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American Peace March to The White House
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American Peace March

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Davy Crockett for President
David Crockett Williams Jr (III) CLU
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My first inspirational Pocket Book
“Restoring the Great Law of Peace:

Davy Crockett’s Delusion of Grandeur”

Since 1977, I have been organizing, supporting, and participating in many peace walks since the first one from Santa Barbara to Santa Monica to introduce the Hopi Declaration of Peace author Thomas Banyacya to Masao Nippashi and his senior disciples of the Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii. This was the Great American Peace March. This inspired the still unfulfilled vision of the Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage as “The most popular Reality TV Show ever,” like a moving Peace Circus.

How we strong armed President Reagan,
Children’s Peace Walk to Reagan’s Ranch,
Led to Chumash Peace Walk Reagan Meeting
Failed to Secure Leonard Peltier’s Clemency
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King Davy Crockett for US President
Restoring the Great Law of Peace
Leonard Peltier’s Executive Clemency
Appeal from The Surrogate King for
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Carolynne's letter to President Reagan, May 20, 1982, “We could then begin to be what God intends us to be, the perfect world that we all have been dreaming of.”


Shortly after returning from creating the Rainbow Family Peace Pole for the White House on the 1980 eve of Ronald Reagan’s election as President, my parents came to Santa Barbara for a visit. They were both fans of Reagan, our former governor who came from the motion picture industry that my dad was in.

We all went to the hotel which was used as the Western White House while the President was in town. I brought a complete set of information about Bruce DePalma’s Free Energy n-Machine invention, with the history of my Hopi Prophecy adventure and we were able to delivery it all personally to the secretary in charge.

Some years later after getting no response, with homeless activists Bob Hanson and Nancy McCradie, we conducted the Children’s Peace Walk from Santa Barbara City Hall over a few days to Reagan’s Ranch in upper Refugio Canyon “to see if the president would meet with the children to talk about peace”. We had less than a dozen, mostly homeless, children up to pre-teens.

By then I knew how the Western White House operation worked. At one point late in Reagan’s second term, when he was speaking in Moscow some American Indian Movement members were able to ask him why he had not had a meeting with any Native American leaders to discuss their issues with the Federal government, including the need for Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier imprisoned based on ballistic evidence long acknowledged as falsified by the FBI.

President Reagan made a promise then, from that stage in Moscow, that he would meet with such representatives after his return.

But when he got back, he forgot that he said that, said he didn’t remember saying that, since his dementia had progressed.

Because Reagan was well known and beloved in Santa Barbara, the local Chumash people started getting calls about this to see if they could help reach Reagan to secure this promised meeting.

Because of the publicity about our Children’s Peace Walk my friend Wonono Rubio, who later joined me helping organize the 1995 Global Peace Walk from NYC to San Francisco, contacted me for my advice about how this could be done. At that point late in his second term as President, in his beloved Santa Barbara, the secrecy about the Western White House was relaxed. I was aware from the news, that he would be coming to Santa Barbara to two times soon, about a week apart.

So my advise was to go to the Western White House during first time he came to visit and deliver a written invitation for him to meet. So we did, saying the Indians would walk up to his ranch during his second scheduled visit, if he did not by the accept the invitation to meet with the Indian leaders.

When the second date approached, without any response from Reagan, Indians from all over the country had gathered to walk from Refugio State Beach up to his Ranch Gate to protest his not keeping his word. Then we delivered that ultimatum at the Western White House during the second visit.

The result was that the Chumash got a phone call the night before the walk was to take place, from the White House Chief of Staff, agreeing to schedule the meeting, on the condition the peace walk to Reagan’s Ranch was canceled so it would not hurt George Bush’s chances to get elected.

The White House Chief of Staff was told the peace prayer walk would take place as planned, but in light of that agreement, it would be publicized not as a protest walk, it would be publicized as a prayer walk to thank him for scheduling the meeting.

The meeting took place at the White House in Washington DC, with only the Chumash leaders a few weeks later. It was supposed to be a meeting with a coalition of indigenous peoples but because the invitation letter I suggested they deliver was from the Chumash Costal Band, they only went.

