Critical Peace Issues
To Restore the Great Law of Peace
The Great American Peace March
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Surrogate King of Jerusalem Israel
For the Return of Jesus Christ Divine Love (Prema)

Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem inside Metatron Temple of David frame

Restoring the Great Law of Peace
White House American Peace March
Issues to Correct American Thinking
Davy Crockett for US President 2024
Homeless US Presidential Candidate
David Crockett Williams Jr (III) CLU
Chartered Life Underwriter
And since May 17, 1978 Marriage Ceremony:

Surrogate King of Jerusalem Israel

To Return the Divine Love of Jesus Christ to Earth

White House American Peace March
San Diego - Santa Barbara -
October 2, 2023, Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday
Arriving All Saints Day, November 1st
Sound of Freedom - The Lost Century
Iboga Drug Addiction Cure & Exorcism


When I started writing this first PocketBook, I had retired from the peace movement to write memoirs, books about my 50 years of experiences since 1973, deeply feeling my failure to succeed.

I moved with my RV from Santa Barbara to the mountains near Columbia, California, to help my friend develop our 160 acre community in the National Forest, the Mayan Day Keeper and Crystal Skull Guardian, Jose Ajpu Munoz Raven.

There we conducted the first American Peace March on September 11, 2022, with about a dozen peace walkers for 11.11 miles, ending at the Santa Barbara Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem, which we had consecrated with Santa Barbara’s 50th Mayor, at the Santa Barbara Tree of Peace, symbol of the Great Law of Peace. It was displayed at Hummingbird Sky Island in the Metatron Temple of David tent of my design from 1983. This is what I hope to set up some day on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, as a Mind-Matter Physics Practitioner, to invoke the physical return of Jesus Christ to present time, in a controlled scientific experiment.

Then my RV broke down, and I moved back to Santa Barbara in April to start my 12+4 weeks PocketBook Magic writing class. A month later, I found that someone I knew from Facebook had become a serious independent candidate for US President, a former Trump supporter.

For a month I watched lots of his videos and wanted to support him. But he didn’t understand or agree with issues important to me, like liberating the Free Energy Technologies suppressed for the last 100 years since Nikola Tesla’s time.

That is why I decided to organize a great American Peace March to the White House and offer myself as the homeless US Presidential Candidate, to get my Critical Peace Issues acted upon.

I had tried this before in 1980 and 2000, then initiated an Independent Presidential Campaign for Dennis Kucinich to “draft him” to run as a Democrat.

My Critical Peace Issues include:

Restoring the Great Law of Peace to the United States government system which was modeled after the Iroquois Confederacy, founded on the Great Law of Peace which the Founding Fathers overlooked, didn’t understand. This is the same inviolably sovereign cosmic law that Einstein called the Torah, the Law even God has follow and cannot contradict, what he believed could be described by “a simple set of unified field theory equations to describe all of physical reality, all events in nature, no matter where or when, with 100% certainty.” After my 78 years of life as a scientist with a special interest in the mind-matter relationship, I understand this is what the Hopi call the Law of Nature, what Islam calls the Will of the One God by which all things happen without fail, what the Buddhists call True Dharma by which karma and coincidence are related, and what Jesus Christ and Sai Baba both taught as the Law of Universal Unconditional Love, “Divine Love,” (Prema) in Gandhi’s language, which operates as Certain as Gravity.

Not only the United States and all other governments, but also the United Nations, must adopt this operating principle to bring peace and tranquility to the nations.

Abolition of Nuclear Weapons by supporting the Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act called Proposition One, for the diversion of nuclear weapons funding to peaceful technologies like the suppressed Free Energy Technologies, and development of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) Technologies with their proven applications for neutralizing radioactive materials through nuclear transmutation.

The “Immediate Executive Clemency” of Leonard Peltier and his release from Federal Prison, with financial reparations for his over four decades of false imprisonment based on ballistic evidence long acknowledged by the FBI as falsified. This is the single most important single thing that can be done for World Peace, to demonstrate the correction of American thinking and reconciliation with our ancient traditional family values.

See that three movies are shown at the White House: The Sound of Freedom, to expand the movement to end child sex trafficking and human slavery in the next two years, by July 9, 2025, the Dalai Lama’s 90th birthday, as we eliminate global poverty and drug addiction.

