1977 Hopi Star Project Brochure

For the whole story about my experiences in the Hopi land in 1976-77, why I went there and how those experiences set the course of my life since then, see:


Here is the retyped text of Sheet 1, the outside page of a 4 sheet, 16pp folded unstapled letter-sized brochure, with the outermost page here below in two halves each with three symbols not shown here: (1a) PARADISE PSIBERNETICS and HOPI STAR PROJECT 1977-78 WORLD PEACE PROGRAM; (1b) "IF CYBERNETICS CAN PUT A HUMAN ON THE MOON, THEN PSIBERNETICS CAN CREATE PARADISE ON EARTH!"; (2) GATHER WITH US IN SPIRITUAL UNITY FOR THE PURIFICATION OF LAND AND LIFE; CELEBRATION OF LIGHT; CONFERENCE OF THE RAINBOW; (3) WHAT IS PARADISE PSIBERNETICS; HOPI STAR PROJECT; (4) FIRST ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE PERIOD ENDING AUGUST 24, 1977


Hopi Star Project PEACE PILGRIMAGE (2of4, 4pp of 16)

The following document was included as Sheet 2 (four pages) of a (4- sheet) sixteen page Hopi Star Project brochure produced in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, California during late Summer 1977, once again planning a return trip to the Hopi land organized from the Isla Vista Tai Chi Chuan Academy whose instructor, Master Lawrence Karol, wrote the below pages for the brochure abstracting some Hopi Prophecy information from the book by Vinson Brown and William Willoya called Warriors of the Rainbow, which chapter on the Hopi Prophecy is credited to Thomas Banyacya.


Here is the retyped text of Sheet 3 of four double side letter-sized pages of the "Hopi Star Project brochure of 1977." The four pages of Sheet 3 include: (1) the TORAK Calendar Projection of August 29, 1977; (2) the RESOLUTION OF THE HORIZONS DAY COUNCIL OF Us HELD JUNE 26, 1976 AT ORAIBI; (3) UN Planetary Citizens Letter; (4) the Hopi Declaration of Peace by Thomas Banyacya.


Here is the retyped text of Sheet 4 of the 1977 Hopi Star Project Brochure, two letter-sized pages/flyers; (1) Paradise Psibernetics Hopi Star Project Spiritual Unity Mass Rally; (2) Peace Pilgrimage proposed schedule

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