Until now I’ve not shared this story since I was asked to not take any credit for arranging the Indians Walk to Reagan’s Ranch, but I’m sharing it now because this effort frustrated my goal for Leonard Peltier’s Executive Clemency so I am now asking the Chumash people to support this righteous cause.








The Hopi Life Plan Prophecy Story 1976-78




Leonard Peltier Global Peace Walk message


Global Peace Walk 1995, 2000, annually since 1995

I participated briefly in the 1978 American Indian Movement’s Longest Walk with Fujii Guruji Nichidatsu, Nippashi, and Carolynne. We were witness to the indigenous people’s circle ceremony at the walk’s end at the Washington Monument when Guruji was the only non-Indian in the circle as the Sacred Pipe was smoked after being loaded and carried from San Francisco for that ceremony. We witnessed the indigenous speakers from the steps of the US Capitol, including Guruji’s prepared speech delivered to continuously rolling thunder on the 33rd anniversary of the first atomic bomb explosion, when he explained how believing in the Almighty God eliminates the fear that prevents world peace.

In late 1978 Carolynne, Nippashi, and I joined the Peace March in Santa Barbara to the County Bowl for a Jackson Browne Concert to mark the successful end of the Chumash spiritual encampment that stopped the LNG terminal construction.

I participated in the 1990 Long Walk for Survival with Fujii Guruji, who marveled with a giant grin as he put his hand through my broken out prayer drum I gave him demonstrating the vigor of my prayer. When that walk, coordinated by Yusen Yamato ended at the White House, my friend Wave and I introduced the Rainbow Family Peace Pole for the White House that we made from a log during the night, which was used in many ceremonies after with hundreds of thousands of participants.

We joined Guruji in the 1982 World Peace March which converged in five routes on the United Nations Special Session on Disarmament. That ended with over a million people gathered in Central Park to hear Fujii Guruji and his followers praying drumming the sound of freedom for three minutes: Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo.

After that in July 1982 we organized and conducted, with Felipe Chavez, the Rainbow Family Peace Walk, from the July 4th Idaho gathering to the Bangor, Washington, Nuclear Submarine Base near Seattle.

Christmas to NewYears 1983-84 I organized and conducted “The Peace March” from Santa Barbara to San Luis Obsipo ending at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant for a one month prayer vigil conducted on a parking turnout across from the entrance gate where people protesting were arrested. My drumming partner disciple was Evette Justice, who also fasted there most of my 7 days dry fasting. We had a personal meeting with representatives of Pacific Gas and Electric Company and gave them Bruce DePalma’s results of his n-Machine Free Energy generator telling them that would be better than nuclear power.

Christmas to NewYears 1983-84, I organized and conducted with Evette Justus “The Peace March” from Santa Barbara to San Luis Obsipo ending at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant with a one month prayer vigil conducted on a parking turnout across from the entrance gate where people protesting were arrested. With drumming partner disciple Evette Justice, who also fasted there most of my 7 days dry fasting, we had a personal meeting with representatives of Pacific Gas and Electric Company and gave them Bruce DePalma’s results of his n-Machine Free Energy generator telling them that would be better than nuclear power.

In the Spring of 1984 we participated in a Regional Rainbow Family Gathering in Arizona at the famous place called Cochise Stronghold where my Tetronic Age “Temple of David” Tent was first displayed after discovering its shape during a visit with my parents in Tehachapi over the Christmas holidays. There I initiated a peace walk which we conducted to the Big Mountain Survival Camp, conducted with the help of my friend Felipe Chavez who supported the walk with his kitchen bus.