The second movie is called The Lost Century by Dr Steven Greer MD, about how global poverty will be eliminated in two decades by ending the illegal secrecy over the last 100 years since the time of Nikola Tesla, to liberate the Free Energy Technologies suppressed since then. For example Bruce DePalma’s n-Machine first built in 1979 in cooperation with Norman Paulsen and his Sunburst Kriya Yoga Community. Inspired by his ET Close Encounter of the 4th Kind, that reinforced DePalma’s experimental proof of the energy field in space responsible for anomalous behavior of rotating objects’ inertial, gravitational, and electromagnetic properties. A scientific crash program to rapidly commercialize these Free Energy Technologies should be created, analogous to the Manhattan Project that quickly built the first atomic bomb.

Thirdly, the YouTube movie called “Rite of Passage” about the drug addiction remedy called ibogaine, which ends hard drug addictions with one long hypnogogic waking dream experience, without withdrawals or cravings. This depends on changing its mistaken legal status as a psychedelic, to a legal hypnogogic addiction treatment, and exploring its indigenous exorcism applications for aberrant deviant sexual aggressions depicted in the Sound of Freedom movie.

Promoting “God’s Peace Plan for The Holy Land” for serious consideration by all parties involved in disputes about Israel, as a comprehensive logical evaluation of the various related scriptures that support this as best solution for uniting the followers of the Three Holy Faiths of Jerusalem in Peace.

Many experts have found that the Federal Income Tax is actually voluntary, although coercive. There is actually no law the IRS can produce that requires ordinary citizens to pay income tax, as Freedom Law School maintains, and documented in Aaron Russo’s movie on YouTube called “America: From Freedom to Fascism.”

Revitalize the American Hemp industry by bringing back industrial hemp processing equipment all made in China. Refined hemp is far superior to synthetic fibers made from plastics that don’t biodegrade and fill our food with microplastic fibers and fill the oceans with plastic trash, fishnets that kill wildlife, etc. Before the petroleum age hemp was the number one source of paper, fiber, fuel, composite construction materials, medicines, even food from the seed protein and oils for paint and varnish. To heal the planet we need to grow this most bio efficient plant everywhere possible to regreen our beloved planet, to sequester carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. We need to revive the WWII Hemp for Victory global emergency programs: Hemp for Climate Victory!

The Primary Water Institute founded by the late Pal Pauer, has technicians with the knowledge he transmitted to tap hard rock deep sources of abundant pure water to solve the world’s water supply problems by tapping these sources separate from the water tables and aquifers, attributed to liberating underground water highly pressurized in the mineral ringwoodite.

By investigating the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports of all municipalities and other government entities, it is found they all keep a double set of books hidden in pain sight with sufficient hidden assets separate from their budgets to offset real estate property taxes.

The School System should be expanded to include development of advanced human capabilities by teaching consciousness control of brain rhythms to access deeper levels of consciousness, as taught by the Silva Method of Mind Control used by the Mind Valley organization, and the hemi-synch method used by Monroe Institute to successfully train all the CIA Remote Viewers, as explained by Jeffrey Mishlove, and Russell Targ who with Hal Putfoff published in Nature Magazine their Stanford Institute CIA investigations of Uri Geller’s psychic abilities, on October 17, 1973.We need a complete overhaul of the American Medical Industry to Correct its Corruption and Malfeasance responsible for it being the leading cause of death. Part of that correction needs to be consideration of the mind body health connection, such as taught in the Silva Method yielding healing modalities akin to Edgar Cayce through brain rhythm control.

The emerging science of Epigenetics means the death of the Germ Theory of Disease. It’s now a proven fact, there are no genetically transmitted diseases. Two scientists are considered the cofounders of Epigenetics, Dr Bruce Lipton PhD, author of the “Biology of Belief,” and former CDC Pathologist Dr Joel Wallach DVM ND, author of “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie!” and founder of Youngevity Life Sciences. He conducted over 20,000 autopsies on over 450 species of vertebrate and found that all vertebrates require the same 90 essential nutrients to live long healthy lives, and their deficiencies cause most all diseases, not genetics. I think Dr Wallach should be the next US Surgeon General.

