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- From Disney to Discovision -
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- David Williams, modern day prophet for paradise on Earth -

Santa Barbara newspaper feature article of January 1978

Note: What is mentioned in the article below as “discovision” was the first name for what has become known as the "laser disc" technology developed by MCA-Universal (where my father worked) & Phillips, the technology now used in CD Compact Disc and DVD Digital Video Disc.

A PDF of a photocopy of the original article with its photo is here -- note the symbol I added end of second page there, one among several such True Hopi symbols shown in my May 1979 personal identity statement, and please also note comments at the end of this page.

See the 2013 article about Nikola Tesla and his ten inventions that changed the world with references to patents released under FOIA.

A continually updated compendium of over a hundred other such suppressed technologies and inventors is maintained here, technologies that largely fulfill my predictions of 1976 per my Tetron theory, but are yet to be implemented due (in my view) to lack of understanding of the mind-matter factor that the Tetron thesis explains mathematically as the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light which is defined a consequence of an overlooked property of the nature of light, the C in E=mC^2, an understanding that means science is actually a belief-based religion where many things thought to be "discovered" are actually "created" unknowingly because of how the mind works.

Begin transcription of article to text for easier reading:

Thursday, January 4, 1979

Santa Barbara News and Review [which later became the Santa Barbara Independent]

Pilgrimage, TV Series: Tools for Utopian Activist

[highlighted text block:]

--- A natural electric field surrounds the globe; it could be tapped into and broadcast wirelessly, almost limitlessly. ---- By Gale Holland

"All through history, the power of the riff-raff has been ignored."
--- I.V. park habitue, nameless at his request

Not unmindful of the lumpenproletariat's potential to energize revolutionary change is David Williams, modern day prophet for paradise on Earth.

In his Trigo Street apartment, a handful of "street people" for the past month have slept and eaten food, all gathered for free by Williams and his wife, Carolynne, from the refuse of merchants: fruits and vegetables from the trash bins in back of the markets and Sunburst, old Good Shepherd sandwiches, day-old doughnuts. The street people seem largely impassive to the handmade signs and leaflets on the walls heralding Williams' projects: Paradise Psibernetics Productions, The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage, and newspaper clippings detailing his concerns: parapsychology, nuclear research, street culture.

Williams hopes to expand his free kitchen and shelter to other apartment units, eventually buying the building and establishing a new kind of rehabilitation center to get the people off S.S.I. (welfare for the totally mentally and physically disabled).

This activity he calls the "pre-production phase" of his central project: the pilgrimage, which he expects to film himself and sell to a major television network as a prime-time weekly series. In Williams' vision of future shock, mid-April will see an encampment of 1000 New Age fellow travelers in the empty lots of Isla Vista, who will trek through a major international symposium on humanity in Pasadena, to the Black Mesa in the Four Corners area of Arizona to stop the coal strip mining there and establish planetary peace.

Then next season, we can break from the inter-galactic hype of "Mork and Mindy" and "Battlestar Gallactica" for the intercosmicological consciousness of the weekly saga, "The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage -- A True Life Adventure" which Williams bills as "the most popular television series ever."

Williams' nonviolent sword for change carries many New Age edges, but basically his all-inclusive Mission Pac for a new future is an integration of his insights as a scientist and as a spiritual seeker, toward the goal of paradise here on Earth: "true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance," freedom from war, want and ecological disaster.

Williams believes our energy needs could be fulfilled worldwide by the development of already conceptualized technology that would incidentally also eliminate the spiritual and ecological desecration of the planet:

-- Tesla World Energy System: Nikola Tesla, a Yugoslavian scientist who discovered the alternating current, left encoded in four different languages instructions for a new world-wide energy system, Williams says. A natural electric field surrounds the globe because of its polar magnetism, this theory goes; it could be tapped into and broadcast wirelessly, almost limitlessly, Williams believes. Black Mesa is one part of the planet with a high electro-magnetic potential, Tesla stated. This is corroborated by the Hopi's insistence that this spot is important, that the strip mining there is spiritually devastating for the whole Earth. Williams thinks a plant built there on Tesla's principles would have easy access to the globe-girdling field.