In the Summer of 1984 Evette and I participated in the Rainbow Peace Caravan Walk from the annual Rainbow Family Gathering in California to San Francisco and where we installed the White House Peace Pole to center a Peace Camp in Golden Gate Park. Then on to Texas, to Dallas City Hall during the Republican National Convention for President Reagan. We carried the White House Rainbow Family Peace Pole, on the “War Chest Tour” to prevent the expected police violence, by jointly chanting the Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo universal peace prayer, protesting local war industry offices. Organized by Yippie leader Dana Beal, with Aron Kay, Rainbow Family organizers Barry Plunker Adams and Diamond Dave Whitaker, at the end our peace movement tour to the Democratic Convention in San Francisco and then Dallas. For the first time I was featured in multiple television news broadcasts because when our delegation walking carrying the American Flag rendezvoused with the Yippie delegation they wanted to burn our flag. So we had a confrontation with a dozen international television cameras when I defended the flag and changed it on our flagpole to fly upside down as a respectful way to represent the country in distress. At the end of the walk at Dallas City Hall, Evette Justus and I, the two drumming the prace prayer of Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo, were among 82 people who were arrested along with the White House Peace Pole. One guy was arrested for burning an American Flag, in a case dismissed by the Supreme Court a year later. But in reporting that decision the CNN news started with a few seconds of a close up of me, beating the drum and chanting, before showing the guy burning the flag. Because that implied I was in favor of the flag burning, I responded by starting campaign in Santa Barbara to conduct ceremonies to burn outworn flags, according to the Flag Code, trying to popularize this kind of event as a respectful way to share ideas for the betterment of America in the spirit of a flag funeral.

In early 1986, after meeting the organizer of the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament, and deciding not to participate, I discussed the idea with Nippashi and with Miniconju Lakota Medicine Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer, with whom we had been doing sweat lodges with. Archie accepted the idea for us to organize and conduct a peace walk for the next year to walk to Buffalo Calf Pipe Ceremony when the sacred bundle would be opened for the first time in 100 years. So we worked on that for some months when I wrote promotional materials and Nippashi made up 1000 soft leather lapel buttons to put in little envelopes with my small flyer about this Sacred Walk to The Buffalo Calf Pipe. He took all of these to Washington DC and handed them out at the end of that Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament. But when Archie’s uncle saw tha television coverage of the walk ending, he had Archie cancel the plan for the Buffalo Calf Pipe Walk. Elsie Cowan who started the Sathya Sai Baba USA Bookstore in Tustin California donated $100 to help with the walk, which Archie kept.

So that same year 1986 Nippashi created the vision and name of the “Great Spirit Relay All My Relations Relay Walk, Marathon and Caravan”, which was planned to go to Washington DC and the United Nations. Due to funding limitations we were limited to go to Big Mountain Arizona in support of the Dineh (Navajo) people facing forced relocation off their ancestral homelands. That he conducted after a wonderful send off ceremony, by Chumash Elder Victor Sky Eagle Lopez, with half dozen peace walkers.

Around 1988 there was a large scale global mediation prayer for peace scheduled in many places globally. One was in Santa Barbara a few miles from the beach. I proposed to Archie Fire Lame Deer a peace walk to Hendry’s Beach to take place afterwards,. He accepted after Nippashi had gone back to Japan. Archie’s Chumash son John Fire Lame conducted the walk, running with some others the two miles carrying a light from the ceremony fire to the beach in the dark before sunrise. When we arrived Archie had a big fire going with the largest circle of bundles of sage, all lit to complete the ceremony. When we finished with about 50 people we walked in the dawn up to the top of the Wilcox Property and made a small ceremonial fire. Archie announced with this ceremony he had completed his mission. sent by his uncle to fulfill a Lakota prophecy by bringing and sharing the teachings of the Sacred Pipe to the Western Gate. He did this starting with his participation with the Chumash people at their spiritual encampment near point conception that stopped the LNG terminal construction.

1988 The Soviet American Peace March ame through Santa Barbara and Carolynne and I joined the peace walkers and beat the prayer drums with the disciples of Fujii Guruji who came for the occasion. I carried a cement commemoration maker and we prayed around a tree where we planted it and the end of this Soviet American Peace Walk.

1989 Peace Walk to Nevada Nuclear Test Site, with Carolynne and our son age 10 and daughter age 4. I met the and started working with Shoshone Spiritual Leader Corbin Harney, brought out his Shoshone language prayer, pronounced as Sshundehai, that was adopted as the name for his Healing Global Wounds organization.

