a cylinder of some sort, one end of which is north and the other end is south, and you rotate it around an axis going through it from the north pole to the south pole. And you can take electricity directly out of the magnet itself by two contacts -- one on the outer edge of the magnet and the other in the center of either one of the pole bases." And, says DePalma, "we won't be producing any smog or smoke any more. The cost of everything will go down. It's going to change the idea of what the government does -- taxation, the worth of money."

DePalma's "perpetual motion" machine must defy fundamental laws of thermodynamics to perform all the miracles its inventor claims. To date, however, this revolutionary discovery remains unpatented precisely because the US Patent Office requires new inventions to conform to basically accepted laws of physics. Goleta inventor Gene Mollinet made similar claims in recent years (see "Gene's Machine," by Russ Spencer, The Weekly, December 27, 1984). DePalma says, "The thing about Gene is he just shows you a box. He doesn't show you what's inside." DePalma's machine is encased in plexiglass providing a clear view of the rotating magnet.

Independent Confirmation: The Tewari letter provided DePalma with independent confirmation of his research. Tewari's theory, developed in 1977, predicted energy could be extracted directly from space. Before him, Tesla demonstrated energy can be tapped from the Earth's electromagnetic field and broadcast as "free energy" without wires. DePalma tells The Weekly, "Tesla realized that there was energy in space, and he gave a famous lecture about the energy in space -- that it was not static, it was dynamic, and someday we would hook our real work [wheelwork] to the same forces that motivated the stars and planets." After experimenting with a machine similar to DePalma's, the Indian scientist wrote that DePalma had "proved his theory of space because of the experiments with my generator."

Tewari concludes, "The generation of electric charge by high speed rotation of absolute vacuum, in a magnetic conducting cylinder and sustaining the charge without any appreciable loss, provides a viable means of power production from the limitless source of space substratum."

Proponents of DePalma's machine, like fellow Santa Barbara scientist David Williams, believe the US government, to protect the energy industry, has suppressed widespread application of N-technologies. According to Williams, "The same ethic of materialism that stopped Tesla's 'free energy' technologies in the early years of the 20th century, is today visibly responsible for wars, hunger, poverty, homelessness, pollution, and the prostitution of the American scientific community resulting in the completely insane endangerment of our planet threatened with the potential of complete destruction of all life by nuclear holocaust."

Hype & Hoax: But physicist Dr. Daniel Hone, formerly chairman of the Department of Physics at UCSB, feels the reason is far less conspiratorial and far more fundamental. Hone believes the hype around the N-Machine is a hoax. He says DePalma's concept is nothing new. "It uses something called the Faraday effect," Hone says, "it has to do with the production of electrostatic potentials and ultimately of electric current -- which is, of course, a usable source of electricity -- by moving and electric conductor through a magnetic field. It's a well-known phenomenon."

Although the principle may work on a small scale, says Hone, "It violates some very fundamental laws of physics. But more specifically, the argument [DePalma presents] is that by modifying a technique that is commonly used, they could vastly improve the efficiency of that technique in producing energy. And, at the least, [as DePalma presents it], the argument is simply wrong."

Hone doesn't completely condemn DePalma's claims for his machine as improbable, but he is skeptical. "If it did what he claims it can do," says Hone, "he'd have been in production five years ago and he'd have made his fortune by now. His claim that if he could only get the money to build it five times bigger -- then it would overcome these little problems it has, then it would really work and we'd see energy coming out at no cost. These sorts of claims are the ones that are conventionally made by people -- often sincere -- who in the end don't understand what the fundamental limitations of their ideas are. Some times those limitations are pretty subtle."

DePalma says it has taken him so long because he's been seeking "the kind of financing that would not consume me with greed." He says he's succeeded and has formed a company called the DePalma Energy Corporation -- which is, at the moment, building practical N-Machines. "It's on the way," says DePalma of the New Age of energy production. "The present dogma says that energy is neither created nor destroyed -- it's just transformed from one state to another. That's the old world. The new world of DePalma says, "'Energy is created and destroyed, and is not transformed from one form into another.' And you have to understand that something strong and powerful like this has to come in sort of synchronistically. It's not an isolated event at all. The guy in India developed a theory which explains my experiment. In Europe there's another guy doing the same thing."

