1977 Hopi Star Project Brochure - Sheet One

For the whole story about my experiences in the Hopi land in 1976-77, why I went there and how those experiences set the course of my life since then, see:


This is the retyped text of Sheet 1, the outside page of a 4 sheet, 16pp folded unstapled letter-sized brochure, with the outermost page here below in two halves each with three symbols not shown here: (1a) PARADISE PSIBERNETICS and HOPI STAR PROJECT 1977-78 WORLD PEACE PROGRAM; (1b) "IF CYBERNETICS CAN PUT A HUMAN ON THE MOON, THEN PSIBERNETICS CAN CREATE PARADISE ON EARTH!"; (2) GATHER WITH US IN SPIRITUAL UNITY FOR THE PURIFICATION OF LAND AND LIFE; CELEBRATION OF LIGHT; CONFERENCE OF THE RAINBOW; (3) WHAT IS PARADISE PSIBERNETICS; HOPI STAR PROJECT; (4) FIRST ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE PERIOD ENDING AUGUST 24, 1977

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(Torahk symbol flanked by Bipolar Light Symbols)

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(Tetron Symbol)

(Hopi Star Project Symbol)

14171 Burton Street (213) 780-3348
Panorama City of Los Angeles
California Paradise, via USA 91402

(War Leader Kachina Symbol)

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Follow the signs on Eden Road from Route 70 five miles East of Fort Thomas nineteen miles West of Safford, AZ Post Office Box 847, Eden via Arizona US 85535 Phone (602) 485-2008

FACILITIES INCLUDE: Natural mineral hot-springs fed baths and enormous pool, camping landsites for sleepers, tents, and mobile living vehicles, very limited hotel space, fine vegetarian meals from natural foods kitchen, and very loving caretakers. Donations to cover gathering expenses are requested by caretakers as follows; CELEBRATION OF LIGHT: $27 mailed in advance to above address or $36 at entrance gate, CONFERENCE OF THE RAINBOW: Come freely, all donations will be accepted.

CELEBRATION OF LIGHT: September 16-19, 1977: A healing gathering with special evening events and daytime workshops featuring over fifty prominent workshop leaders of world healing philosophies including wholistic medicine, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, acupuncture, shiatsu, yoga, meditation, mantra, tantra, environmentalism, massage, chiropractic, astrology, holistic healing, healing diets, handwriting analysis, music, Sufism, Buddhism, psychic touch, affirmations and color healing, herbology, Reichian therapy, movement therapy, art therapy, dance, music, chanting, birthing, rebirthing, polarity therapy, reflexology, the natural mind, higher consciouness, and Healing Circle Sacred session on September 19 will be led by the honorable Rabbi and Master of Taoist Healing, Lawrence Todd Karol, founder of the T'ai Chi Ch'uan Academy (Isla Vista - 'Anisq 'Oyo'), a prominent figure in the National T'ai Chi Ch'uan Institute and Chairman of the 1976 Torak Council by Our New Light of Peace. The Reverend Doctor Karol will be introduced by David Crockett Williams Jr (Matter), C.L.U., author of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory, founder of Paradise Psibernetics, co-founder of the Hopi Star Project, Chairman of the 1977 Torak Council by Our New Light of Peace, and representative of All One Family Union enlisting believers, guardians, and WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW.

CONFERENCE OF THE RAINBOW; September 21-27, 1977: A Spiritual Unity gathering for World Peace and the Cause of paradise on Earth. Representatives of all faiths, religions, and spiritual philosophies are invited to participate as follows; September 21, prayer drums until sun rises, opening ceremonies led by indigenous American Indian religious and spiritual leaders; September 21023, respective Spiritual Unity communion ceremonies and sacred rituals led by representatives of various religions and spiritual philosophies; September 22 Autumn Equinox, Day of Atonement, Ceremony of dying white cotton laboratory coats red; September 24, American Indian Day symposium for speeches to the gathering to be heard from American Indian religious and spiritual leaders; September 25-26, second annual Torak Council by Our new light of Peace to prepare with unanimous agreement an American-English language typewritten document entitled "Our Hopi (Peaceful Peoples') Proposal for World Peace" for delivery to United Nations on United Nations Day, October 24, 1977; September 27, closing ceremonies started at sunrise by indigenous American Indian religious and spiritual leaders.