January 1990 Rainbow Uprising Peace Procession from the UCSB Tree of Peace to the UCSB Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument, featuring Actor Jon Voight, culminated a week of events and ceremonies I organized in Santa Barbara with Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya, Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp, Chumash Bear Clan Leader Pilulaw Khus, and Chumash priest Choy Slo, with Reverend Yamato and Fujii Guruji disciples Revered Gyoten Yoshida, Masao Nippashi, Reverend Sawada and his sister, the nun Sawada Angusan, Free Energy Technology Inventor Bruce DePalma, and his assistant Andrew Mount, Global Environment Movement Founder Mark McGinnes, Fellowship of Reconciliation Leader Gene Knudsen-Hoffman, Anti-Nuclear activist Laura Lynch, and other community leaders.

1990 Global Walk for a Livable World: this Peace Walk from Los Angeles to the United Nations HQ in New York carrying the Hiroshima Peace Flame started shortly after this flame was was installed in January on the UCSB Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument as the final event of our week of events I organized as the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign for the 5th Demise Anniversary of Nichidatsu Fujii and the five year anniversary of our planting the Tree of Peace symbol of the Great Law of Peace. Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya offered a send off message, hosted by his friend actor Jon Voight, and we arranged for Banyacya to be at the end of the walk when he met and spoke after the President of the UN General Assembly, supported by the UN Baha’i Community Offices. Shortly before that, with the help of Zen Buddhist Monk, Reverend Yusen Yamato, after escorting Banyacya to the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra Ceremony events, Yamato took Banyacya to meet with the UN Secretary General’s secretary John Washburn to formally receive the Eagle feather given by his Hopi Elders in 1948 for this purpose, to fulfill the prophecy about opening the door to the House of Mica (the United Nations). While there in NYC for the end days events of the Global Walk for a Livable World, I spoke on the phone with Washburn and asked him to do what he could to help Banyacya deliver his Hopi Peace Message to the United Nations General Assembly. He said he would try but only member nations representatives could be allowed to do that.

1992 Spiritual Walk to DC for the Columbus 500 year anniversary: This Peace Walk was very difficult for us as a family, with two children aged 7 and 13, Carolynne contracted walking pneumonia and could hardly breathe before we figured it out and got her antibiotics to fix it. Guruji’s disciple named Junji led the walk from California, one among several routes converging on Washington DC and the United Nations. We walked with them to the Nevada border. The Buddhist nun Junsan walked too, and taught our daughter how to make paper cranes, which she had as the theme on her wedding cake a couple decades later. These walks combined, influenced the United Nations to designate the year 1993 as the Year of the Indigenous People. That allowed Banyacya among 82 indigenous leaders to speak to the UN General Assembly on December 10, 1992.

August 6-9, 1993, I organized the Hiroshima Peace Flame Run and Rainbow Uprising Peace Walk & Run from Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo’s Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, with the Chumash Fire Keeper Wonono Rubio, carrying a light from the Hiroshima Peace Flame from the UCSB Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument.

For some months in 1994 I organized the 1995 Global Peace Walk for Reverend Yusen Yamato, a Zen Buddhist Monk and a Tenku Prayer Drumming Practitioner of the Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo universal peace prayer mantra, following his grandmother who was a early disciple and friend of Nichidatsu Fujii. With about a dozen Peace Walkers supported by Felipe Chavez’s Rainbow Family Kitchen Bus, we walked from the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to San Francisco to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter, “to remove the scourge of war from the future generations” and to popularize the prayer of “Global Peace Now!” as the universal human resolve. The Walk ended in June 1995 at the Herbst Theater where the UN Charter was was signed on June 26, 1945, in a ceremony centered by the 1980 Rainbow Family Peace Pole for the White House. Each year since then Reverend Yamato conducts the annual Global Peace Walk from Santa Fe to Taos, New Mexico from Buddha’s Birthday April 8, to Earth Day April 22, to commemorate the walk’s arrival in 1995 with the Global Peace Walk message from Leonard Peltier, in a ceremony centered by the White House Peace Pole in Kit Carson Park. In the year 2000 another dozen peace walkers repeated this Global Peace Walk for “Global Peace Now!” from San Francisco to New York and delivered to the United Nations my written message, including an appeal for the Free Energy Technologies development.