This Mind-Matter Effect is well explained by Dr Stephen Greer in his August 29, 2022, short video on Gaia TV called “How to Contact Extraterrestrials Telepathically.” There he discusses the “entanglement physics” involved with his CE5 conscious brain rhythm control Meditation Protocol successful practice of human initiated ET communication, “Close Encounters of the 5th Kind.” And the latest physics understanding of the mind dynamics of the science of meditation, remote viewing, time travel, levitation, teleportation, bilocation, and the direct materialization of matter, such as performed routinely by Sri Sathya Sai Baba and by his final incarnation, the Prema Sai Baba Avatar.

As a trained chemist and scientific observer I personally witnessing His ability to “perform inexplicable miracles” in my 1996 visit to Sai Baba, after reading many of my parent’s books about him since 1970.

Please consider my experiences reported elsewhere in this book, about the Hopi Life Plan Prophecy Fulfillment and the cause of the return of Jesus Christ. I explained to the Hopi Leaders Thomas Banyacya in 1977, and to Grandfather Martin the Fire Clan Tablet Keeper in Hotevilla, after my 1996 visit with Sai Baba when I gave Martin the last packet of vibhuti sacred ashes handed to me by Sai Baba. I told them both about my firm faith and belief that Sai Baba would be responsible for the literal return of the Hopi True White Brother with the missing Fire Clan Tablet corner piece. This piece he took away many centuries ago, saying he would return with it one day to explain its message about the New Life Plan to bring peace, harmony and abundance. This is another controlled scientific experiment I want to perform, with my readers’ support.

At our August 20-28, 2016, Hopi Spiritual Unity Gathering in the National Forest hosted by the Hotevilla Coyote Clan Messenger of the Hopi Life Plan Prophecy, I mentioned to Jose Munoz during his Mayan Fire Ceremony, about the birth of the White Buffalo Calf named Miracle on the first day of our nine day mutual prophecy fulfillment gathering on August 20, 1994. This Miracle Birth tells me that the story of the return of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman in that form, is literally true, not a myth, but a real miracle, like a Sai Baba Miracle.

We need a miracle to create world peace. Let us create one, by joining minds with Davy Crockett for President in support of this Great American Peace March to The White House - to promote action on these Critical Peace Issues.

—— references, links:

My Christian name from birth and my baptism at Trinity Episcopal Church in Newport, Rhode Island, is David Crockett Williams Jr, since I was named after my father, who was named after his grandfather, who was named after David Crockett.

My Islamic name was given to me by my dear friend and mentor James Leland Waldron, Daoud ibn Daoud Abdul Allah, David Son of David and Servant of The One God. That was in 1963 at my age 18, when under his tutelage I was the second Anglo American to embrace Islam at a Friday Mosque meeting in Los Angeles, long before the Islamic Center of Los Angeles was founded.

My Buddhist name that I accepted from His Holiness Karmapa on March 5, 1977, after his Refuge Ceremony when my wife and I both embraced the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, is Karma Tsering Thrchen, and hers is Karma Tsering Choeden.

That completed our experience witnessing the signs of the Hopi Life Plan Prophecy Fulfillment, from our July 4th 1976 US Bicentennial Summer and my experience of July 18, 1976, confirming the chronology of the Return of Jesus Christ, when I became the Servant of The One God in Jesus Christ.

Reference the narrative at:

1976 Hopi Life Plan Prophecy Experience

Chartered Life Underwriter is a professional degree from the American College of Financial Services in Pennsylvania, for Life Insurance Expertise for Strategic Applications for Professionals with clients who need holistic insurance and risk planning with in-depth understanding of life insurance's intricacies and applications to meet client goals in financial planning, estate planning, business continuity, key person, and related employee benefits. David Williams received the CLU in 1971.

Santa Barbara Sunburst Community was founded by original Paramansa Yogananda Kriya Yoga disciple Norman Paulsen, now located on 4000 acres near Buellton California:

The Sound of Freedom movie, to empower the global movement to end child sex and human trafficking

The Lost Century movie details many of the Free Energy Technologies kept illegally secret for the last 100 years since Nikola Tesla’s time and now being released to end poverty in 20yrs

The Rite of Passage movie about Ibogaine from the Iboga plant that ends hard drug addictions with on treatment but is still illegal in the USA:

End Opioid and Fentanyl Deaths

Why Start on the American Peace March on Gandhi’s Birthday? Fujii Guruji and Gandhi’s Example, Precedent for an American Scientific Spiritual Revolution of Conscience

All Saints Day is a Christian solemnity celebrated in honor of all the saints of the church, whether they are known or unknown.

