Restoring the Great Law of Peace:
Davy Crockett’s Delusion of Grandeur

Restoring the Great Law of Peace:
Davy Crockett’s Delusion of Grandeur


This is the story of a teenager who grew up in the 1950’s in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, fascinated with the chemistry of fireworks, before receiving the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with honors from the California State University of Northridge, the story of David Crockett Williams Jr (III), Chartered Life Underwriter.

After a failed marriage that led him to a series of intense spiritual awakening experiences, this was followed by 50 years organizing the American Peace Movement with the vision of of producing the American Peace March as “the most popular Reality TV Show ever.” This vision was informed by his four years experience at Walt Disney Studios with the Boy Scouts Explorer Post 25, the internship which ended at his age 18 after he was elected president for a year, 60 years ago.

He now seeks understanding and support of this PeaceTV project.

This has inspired his US Independent Presidential Campaign to “Correct America” by restoring the Great Law of Peace, which was studied and ignored by the US Founding Fathers. This has been scientifically explained by his four Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory Equations since 1977.

This is the inviolably sovereign Law of Nature, depicted as the Torah of Judaism, as Will of The One God by Islam, as the True Dharma by Buddhism, as the Law of Universal Unconditional Love taught by Jesus Christ.

This is Great Law of Peace, to unite all the nations in tranquility, as per the Iroquois Tree of Peace American precedent of 1000 years ago, and the precedent of India’s King Ashoka 2200 years ago using the Peace Pole symbol of The Message of Peace, as depicted now by the seven symbols on the Santa Barbara Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem.

This is also the basis for his claim since 1978 on his 33rd birthday as the surrogate King of Jerusalem Israel for the cause of the return of Jesus Christ to present time, “by paranormal means” inspired by his faith in Sathya Sai Baba and Prema Sai Baba.


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