Email of July 27, 2014 to California Governor Jerry Brown

To: California Governor Jerry Brown, (July 27, 2014)
State Capitol, Sacramento -

RE: Will you participate in a Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole Ceremony July31/Aug1?

My Dear Governor Brown,

You will remember me as the David Williams with whom you met at your Oakland warehouse community building in 1994 with Kaku and Yamato discussing plans for our Global Peace Walk project for which you were kind enough to offer us in support your first Mayoral Proclamation issued after you were later elected Mayor of Oakland. You may also remember sporadically emailing with me privately over a few years, quite a few years ago, regarding the space power energy technologies I believe that were first brought to your attention by Mark Comings who at the time was also working closely with physics of consciousness theoretician Dr. Jack Sarfatti whose story is featured in the recent book by an MIT professor called "How the Hippies Saved Physics". I am writing you at this time to update you on the progress of the development of these clean space power technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and to neutralize radioactive wastes, which I tried unsuccessfully to present some years ago to Governor Davis’ California Energy Commission, as detailed in Gary Vesperman’s extensive bibliography at this link:

There your team will also find mention of technologies and methods of producing water, either from this same energy field in space that Bruce DePalma discovered in the 1970’s and proved with his n-Machine “free energy” electric generator here in Santa Barbara in 1979, or from direct extraction of “primary water” from the earth -- which seems to me the easiest and least costly way to remedy our current drought condition.

I want you to know that you would have my full and strong support should you decide to run for President of the United States to succeed President Obama, not because of anything I understand about your policies but because of the spiritual bond I have felt with you since having tea together at your place back then in 1994.

I was a strong supporter of Dennis Kucinich during both his presidential runs and you can ask him about me as a reference in that regard.

I am taking this occasion to write to you because a lot of people are coming at the end of this week to the Capitol as part of the Occupy National Gathering to ask you to consider their requests for action on various matters including shutting down the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, and supporting “on a statewide basis” our local Santa Barbara Measure P which will be on our November ballot to ban the egregious and destructive fracking and steam and acid injection oil and gas drilling technologies that are not only dangerous to our water supply but of negligible benefit considering the new energy technologies on the horizon that you can help bring out by directing a deeper investigation by the California Energy Commission.

I also want to ask you to set an example for President Obama and participate with us this Thursday or Friday in a Circle of Hands Ceremony in the lawn of the State Capitol featuring the same Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Peace Pole that we will be offering to President Obama at the White House Oct.24 as a symbol of The Message of Peace for the cause of “Global Peace Now!”

This peace pole is described in my below email of this morning to my friends organizing the second annual Arise Music Festival in Loveland Colorado who will be interested to know of your response to this overture for peace.

With Many Thanks and Much Love,

David Williams


From: David C Williams
Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2014 9:31 AM
To: 'Lauren Love'; 'Nicole Nez at ARISE'; 'Ahva Lenay'
Cc: Felipe Chavez; Reverend Yusen Yamato; Lucy McCall; 'Nahkohe'
Subject: Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole for Sunrise Ranch and Arise Festival

Thanks Lauren,

As you know, in 1990 I was the initiator of the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign supported by the traditional Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya, Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp of the Iroquois Tree of Peace Society, the Japanese Buddhist monks of the Nipponzan Myohoji order founded by the man from whom Mahatma Gandhi took up the same drum and chanting that I did from him in 1976, and by “free energy” technology inventor Bruce DePalma whom I call the “Galileo of the 20th Century”. (Tree of Peace Society)

I am writing to make arrangements to offer the Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole Ceremony at the 2014 Arise Music Festival to benefit that event and its Sunrise Ranch host locale, and also to help Felipe Chavez and I promote our Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness USA Tour since your festival this year is on our tour schedule on the way to the United Nations Climate Convergence in New York City for the big peace march trying to rally over a million people again like we did in 1982, to offer the Peace Pole Ceremony at the UN in September and at the White House on October 24th.

This time the topic at the UN among the world leaders gathered is the climate change situation and what to do about it. Last time in 1982 our World Peace March was to the UN Second Special Session on Disarmament and ended with over a million people gathered in Central Park in June of that year.

We will be carrying messages to deliver to the UN to help address the climate issue, in particular providing information on proven but suppressed clean Space Power technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and to neutralize radioactive wastes, while also emphasizing such issues as an end to fracking (taking our local initiative national), and the hacking of the Earth with chemtrails and geoengineering trying stupidly to address climate change issues that way.

As we did with our Global Peace Walk across country from the UN to San Francisco in 1995, we will be offering the Peace Pole Ceremony along the way, as for example shown here in a newspaper article from Taos NM in April of 1995 which ceremony was conducted by Reverend Yamato the initiator of the Global Peace Walk project (shown blowing the conch) and Felipe Chavez whom Yamato recognizes as the indigenous spiritual leader of that peace walk project (shown saging/smudging the participants).

The Peace Pole in that photo is one that I created at the end of the Long Walk for Survival from SF to DC in 1980 with the vision to someday go up in the lawn of the White House with the President in the Circle of Hands Ceremony, which we will be offering this year to President Obama on October 24th United Nations Day, after the actions in NYC Sept.19-27 at the UN.

The problem is that particular peace pole has been to so many Rainbow Family and other gatherings over these past 34 years out in the weather that it is virtually disintegrated and has been retired from use.