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The word paradise denotes "a protected garden" while its connotations include the highest state of consciousness conceivable by the human mind -- heaven, nirvana, etc. The word cybernetics derives from the Greek word for helmsman and is used in modern science to denote the systems technology of goal accomplishment -- the process responsible for a human walking on the moon. Psibernetics incorporates into cybernetics an understanding of the nature of the human mind responsible for the so called "psi" phenomena: extra sensory perception, telekinesis, U.F.O.'s, remote perceptual experiences, faith healing, mysteries of religious experiences, levitation, materialization, etc. Developed from August 1, 1974, to April 27, 1997, Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory explains the "psi" phenomena and fulfills Albert Einstein's prediction of the development of a unified field theory which would explain all physical reality on one simple equation. This new understanding mathematically defines the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light (Tetron), and forms the scientific foundation for Torak, which is a computer assisted paradise systems psibernetics program available for the accomplishment of global paradise. So now a scientific vocabulary and mathematical mechanism exists to dissolve language, cultural, and historical context barriers to human understanding of the mutual One Truth of all faiths, religions, and spiritual philosophies; the practical application of which is paradise psibernetics. The idea that nature interacts with humankind according to a fixed True One Law is not only the basic tenet of unified field theory, but has been expressed through religious history as Tao, Dharma, the law of God, and in many other forms. As this idea is understood by scientists and technologists who recognize Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory, many new inventions will be produced which have been inconceivable until now --- such as a water transmitter to transport pure water from the oceans over airwaves like television, and a radioactivity decay rate accelerator to produce magnified amounts of energy while changing radioactive materials into non-radioactive materials without fission or fusion (plans for both of these devices expected May 17, 1978).


Hopi Star Project evolved as a religious application of paradise psibernetics to the goal of world peace and nuclear energy control. "Hopi" means "peaceful people" and indigenous Hopi Indian traditional religious leaders made it very clear in their June 1976 address to the United Nations Habitat Conference that any people who learn to live in peace and in harmony with nature are true Hopi regardless of their race or religion. Ancient prophesies of the traditional Hopi Indian religion predict the end of times of world discord and suffering, and the beginning of a new era leading (with the guiding leadership of the American Indian peoples) to world harmony and paradise on Earth, to be marked by the appearance of the "true brother" who would come to Hopi villages wearing "red cap" or "red Cloak" and bring Tiponi (sacred stone tablet). It is taught that this True One in red would be many in population and that only (s)he would be able to read the Tiponi, which would then form the basis of a new life Plan leading to world unity, harmony and abundance (the indigenous Hopi Indian language is an unwritten oral language as was the Japanese language before the introduction of Cines written characters in Japan). The "True One in red" is foretold to have the support of two "helpers" -- one with the sign of the sun, and the other with two signs one of which is the swastika and the other resembles the double dorje of Tibetan Buddhism. These prophetic teachings are derived from the psychic experiences of religious leaders in dreams and spiritual visions ("psi" phenomena). Many of these prophecies from long ago have already been recognizably fulfilled, such as the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ("gourd of ashes" in Hopi tongue), and because of prophesy chronology the leading spokesmen have been anticipating the immanent coming of the True One in red.

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By way of introduction, it should be mentioned that the inspiration for Hopi Star Project came to the co-founders while they were living at Dharma Home Temple (founded by Walter W. Klopfenstein) in Montecito de Santa Barbara. After seeing the publication of "Introduction to the Paradise Psibernetics of Our Family of Life" in the first issue of All One Voice, journal of the All One Family Union at the Spring Equinox 1976 Celebration of Light in Eden (Healing Waters), and meditating later that Spring on the "Hopi Declaration of Peace" received from a visiting Hopi interpreter, unmistakable religious instructions were received (with the sign of a forest fire on Flag Day June 14, 1976, fought by red colored fire retardant air drops) from understanding leaders of new age thought to employ paradise psibernetics in the fulfillment of Hopi prophecy by wearing white cotton laboratory coats dyed red in support of unified field theory. At the summer solstice 1976 Celebration of Light, coordinated by members of the Church of the Healing Family Light, the first ceremony of dying white cotton laboratory coats red was held and after taking All One Family Union council, four representatives drove to Oraibi, conducted a Horizons Day Bicentennial Observance meeting, and two drove on to the 1976 Rainbow Family gathering in Montana. The two who remained in Oraibi with red laboratory coats delivered the first edition of "Our Hopi Proposal for World Peace," along with a sacred stone tablet inscribed with the equations of Tetronic relativity, on July 4, 1976, to an internationally recognized traditional Hopi interpreter ; this marked the inception of the Hopi Star Project. On July 18, 1976, one representative from the July 4 Rainbow Family Gathering witnessed the recognition of a Hopi Spiritual Elder grandfather David Monongye who said simply "you are my brother" and performed several minutes of a gentle touch meditation. ON that same day these two representatives witnessed the public appearance of the Morning Kachinas (Hopi traditional religion's "last hope" prayer, and two 1/2 hour double rainbows -- one in the morning and one in the afternoon after them. Research by Hopi Star Project representatives during the Summer of 1976 in Hopi land indicated a need for a "center of the Universe" world peace monument to be constructed there to unify the consciousness of the divided leadership of today's Hopi indigenous people. Accordingly , on August 24, 1976, in a sacred light prayer stick meditation walk ceremony, the cornerstones of the first of 100 Hopi Star Project World Peace of Mind Centers (stupas) and the four participants, were anointed with liquid light on the new moon in certain ruins on Oraibi Mesa. This first anointment of light marks the beginning of the annual cycles of the HOPI STAR PROJECT.