-- Radioactivity Decay Accelerator: one outgrowth of the heavy particle research in physics that is winning Nobel Prizes these days, Williams thinks, could be a device to sap radioactivity out of objects -- say nuclear waste -- and use it as energy, discarding the resulting harmless inert byproducts. If scientists can manipulate the mass of these sub-atomic particles, Williams reasons, they should be able to manipulate the rate of decay, based on Einstein's theory of relativity between mass and time. I remember that one in sci-fi novellas as why, after 100 years in space, I'd weigh one ton but age only two years.

-- Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory: Williams has developed a set of mathematical equations, an update on Einstein's revolutionary E=mc^2, that he thinks describe all natural phenomena Einstein's didn't. Such as "psi" phenomena -- Uri Geller bending metal spoons with his consciousness. Key Williams postulations include "c" speed of light, not just as visible light, as Einstein defined it, but as all light , inclusive of the spiritual sense of the word, as in "Let there be...," his addition of a term signifying the "human mind's consciousness orientation function of light" and another term equating the mind function with the essential nature of any energy system. In other words, the outer reaches of physics and spirituality merge: spiritual consciousness is light, the light of faith within each individual is the light of the world. All this presented in mathematical notation.

Williams thinks his theory of tetronics can be applied so that individuals can get in vehicles, hone their consciousness to the correct beam, levitate the vehicle and travel without any other energy support system wherever they wish.

This type of application which appears to this observer distant, could be enacted rapidly by using the science of cybernetics, Williams thinks. Cybernetics is logical and persistent goal attainment. It was first invented in war; it was discovered that a gunshot could make its mark more easily if when it missed, all measurements related to the miss were relayed back, and the shot repeated based on the new information. This line of reasoning, Williams says, put us on the moon.

Putting aside for the moment the reality function of Williams' ideas, he sees, through his popular TV series, that people will begin to realize that people can live in harmony and abundance without strife; that technology is available to provide limitless energy with no pollution or natural destruction: so next stop (12 years, by Williams' calculation), paradise on Earth.

From Disney to Discovision

Who is this man and why is he saying these things?

Williams, 33, the son of a film and television industry administrator, grew up in Panorama City, a suburb of L.A. His Boy Scout Explorer Troop, made up of sons of workers in the film industry, was funded by Walt Disney to make movies. So at 18, Williams was the head of a motion picture production company. He feels he knows the business and his series will sell, and will make it in the ratings.

Not, perhaps, with the usual deodorant et al sponsors: "The Pilgrimage" will be sponsored by a different type of product, Williams suggests discovision, a new product by MCA-Phillips (the combined effort of one of the top entertainment companies -- MCA is Universal Studios -- and the top European electronics manufacturer). With discovision, a color film and stereo sound can be played off your record player and into your TV set. Williams sees segments in his series in which discovision is used by a participant to "see the future or the past," according to the fads of the moment (now, it would be a Star Wars spot) to enhance the show's entertainment value.

Audiences will like the show, he feels, because so many of them will be on it, as the pilgrimage passes through their cities; and because best-loved local and national entertainers will be performing at pilgrimage encampments.

Williams has a Bachelor of Science from the California State University at Northridge in chemistry, but his business career was as an insurance underwriter and insurance and investment salesman. From this experience he has written a prospectus for Paradise Psibernetics Productions Inc., asking for an initial capitalization of $10,000, which is being circulated now. The company will be for profit, but the investors only will realize it; the employees will receive no salary or commission, but all their business and living expenses will be paid.

Since the crash of his business career in 1973, Williams has lived as a renunciate, developing his Tetron field theory and preparing spiritually and otherwise for the inception of his corporation.

Does he have support? Last January, a group of a dozen or so walked with him from Isla Vista to L.A. for a New Age gathering, including Nipponzan Myohoji Japanese Buddhist monks, who walk for peace in their country. Using walking en masse as a tool to force public opinion is not new; in Japan, they walk in the tens of thousands beating the type of drum Williams carries around I.V. In our country, the Bicentennial walk and the Indians Longest Walk have been similar activities.