Which is why we are now offering a new “open source” version of the peace pole that can be copied and installed anywhere, such as at Sunrise Ranch during this year’s Arise Festival, as the Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole which ceremony we want to offer at the Arise Festival this year in order to add the energy of the participants to our hopes that the President will accept our offer and stand in a circle with us on October 24th and accept The Message of Peace that the Peace Pole symbolizes, as per the teachings and prophecies per Thomas Banyacya, Jake Swamp, and Nipponzan Myohoji.

Physically what this new kind of peace pole looks like is a 4x4 inch square post eight feet tall and painted above the ground level in a rainbow pattern with purple at the bottom and red at the top with a special graphic affixed at the top of one side, which symbolizes these important but little known Messages of Peace that we believe when accepted will indeed bring “Global Peace Now!”

I am preparing today the first of these Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Peace Poles to take this week to Sacramento to offer Governor Jerry Brown to participate in a circle of hands ceremony there with it at the California State Capitol in the context of the Occupy National Gathering taking place starting Thursday. Reverend Yamato and I met in 1994 with Jerry Brown who offered us his support for the Global Peace Walk of 1995 and when he was elected Mayor he gave me his first Mayoral Proclamation in support of our local walk and my second Global Crisis Solutions Conference that I organized, that time at UC Berkeley. I will be asking Governor Brown this time for his message to carry to this UN climate conference and asking him to set an example for President Obama by accepting the Peace Pole Ceremony for the lawn of the State Capitol, as we are requesting President Obama to do for the White House lawn.

If it is not possible to install that peace pole this time in the lawn of the California State Capitol, I will be bringing that same one to offer at the Arise Festival. Otherwise I will prepare another one to bring to offer at Arise.

If the Sunrise Ranch owners are agreeable, and if the Arise Festival organizers are agreeable, we would like to offer the peace pole ceremony and install one of these peace poles permanently there as a symbol of the messages of peace that can and will bring peace to the earth in these troubled times by their very nature, as you can read in the description of this Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole.

Twenty years ago that original Peace Pole for the White House was the centerpiece for the main ceremony at the World Unity Festival and Drums Around the World event that was organized over three years as a “mutual prophecy fulfillment gathering” for the cause of global peace, from August 20-28, 1994. On the very day that Felipe came to establish the camp on Aug.20 the first White Buffalo Calf was born in fulfillment of the Lakota Prophecy of Hope made nineteen generations ago by the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman who brought the original sacred pipe to the Lakota people.

The next stop on our USA Tour after the Arise Festival will be a 20th anniversary gathering remembering this event and promoting local events everywhere to make people aware of this message of hope for peace (event flyer we will hand out at Arise).

Felipe is one of Lakota Chief Leonard Crow Dog’s longtime Sundancers and the head of the Kid Village kitchen each year at the annual Rainbow Family Gatherings. Here is a newspaper photo of the start of the 1995 Global Peace Walk from the UN building showing Felipe leading the way carrying his eagle feather.

At that gathering 20 years ago I introduced a blank log to become the Peace Pole for Jerusalem, shown here in Santa Barbara in 1993 inside the Rainbow Uprising Lattice and here in a 1993 newspaper article. On August 27, 1994, a shocking thing happened there to reinforce its mission, but since then that pole was broken and stolen from me so its mission to go up in Jerusalem to unite the three faiths of Jerusalem in peace will be taken up now by this new Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole design, with ceremony currently scheduled for Christmas this year in Jerusalem.

Last year at the Arise Festival Felipe and Yamato and I presented the Rainbow Spiritual Unity Flag onstage to Nahko and Medicine for the People. This year we would like to present the Rainbow Peace Braids to the performers when they come by the Peace Pole area at the Arise Festival where folks will be able to braid them to offer, with their Message: “you make them with love, they stand for the Message of Peace, and when everyone has one we will have world peace”.

It would be very helpful if the various stage managers have a rainbow yarn set to waive at the audience and tell this little story in quotes above about its meaning, and invite the audience to come by the Peace Pole area if they want to braid one to give to their favorite band member who can come by anytime and pick one up at the peace pole to carry its message and help this become a viral “peace fad” starting at Arise Festival 2014. I already sent Nahko one that I braided and a fistful of prepared yarns because he said he wanted to help promote this project.

My idea is to simply have the Arise Peace Pole on display nearby wherever you will have me park my van and set up my tent at the festival, and let those interested come by and see it and talk about it and sit and braid rainbow braids from the yarns I will be bringing to offer to those who come by, and then at the conclusion of the festival as a kind of closing ceremony at some time you might suggest, we would have a procession to carry the peace pole to the place where it would be permanently installed on the Sunrise Ranch property.

If it is not agreeable to install it there permanently then we will simply take that one along to offer at the United Nations in September. If you want it there then I will make another one for the UN offering.

I have poles for a new rainbow uprising lattice, both a set for 8 foot scale poles and another set that has 10 foot poles. They are not yet painted although I have the paints but not much time so am planning to bring them and paint them during the festival while I am at my camp, with help from anyone who has time to offer, I have brushes etc.

I will be coming prepared to take care of my own food at my camp, and really don’t need any stage time but would appreciate very much if someone(s) can simply make the announcement as much as possible about the peace pole and rainbow braids available there for good vibrations from the festival participants.

Whatever support like that you can provide will be very important for the success of our mission to the UN and the White House, to build some spiritual momentum to help us on our way since we are two low-income retired individuals who are not financially supported by any organization.

We have the time and the messages and the spirit to save the world, but not the money, yet ;-)

With Many Thanks and Much Love,

David Williams


David Crockett Williams Jr
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