"This free energy thing is a happening thing. It's not just happening here in Santa Barbara, or in some little town somewhere else. It's going on. And the way our lives are going to be changed is just fantastic."

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Here is food for thought for real physics folks to address the physics involved here, eg, Dr. Hone's "misunderstanding," and why Dr. Wheeler's hushed involvement in all this behind the scenes. Instead of decrying all this as untrue, how about addressing the physics fundamentals for public understanding, instead of just the customary Sarfatti PsyOps response of intimidation to divert attention from the truth?

How long has the fruition of these new energy techs been delayed by Sarfatti's thick-headedness since I started bringing this to his attention in 1999? We may not have gone to war with Iraq most recently if there had been cooperation and genuine collegial discourse on all this instead of ego-tripping and belligerency and denial of facts deemed "outside of areas of interest" -- wouldn't you say so?

End of ISEP intro posting this:

Regarding the Free Energy (New Energy) Technologies to replace nuclear power and fossil fuel power: Bruce DePalma and Paramahamsa Tewari, some history addressing the question:

"If this is real, how come it's not happening"?

Because of lack of public scientific confidence and "physics experts" with other agendas threatened by new knowledge, and "dual-use" military-civilian US secrecy restrictions fearing weapons using this knowledge -- why we need global peace now to redirect human and financial resources towards solving our critical global climate crisis by moving away from fossil fuel power and the wars being fought to access petroleum resources:

Here are some ideas on how we can do that, by bringing out the truth of the matter of the so-called free energy technologies:

Two newspaper articles discussing the work of Bruce DePalma in Santa Barbara and Paramahamsa Tewari in India, in the 1980's, followed by links for more information on their work and more.

"The Weekly" -- Santa Barbara:

"Proponents of DePalma's machine, like fellow Santa Barbara scientist David Williams, believe the US government, to protect the energy industry, has suppressed widespread application of N-technologies. According to Williams, "The same ethic of materialism that stopped Tesla's 'free energy' technologies in the early years of the 20th century, is today visibly responsible for wars, hunger, poverty, homelessness, pollution, and the prostitution of the American scientific community resulting in the completely insane endangerment of our planet threatened with the potential of complete destruction of all life by nuclear holocaust."

India Today:

" would have been difficult for [Tewari] to go on with work on the SVT and the generator were it not for encouragement from two U.S. physicists, Dr. John A. Wheeler of the University of Texas, Austin, and Bruce DePalma, formerly a lecturer in physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "But for DePalma, I wouldn't have been able to tie up my theory," says Tewari. "He was working on similar ideas and kept sending his results to me."

By reviewing the below articles you can see that support for this project is thwarted by so-called experts in physics who are quoted stupidly in public news articles discrediting something they have not studied and are afraid of because it seems to violate their "known laws of physics". To those versed a bit in physics or electromagnetism it is clear that Dr. Hone's scientific response below is totally bogus because he is talking about the "induction effect" that he calls below the "Faraday effect" whereby a wire moving through a magnetic field has an electrical current induced in it by that motion, or so the "theory" behind that particular "law of physics" says.

This is this principle, electromagnetic induction, responsible for all the electricity generation by generators commonly used for a hundred years around the world and the same principle responsible for the operation, in reverse, of all commonly used electric motors, a coil of wire on an armature rotating inside an array of magnets producing a current in the wire to generate electricity and conversely by putting electricity into the coil it spins within those magnets as a motor. That Dr. Hone below acknowledges this and still says that this principle is not valid or scalable up to larger machines for more power is simply factually wrong. That he equates this principle of induction to the operation of the n-Machine which is based on a deeper understanding of a different effect found by Michael Faraday in 1831 that he called the homopolar or unipolar effect, and its corresponding unipolar or homopolar generator and motor effects, is also factually incorrect, since this latter effect has no wire/conductor moving relative to a magnet to "induce" current in the wire, but rather is a spinning disc magnet with attached metal conductor rotating together with no relative motion between the magnet and that conducting disc from which electricity is extracted flowing from the center to the edge of that rotating magnet/disc assembly. Faraday also discovered that if the disc is rotated with the magnet stopped, there is a current flowing in the disc, this seemingly like induction. But if the magnet is rotated and the disc is stopped there is no current flowing in the disc, which violates the principle of induction and led Faraday to conclude that the magnetic lines of force of a magnet are not a property of the magnet but induced in the space the magnet occupies by its magnetic field, ie, because this non-reciprocal effect indicate the magnetic lines of force do not move with the magnet rotating. This accounts for some of the confusion about this particular electromagnetic effect, which Faraday called the homopolar effect and DePalma discovered and proved independently 147 years later calling it the n-Effect but with the additional insight of "tapping the free energy field of space itself" with this rotating magnetic assembly duplicated by Tewari of India, Shiuji Inomata of Japan, and by Adam Trombly, of Colorado's Aspen Institute for Advanced Studies started by him and Project Earth by him and Buckminster Fuller, in the 1980's!