Williams also claims the support of Kote Lotah, the spiritual leader of the Chumash; of I.V. community activists; and of street culture. All may not walk, he says, but will be ready in April to welcome those who come to walk.

Williams also expects members of the Rainbow Family and other roving New Age activists in April. The Rainbow Family, a group that defines itself as not an organization, is responsible for the Rainbow Festivals, week-long gatherings for the past few years around the Fourth of July at remote idyllic camps in New Mexico and Oregon. Everything is free and everyone is welcome; yet there is always enough food etc. for everyone and all bills are paid.

Last year 25,000 people attended; this year the festival will be near the Black Mesa. And the Rainbow Family wishes to leave behind a permanent settlement, sanctioned by the government authorities to live self-sufficiently and in harmony with the land. So they will join Williams to reach Arizona early to prepare for the permanent outpost.

The L.A. focus for the first leg of the Isla Vista to Arizona walk will be the World Symposium on Humanity, April 7-14. The gathering will take place simultaneously in LA, Toronto, and London, hooked by video satellite, with movement and other stars appearing at one of the locations from Ram Das, Carl Sagan, and Frances Moore Lappe to Dick Gregory, Ellen Burstyn and Marcel Marceau. Williams here can expect to get television coverage.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of Williams' plans and ideas. He can, and does, talk for hours of the upcoming technological revolution as he sees it; a world without money, ruled by a one nation/one world set-up; peace temples to be built all over the states; walks from Jerusalem to Moscow then to Peking for the second and third seasons of the television show; drugs to improve our access to our own human intelligence; and many others. Often his language is alienating, too heavy on the symbolic layering and scientific jargon embedded in otherwise easy to grasp metaphysical concepts. His knowledge is vast, which is not to say it's accurate. But it's hard to dispute his contention that 12 years before those events, the nuclear bomb and moon walks seemed as remote as paradise here does now.

Williams will stage a preliminary walk January 10, from Isla Vista to Pasadena, to attend the Rainbow Rose Festival, the International Cooperation Council's world celebration, with Norman Cousins and Buckminster Fuller. Those interested can contact him at 7571 Trigo #3, or at an L.A. telephone (213) 780-3348

-----end retyped article text

I still believe that 12 year goal is achievable but for the, then unknown to me, hidden power structure that is really dominating the world behind the scenes, which I have documented on my site page called, What Freedom is Up Against, and which can only be changed by a change of human thinking to bring morality into harmony with the truth, the inviolably sovereign True One Law depicted by religions as the Torah, the Wonderful Dharma (Myo Ho), The Will of God, The Great Law of Peace, etc, and in the mathematical language of science by my Tetron theory equations.

One of the speakers at that World Symposium on Humanity conference in Pasadena was Santa Barbara scientist Bruce DePalma, making his first major public presentation of his discovery of previously unsuspected, and still unexplained, influences of rotation and precession on the inertial and gravitational properties of matter that led to his discovery of the n-Machine which was first proven as an over-unity homopolar "free energy" generator in the Summer of 1979 in Santa Barbara under sponsorship of Paramahamsa Yogananda disciple Norman Paulsen and his Sunburst Community. DePalma's free energy generator was soon thereafter duplicated in India by Sathya Sai Baba devotee Paramahamsa Tewari who had been the head of India's nuclear power project and boss of a future president of India.

Outside that World Symposium on Humanity at the Pasadena Convention Center there was a tipi set up during the days of the conference where a traditional Hopi elder conducted a ceremony and Ernie Peters, the indigenous spiritual leader of the 1978 Longest Walk from San Francisco to Washington DC, reported to the gathering on the walk's successful results of stopping all the anti-Indian bills in Congress at that time and ending the practice of covert forced sterilization of American Indian women that had been taking place under the official but covert US eugenics policies. Peters thanked the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Monks for their participation and support of the Longest Walk which he said turned out to be crucial to their success, which was the first time in history that all the indigenous native tribes united in one spiritual action.

You can read the Longest Walk messages by the founder of the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist order, the Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii from whom Mahatma Gandhi took up the celestial prayer drum and chanting of the Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo medicine word mantra for global peace and prosperity, whom Gandhi called his Fujii Gurujii, here.

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