Background, The Great Law of Peace

Jose Ajpu Munoz Raven, Mayan Calendar Keeper and Crystal Skull Guardian, Hummingbird Sky Island Community, Columbia, California: - Foundation

March 11, 2018, Ceremony at UCSB Tree of Peace to consecrate the Santa Barbara Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem, conducted by Jose Munoz with Chumash Elder Art Cisneros and Santa Barbara’s 50th Mayor Cathy Murillo who read her Mayoral Proclamation about the Tree of Peace symbol of The Great Law of Peace, and affixed the symbol of The Three Holy Faiths of Jerusalem United in Peace

Previously, I supported Dr Shiva Ayyadurai: -

My Year 1980 Presidential Campaign

My Year 2000 Presidential Campaign

Dennis Kucinich was named Robert F Kennedy’s US Presidential Campaign Manager on May 18, 2024.

To Correct America
Take Control of America
Restore The Great Law of Peace
The Inviolably Sovereign Law of Nature:

Abolish Nuclear Weapons
The Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act now in Congress to divert funding for nuclear weapons to peaceful purposes like developing the now available Free Energy Technologies.

For details about Leonard Peltier:

God’s Peace Plan for The Holy Land:

End Federal Income Tax Fraud:
No Existing Law Requires Payment

Hemp for Victory - more than “getting high” but a most bio-efficient plant for the Earth, to reverse the greenhouse climate degradation by absorbing carbon dioxide, to replace plastics with dangerous micro-fibers, and for the majority of Earth’s paper, fiber, renewable fuel, foods, non-petroleum paints, lumber, composite construction materials, etc., see chapters online of Jack’s landmark book: The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy:

Abundant Primary Water: Large amounts of free flowing clean water available beyond water tables from deep in the earth from ringwoodite mineral liberated as “Primary Water:”

Eliminating Property Taxes by Understanding:

Epigenetics pioneer, stem cell biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, ​Dr. Bruce Lipton:

How to Hypnotize yourself for better health. Reprogramming DNA to Master Your Destiny | Bruce Lipton Podcast

Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Joel Wallach are both credited with pioneering the new Science of Epigenetics, the death of the Gene Theory of Disease, Dr Lipton focusing on the mind-matter connection and Dr Wallach on the Life Sciences of Longevity through nutrition: -

See Mind Control Resources at: and the Mind Valley Silva Method of Mind Control

August 2023: Remote Viewing Easily Explained by Expert, Russel Targ PhD, original Stanford Research Institute investigator of Uri Geller’s paranormal abilities who published with Hal Puthoff their article about this in Nature Magazine on October 17, 1973:

April 29, 2021, Unexplained on Gaia:
Science Explains Sai Baba Miracles
Steven Greer MD, on about the Science of Mediation, Remote Viewing, Consciousness, Time Travel, Levitation, Teleportation, Bilocation, Direct Materialization of Matter, Contacting Extraterrestrials Telepathically, CE5 Close Encounters of the 5th Kind, Human Initiated ET Contact (14 min video)

2016 Hopi Spiritual Unity Summit AZ

Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya and the Hopi Life Plan Prophecy:

Hopi Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign:

Story of Peace Pole for Jerusalem 1994 introduced to Jesus Christ with lightning and thunder:

David Williams Peace Walk History

List of Newspaper and other articles

Free Energy Manhattan Project
Neutralize Radioactive Wastes:

Global Prema (Divine Love) Consciousness, Prema Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba:

Reclaim The Lost Century, the 100 years of secret suppression of Free Energy Technologies since Nikola Tesla: (see Press Conference) End Poverty Globally in 20years, says Steven Greer, MD, Disclosure Project to Liberate Free Energy Technologies: Free Energy Explained Video (9min)

Liberation of Free Energy Technologies

See also

Ending Drug Addictions
Iboga Exorcism
The Iboga plant ibogaine derivative ends drug addiction in one 24 hours experience, with no withdrawals or cravings. In the Rite of Passage movie is depicted an example of indigenous for exorcism to change aberrant behavior such as violence and human trafficking. When combined with mind control training it may be a way out for cornered criminals. See the Rite of Passage movie at:

End Opioid and Fentanyl Deaths

Dr Joel Wallach for US Surgeon General
See video at
“Somebody Needs to Go to Jail!”
On medical industry corruption
Live Longer Healthier


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