This homopolar effect was not known in the scientific community or taught in any of the schools before 1980 and the 1979 DePalma n-Machine tests quantitatively proved not only that this works but also, unique to DePalma and not conceived by Faraday, that rotation produces more current than it takes to operate a motor to spin the assembly, DePalma's earlier experiments on gravitation and rotation and inertia anomalies indicating to him that this "homopolar" effect he learned about only in 1981 was due to the rotating assembly "extracting electricity from the energy field that exists in space itself, the space in which matter resides".

This idea that there is an enormous energy field in "space" or what now physicists since the 80's and 90's have been calling the "quantum vacuum flux" or "zero point energy" with various attempts to theoretically understand and mathematically describe these ideas, are what DePalma's experiments, including the last one, the n-Machine, prove exists as what he called the "free energy of space" and what Tewari below says his Space Vortex Theory explains as proven by the performance of his overall overunity Space Power Generator version of DePalma's n-Machine.

Those first tests in Summer of 1979 of that n-Machine made by the Sunburst Community, which they called the S-Machine, did not show "overall overunity" performance (more total output power than the power to drive the generator with a motor) like Tewari's later models in India have shown, but the 1979 tests, reproduced in 1986 by Dr. Kincheloe of Stanford independently, showed an equally unexplainable by conventional "laws of physics" incremental overunity effect where at a given generator speed an increase of drive motor current produced from five to twenty times that amount in output current increase, but due to engineering that machine has not shown, yet, at its rotation speed design limits, to produce "overall overunity" performance. This is the context to know in reading the below to understand how significant a blow to this movement was this mistaken and negative report in the newspaper by a "physics expert". After this article came out I went and personally spoke with Dr. Hone, also there was another about this timeframe from the UCSB newspaper, and he just said he was misquoted, but he did not make any effort to correct his slander that this was a hoax. In normal circles DePalma would have won a big lawsuit against Hone and UCSB for libel, but in this arena of forefront science this has been the way it has gone because the public in general is not at all confident or competent in its understanding of fundamentals of science such as this and feel compelled to rely on the view of "the experts" who as below are often just plan wrong by intent or ignorance, claim they are misquoted, but take no responsibility for getting the real truth out there once they figure out they made a mistake, if it was a mistake and not by intent to discredit this, some of the most important work in science in the 20th Century, the DePalma experiments. The Sunburst Community founder Norman Paulsen still has that 1979 test machine in Santa Barbara area under auspices of Solar Logos Foundation, Sunburst Church of Self-Realization.
Above introduction by David Crockett Williams
6/1/2006 4:39 PM PDT

For an earlier article about the initial experiments by Bruce DePalma and Ed Delvers showing gravitational and inertial effects of rotating objects "violating the laws of physics" to the chagrin of folks like Dr. Wheeler mentioned above, the "20th Century Galileo Experiments" here read how they "Discovered the Rotation Force Field," "You have to watch the spinning balls; Princeton doesn't believe in Bruce DePalma; But then, of course, Bruce doesn't believe in Einstein," The Sunday Times Advertiser, Trenton, N.J. GAZETTE, Sunday, January 11, 1976, Page E 1

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India Today



Energy From Space

An engineer's invention excites interest

by M. Rahman

(December 1987)

[2 photos, not shown here, captioned:]

Paramahamsa Tewari (top) and the generator: futuristic fantasy

In a tiny room in a Bombay suburb, an electrical engineer works on a machine that seems to have been conceived in a Sci-Fi book -- a generator which can ostensibly produce electricity from nothing. But the machine's creator, Paramahamsa Tewari, 51, is not an eccentric inventor from one of Sukumar Ray's fantastic tales. He is a senior engineer with the Department of Atomic Energy's Nuclear Power Corporation (NPC).

