Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole Ceremony
Acknowledgement of The Message of Peace

Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Peace Pole Ceremony Acknowledgement of The Message of Peace

To California Governor Jerry Brown’s Scheduling Office, hand delivered at ~11:30am

From David Crockett Williams

July 30, 2014

Request for the Governor’s participation in the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Peace Pole Ceremony at Noon, July 31, 2014, on the lawn outside the Governor’s Office at the California State Capitol

Ceremony format and Governor’s requested participation:

The Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Peace Pole will be presented on the lawn with the participants standing in a circle with the peace pole as one member of the circle, supported initially by a tripod (tetrahedron) until it is planted by the Governor in a hole in the lawn midway through the Ceremony.

1) MC calls the circle of hands ceremony to order

2) MC welcomes the Governor and explains he is going to plant the peace pole and thereafter deliver his message for the occasion

3) MC reads the Acknowledgement of The Message of Peace Symbolized by the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Peace Pole

4) Governor symbolically guides the peace pole with helpers into the hole and with them replaces the soil to plant the peace pole upright

5) Governor delivers his message for the occasion

Estimated total time of ceremony on the order of half an hour.

-----Acknowledgement of The Message of Peace Symbolized by the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Peace Pole

We read these words to understand and acknowledge The Message of Peace Symbolized by the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign Peace Pole as depicted by the graphic at this link:


The Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign was initiated in Santa Barbara in 1990 inspired by the head of the Palestinian Center for Nonviolence in Jerusalem who explained that while the Arabic word Intifada is commonly translated to English as “uprising”, that in fact it has a deeper spiritual meaning in the Islamic culture which is a “self purification spiritual practice to uprise human consciousness to a higher level from which the solutions to problems can be seen”.

The purpose of the Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole Project is to spread this message which is common to many cultures by installing many such peace poles, analogous to the colors of the rainbow blending together in its awesome beauty that is shared equally by everyone as one human family, all our relations.

The top symbol in the Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole graphic, the one in the position of the Sun, is the calligraphy of the Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo which depicts The Message of Peace that was accepted 2200 years ago in India, ending many years of violent and bloody warfare, by King Ashoka who thereafter built many peace poles with inscriptions memorializing The Message of Peace which led to a period of over 500 years with no war or crime or violence throughout the entire Indian Subcontinent.

The second symbol on the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Peace Pole graphic, the central one, is the symbol of The Great Law of Peace which was delivered to the Iroquois people about 1000 years ago along with the teaching of the Tree of Peace, by the one they call The Peacemaker, thus ending centuries of bitter warfare between the five warring tribes and creating the Iroquois Confederacy after which the US system of self-government is largely patterned. The worst of the original five tribes, that were united under the Tree of Peace by The Great Law of Peace as the Iroquois Confederacy, was the Mohawk tribe because they were the most ferocious and were cannibals. Yet the Mohawk were the first to accept the teaching of The Great Law of Peace from him and then helped The Peacemaker to bring it to the other tribes and successfully convert them all to the ways of peace. This is an important precedent for our times because those who are the worst are causing the problems in today’s world with their power to destroy, and yet when we convince them to accept The Message of Peace we must then forgive them and bring them also into the Circle of Peace using the same Truth, Amnesty, and Reconciliation process by which Nelson Mandela overcame Apartheid.

According to the traditional Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya, speaking at the Rainbow Uprising Campaign initiation events in January 1990 in Santa Barbara with Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp, it is the Iroquois People's spiritual responsibility to unite all of the nations of the world in peace under The Great Law of Peace as they did long ago with over 100 native nations living in peace and harmony and prosperity in the eastern United States area before the Europeans came.

The third symbol, at the base, the foundation, is the symbol drawn by Thomas Banyacya that appears as the seal at the bottom of his Hopi Declaration of Peace:

---------Message of Peace, continued----


It is in the Power of the True Hopi People to unify the minds and spirits of all true peace seeking peoples of the earth...

"Hopi" means "Peaceful People"... and the truest and greatest power is the strength of Peace...because Peace is the Will Of The Great Spirit...

But do not think that just because the True Hopi People have been told by the Great Spirit never to take up arms... that the True Hopi People will not fight... even die for what we know to be the right way of Life.

The True Hopi People Know how to fight without killing or hurting...

The True Hopi People Know how to fight with Truth and Positive Force In The Light Of The Great Spirit...

The True Hopi People Know how to Educate by clear thoughts... good pictures... and by carefully chosen words...

The True Hopi People Know how to show to all the world's Children the True Way of Life by setting an example... by working and communicating in a way that reaches the minds and hearts of all people who are truly seeking the methods of a simple and spiritual Life which is the only Life that will survive...


The True Hopi People Know how to show the Right Way of Life to all the world's people who have ears to listen... who have eyes to see... and who have hearts to understand these things...

The True Hopi People Know how to generate enough Power to link up the forces of the Minds and Spirits of all the True Children of the Earth ... and to Unify them with the Positive Force of the Great Spirit so that they may put an end to affliction and persecution in all afflicted places in this world...


-----End of Acknowledgement of The Message of Peace Symbolized by the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Peace Pole

I emailed using his webform to Gov. Brown of July 27, 2014, also faxed to his office July 28th and receipt confirmed by phone, email from governor’s office of late July 29th said need to submit formal invitation in writing to mail room at Capitol, which was done in person about 11am on July 30th.

July 27th email to California Governor Jerry Brown explaining new technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, to neutralize radioactive wastes, and to solve the California drought.


July 31, 2014, Drumming and Chanting the Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo at Cesar Chavez Plaza in Sacramento 7:30-8am at Memorial Statue holding the first Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Peace Pole, offered on Sunday July 27th by email and formally on July 30th in hand written invitation to California Governor Jerry Brown to conduct Peace Pole Ceremony on the Capitol lawn at Noon July 31st. Cesar’s statue is holding the peace pole and a yarn set for a Rainbow Peace Braid.



After arrival of the Peace March to Kill the Devil to Capitol from Cesar Chavez Plaza, established Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole Vigil outside Capitol, on west end of north capitol steps, after Occupy National Gathering Sunrise Ceremony


Capitol Police Arrest the Peace Pole for being too large to be covered by permit given to Occupy National Gathering, hence the Cops received the peace pole and its Message of Peace for safekeeping until Governor Brown is ready to do the Peace Pole Ceremony and install it on the Capitol Lawn in acknowledgement of its Message of Peace.



You can print from these links a two-sided 8-1/2”x11” Rainbow Peace Baton insert,
The Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign “Message of Peace Handout

Photo of both sides together:


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