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His Holiness Karmapa Visits Hopiland

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Techqua Ikachi

Land and Life -- The Traditional Viewpoint from the Hopi Nation

Issue number 10 --- January-February 1977

East and West, Shall They Ever Meet?

About two years ago, in September 1974, his Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa of the Kagyu order of Tibetan Buddhism, arrived in America bringing the Spiritual Message which he embodies.

Since his arrival, his Holiness has been touring the United States, performing what is known as "the Black Hat Ceremony," a Sacred Ritual in which, as the embodiment of AVALOKITESVARA ("the Pure Spirit of Compassion"), he Blesses "all Sentient Beings" and offers them "Refuge."

"Taking Refuge" means accepting "Initiation" into the practice of "Devotion" or dedicating one's self completely to Benefit "all Sentient Beings." The participants are asked to "let go" of "attachments" to ideas or objects which affirm our sense of "personal existence" for the purpose of "personal profits," material or spiritual gains, in this World or Beyond.

Bringing this message of Universal Peace, he arrived to the Sacred Spiritual Center of this Western Hemisphere, "the heart of the world," Hopiland. It rained. So, nature seemed to welcome this Holy Man from Tibet.

Due to his visit to the "Cultural Center," where he was welcomed by 'local chiefs' or 'Tribal Council Members', his Holiness was kept from visiting the Traditional Religious leaders of the hopi People. However, recently, on behalf of the Tibetan visitors, Gomang Khem Rinpoche met with the Traditional Hopi Religious Leaders in the KIVA, where they exchanged Symbols and Language. Similarities were evident.

From East and West, voices expressed Messages of Peace and Well Being to all "Sentient Beings," or as Hopi say, "the Great Spirit said not to take from the Earth, not to destroy Living Things. The Great Spirit said that Man was to live in Harmony and to maintain a Good Clean Land for all Children to come, the future generations. The Land is our Mother, a Living Person who produces Food and gives Birth to other Living Things. You cannot deny anyone from sharing it. We pray for all Living Things to go on. You should not divide others or ourselves. All Living Things go together."

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Techqua Ikachi, "land and life" is published in the traditional village of Hotevilla in the Hopi Independent Nation. It represents the viewpoint of the village leaders, including David Monongye, Jack Pongyayesva, Paul Sewamanewa, Dan Evehanema, Amos Howesa, and Lewis Naha. Articles from other villages and indigenous nations throughout the continent and the world will gladly be considered. Questions and comments are welcome.

The shield symbol means: "Together with all nations we protect both land and life, and hold the world in balance."

[Hopi symbol shown, the quadrisected circle with a circle in each quadrant, the shield of the War Leader Kachina]

This publication is made possible through voluntary contributions. There is no regular subscription rate. Contributions and requests for future issues may be sent to Techqua Ikachi, Box 174, Hotevilla, Arizona, 86030

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