Tewari created a minor sensation 10 years ago when he propounded the theory that space is filled with a dynamic medium whose swirling motion is the source of all matter and energy. He called it the Space Vortex Theory (SVT) which postulated that at the heart of the electron was a void whose high speed rotation within a vacuum could produce energy from space.

Interestingly, it was the Theosophical Society which had first published Tewari's theory by arranging a special lecture in 1977 at Adyar in Madras. The theosophists were excited by Tewari's ideas since they were remarkably close to observations about the electron put forward by Annie Bessant's associate, the clairvoyant Charles W. Leadbeater, in the book Occult Chemistry.

However, the first indication that Tewari's ideas about the structure of space were more than just a mystic vision came earlier this year at a conference in Hanover organized by the German Association of Gravity Field Energy. The Space Power Generator (SPG) invented by Tewari won the first prize of Rs 25,000 from among 25 similar machines presented at the conference by scientists from all over.

Tewari's generator is actually a simple machine, consisting basically of a magnetised cylinder rotating at high speed with the help of a motor. Power from this device is extracted by connecting a wire between the surface of the cylinder and its axis. According to the engineer-inventor, the SPG produces two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half times more power than it consumes, defying the basic physical law of conservation of energy which says that the output of energy cannot be more than the input. Tewari says the excess power comes from the inter-atomic space of the rotating cylinder -- it is the movement of the "voids" in the spinning cylinder which creates additional energy out of the space between the machine's axis and the magnet.

Tewari readily admits that his theory sounds incredible taking into account the existing laws and that he would never have developed it had he been trained as a physicist and not an engineer, since it is so divergent from conventional physics. But, he says, it would have been difficult for him to go on with work on the SVT and the generator were it not for encouragement from two U.S. physicists, Dr. John A. Wheeler of the University of Texas, Austin, and Bruce DePalma, formerly a lecturer in physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "But for DePalma, I wouldn't have been able to tie up my theory," says Tewari. "He was working on similar ideas and kept sending his results to me."

Though Tewari, who is slated for transfer to the NPC's Kaiga Project in Karnataka as chief project engineer, has pursued his interest in physics in his spare time, he has received infrastructural support from the NPC for putting together his extraordinary new machine. The SPG was built under Tewari's supervision at the Tarapur Atomic Plant. "Tewari's prototype SPC can be considered a major breakthrough," says S.L. Kati, managing director of NPC.

Before leaving for Hanover, Tewari addressed a meeting of scientists and engineers at the Bhaba Atomic Research Centre on his theory. But most physicists remained skeptical about his findings. Undaunted, he is experimenting with a new model of the SPG since his return, which he feels will be an improvement. He eventually hopes to create a prototype for a generator which could deliver 50 kw to 100 kw of electricity. "The encouragement I received abroad has been a great help, and hopefully within a year, I will be able to build an experimental model which could ultimately prove commercially viable," he says.

Tewari, of course, is not the only engineer hoping to build the ultimate power generation machine -- one which will run perpetually since it will extract energy from space -- as the Hanover conference demonstrated. In fact, DePalma, the first inventor to create such a machine, is presently conducting experiments in California in anticipation of a breakthrough which could lead to commercial production. Their work promises to create ultimately a machine which appears to come straight out of a futuristic fantasy.

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See also the work of Thomas Bearden on the solid state MEG oscillating electromagnetic system, Magnetic Energy Generator:

And the "Un-debunked" real story behind the viable but mislabeled "cold fusion" genre now called LENT/LENR Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, with applications also for neutralizing radioactivity

There is a national Future Energy Conference in September 2006 near Washington DC, per IRI's USPTO patent examiner Tom Valone, in cooperation with the New Energy Movement organization founded by former NASA Mars Mission scientist/astronaut Brian O'Leary in cooperation with Gene Mallove et al, see

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