California Prison Dharma Walk (February 1 to March 3, 2001) led by Fujii Guruji’s disciple Jun Yasuda, in Santa Barbara, while in Santa Barbara abut 20 long distance walkers were joined by local supporters. They were met by a local Chumash leader who welcomed them into the city at a vigil at the city hall and the old county jail. David Williams is in photo at left rear drumming the prayer all together Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo, his wife Carolynne Fargey is front center, beating her Tenku prayer drum is Williams at right with white stripe shirt at prayer vigil. At the end of the walk at Lompoc Prison, the walk leader, Jun Anjusan gave the Walk banner shown to our daughter Emy.


2004 Walk to Tehachapi Prison; for a few years I was staying with my mother in Tehachapi due to her ill health. During that time a read a newspaper article about the latest in a series of suicides in the juvenile section of the Tehachapi Federal Prison. My mother was not a fan of my beating the prayer drum. But I decided to take my well worn drum for another walk praying walking the few miles to the prison and back. It was a warm day so I left walking drumming in a t-shirt but unexpectedly it started raining and hailing as I walked, the hail stinging. It was raining pretty hard on the way back, as I thought the rain was nature mirroring my tears. I accepted a ride from a passing prison guard and in the newpaper the next day said the road washed out shortly after I got home.

In April of 2016 at Antioch University in Santa Barbara I met the Chumash Elder Art Cisneros with the visiting Mayan Time Keeper and Crystal Skull Guardian Jose Ajpu Munoz. He conducted a Mayan fire ceremony and explained the Mayan Jade Princess Message she delivered on June 21, in the year 1444. He had on display about eight feet of a double row of color xerox copies of what looked like a rubbing from some Mayan stone carvings which he said depicted the message of the Mayan Jade Princess. He explained that his Mayan elders told it was time for her message to revealed to the public for the first time because the Crystal Skull he had on display had inside inexplicably appearing what looked like blood inside the Crystal Skull named Kama Cimi. The massage he said was transmitted back in time from the year 2029, was that world peace began in the year 2021.

I was inspired by this message to drive my RV to the 2016 Rainbow Family Annual Gathering in Vermont to start a peace walk to the White House to support the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign and to invite people to join a gathering to commemorate the August 20, 1994, birth of the White Buffalo Calf named Miracle in apparent fulfillment of the promise of her return in that form left 19 generations ago by the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman. That the first day of our mutual prophecy fulfillment gathering August 20-28, 1994, inspired by the invitation of Thomas Banyacya for the world spiritual leader to come to compare knowledge with the Hopi religious leaders for the cause of world peace. Nobody wanted to join me in my proposed peace walk but Jose did join our August 20-28 gathering and conducted his Mayan fire ceremony on August 28, 2016.

In 2018, I revived the Great Spirit Relay project that Nippashi had started and his daughter Ocean Ren, and her son joined us walking the first day from the Jimmy Carter Center in Atlanta to the Martin Luther King Center. This started our month long walk from city hall to city hall, walking around the block for peace, from Atlanta to Washington DC with my friend and fellow prayer drummer Wave. We conducted our prayer drumming ceremony near the White House on August 30, 2018, with the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem consecrated on March 11, 2018, at the UCSB Tree of Peace symbol of the Great Law of Peace in a ceremony with Art Cisneros conducted by Jose Munoz with the participation of Santa Barbara’s 50th Mayor Cathy Murillo who read her proclamation about The Great Law of Peace and affixed the symbol the Three Holy Faiths of Jerusalem United in Peace.

On September 11, 2021, after I moved from Santa Barbara to Columbia California to help Jose develop a 160 acre community called Hummingbird Sky Island, he decided to conduct the American Peace March for 11.11 miles from Columbia State Historic Park which I helped organize and joined.