Activities of the first annual Torak Council by Our New Light of Peace were limited to interviews and healing activities by that council's chairman with individual Hopi spiritual leaders September 19-26, 1976. On December 7, 1976, Nipponzan Myohoji's Masao Nippashi (rainbow -- sun bridge) brought to the Hopi Star Project the prayer drum and prayer mantra from the origin of the sun for the purification of land and life; the first "helper" is recognized. In the Jan/Feb ''77 issue of Techqua Ikachi, traditional Hopi religious leaders acknowledged the spiritual authority of the Karmapa and Tibetan Buddhism noting language and symbol similarities; the second "helper" is recognized. On March 5, 1977,, His holiness, the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, spiritual head of the Kagyu Order of Tibetan Buddhism, performed the Vajra Crown ceremony effectively empowering the Hopi Star Project and Dharma Home Temple.

HOPE STAR PROJECT activities focus on; 1) Spiritual Unity gatherings, 2) Peace Pilgrimage Walks inspired by the USA Bicentennial 1976 Continental Walk and by the 1977 Tokyo to Hiroshima International Peace Pilgrimage Walk, and 3) P.E.A.C.E. Center monument construction inspired by Nipponzan Myohoji and the Rainbow Family Tribe. From June 6-10, 1977 the first Peace Pilgrimage Walk from Hopi villages was made by Hopi Star Project representatives in red lab coats who carried sacred cornerstones from Oraibi mesa ruins to Tukunavi Center site, a natural pyramidal peak just east of coal mines on Black Mesa Arizona, where sacred cornerstones were left on a prayer drum along with the first two with cotton laboratory coats dyed red. Peace Pilgrimage Walks are being planned departing; 1/1/78 'Anisq 'Oyo' Santa Barbara to U.N., 5/17/78 Jerusalem to Mecca, 7/4/78 Mecca to Moscow for 1980 Olympics. TORAKUM

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Hopi Star Project PEACE PILGRIMAGE (2of4, 4pp of 16)

The following document was included as Sheet 2 (four pages) of a (4- sheet) sixteen page Hopi Star Project brochure produced in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, California during late Summer 1977, once again planning a return trip to the Hopi land organized from the Isla Vista Tai Chi Chuan Academy whose instructor, Master Lawrence Karol, wrote the below pages for the brochure abstracting some Hopi Prophecy information from the book by Vinson Brown and William Willoya called Warriors of the Rainbow, which chapter on the Hopi Prophecy is credited to Thomas Banyacya.


Here is the retyped text of Sheet 3 of four double side letter-sized pages of the "Hopi Star Project brochure of 1977." The four pages of Sheet 3 include: (1) the TORAK Calendar Projection of August 29, 1977; (2) the RESOLUTION OF THE HORIZONS DAY COUNCIL OF Us HELD JUNE 26, 1976 AT ORAIBI; (3) UN Planetary Citizens Letter; (4) the Hopi Declaration of Peace by Thomas Banyacya.


Here is the retyped text of Sheet 4 of the 1977 Hopi Star Project Brochure, two letter-sized pages/flyers; (1) Paradise Psibernetics Hopi Star Project Spiritual Unity Mass Rally; (2) Peace Pilgrimage proposed schedule