1977 Hopi Star Project Brochure - Sheet 2

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Hopi Star Project PEACE PILGRIMAGE (2of4, 4pp of 16)

The following document was included as Sheet 2 (four pages) of a (4- sheet) sixteen page Hopi Star Project brochure produced in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, California during late Summer 1977, once again planning a return trip to the Hopi land organized from the Isla Vista Tai Chi Chuan Academy whose instructor, Master Lawrence Todd Karol, wrote the below pages for the brochure abstracting some Hopi Prophecy information from the book by Vinson Brown and William Willoya called Warriors of the Rainbow, which chapter on the Hopi Prophecy is credited to Thomas Banyacya.

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...Hopi Star Project hereby solicits the endorsement of all people with peaceful conscience for the PEACE PILGRIMAGE, September 1977, promoting a better world through the application of conscious thinking in harmony with nature's Laws, as a way of life for ALL.


With the progress of modern civilization and technology, the scientific child has created an increasingly greater level of efficiency for the use of energy. Today, the support of 100% of humanity if possible, but we face the obstacles of the lack of true global integration, or synergy. The systems of society are in great need of reharmonization with the natural laws of the universe.

The time is now that we further our individual and collective paths towards peace on our mother planet Earth. With the eyes and light of advancing mankind, we do pledge our mission and invite the compassionate believers of such a journey to come with the spirit. Our journeys started long ago, and all that has transpired is our forefathering evolution, and necessary experience. We take up the march as we see and understand the necessity; we explore our energies and follow our goals so that our individual and collective peace will come. This journey for us takes up here and now with following out the positive idea and direction of assembling the spiritual masters and respected individuals of our society that have and can lend a peace-minded voice in the great gathering that we propose.

This gathering is initiated to work out and spell out a world wide proposal for peace; That with properly open communication can start the great evolvement towards re-purifying our Mother Earth, and give our brothers and sisters guiding directions towards living together in a peaceful state.

Too much is wasted and threatened by the modern day war machines. It is essential to the mental and physical sanity of the people of this planet, to stop the engines of these machines.

Hopi Prophecies
An Ancient Vision...

The very name Hopi means the "Peaceful People". The true Hopi have refused to fight against any other human being. A shortened version is given here of the strange and beautiful prophecies of these people. Long ago, say the chiefs, Massau, the Great Spirit, told the Hopi to seek a certain land to which they would be led by a star. In this land and on the tops of the cliffs they would build their villages, up to four stories high. They were told that after a time strangers would come (white men) who would attempt to take these lands and villages from them and who would often try to lead them into ways that were bad. This has actually happened as the white men have come and treated the Hopi and other native peoples badly. But the Hopi were warned that, in spite of all the pressures against them, they must hold to their ancient religion, and their land, though always without violence. If they did this, they were promised that their people and their land would be a center from which the true spirit would be reawakened. Even now by their example of kindness, and steadfastness in the way of God, the Hopi are showing all Indians how they must change the hearts of the white men, and how all peoples of a clear conscience and understanding must share their knowledge with all.

The chiefs were told that the light that would bring this reawakening would come from the east and that it would come from The True White Brother (White Light). He would wear a red cloak or a red hat and would bring with him the sacred stone tablets, which would be similar to the sacred stone tablet now held by the Hopi, and which the True White Brother alone could read.

The True White Brother, the Hopi believe, would bring with him two great, intelligent and powerful helpers, one with two signs like (swastika) and (four leaf clover) and a hat shaped like (special shape), while the other had the sign of the sun. The combined signs of these two helpers are painted on a sacred gourd rattle of the Hopis, which is used in the Kachina ceremonies and looks like (swastika and sun on gourd rattle). The Hopis believe this gourd and its signs represent the world and that when the great Purification Day is near, these helpers will shake the Earth first for a short time in preparation. After they shake the Earth two times more, they will be joined by the True Brother, who will become One with them and bring the Purification Day to the world. All three will help Younger Brother (the Hopis and other pure hearted people) to make a better world. In the prophecy, the two helpers are spoken of as if they were large groups of people ("populations" is the Hopi word).

The Hopis were warned that if these three great beings failed, terrible things would happen to the world. Great numbers of people would be killed. However, it was said they would succeed if enough Hopis remained true to the ancient spirit of their people.

The Three would show the people of the Earth a great new Life Plan that will lead to Everlasting Life. The Earth will become new and beautiful again, with lovely flowers, much animal life, and an abundance of food. Those who are saved will share everything equally. All races will intermarry and they will speak ONE TONGUE and be brothers/sisters. A NEW RELIGION will probably be brought that helps all people to lead better lives and transform the world.

The Prophecies' Fulfillment...

In regards to the coming of strangers, that would take and misuse Hopi land, in the mid 1960's, the Peabody Coal Mining Company began strip mining the Tukunavi, Black Mesa area, in the four corners Hopi Reservation, Arizona. The religious leaders of the Hopis have asked this to be stopped, but as yet nothing has been done.

At the International Cooperation Council Annual Meeting 1976, January, entitled, "Towards Universal Consciousness", Thomas Banycacya, Chief Interpreter for the Spiritual Leaders and religious Headmen of the Hopi people, spoke to the assemblage on that day in regards to the Hopi Prophecies and of his belief of the True Brother in Red that is coming very soon to fulfill the ancient legends.

In the winter of 1976-77, Tibetan visitor, Gomang Khem Rimpoche, met with traditional Hopi religious leaders in the Kiva, where they exchanged symbols and language. This was on behalf of an earlier visit in September 1974, by His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa of the Kagyu order of Tibetan Buddhism. His Holiness has been touring America, performing a sacred ritual known as "The Black Hat Ceremony" in which, as the Avalokitesvara (the Pure Spirit of Compassion), He blesses "all sentient Beings" and offers them "refuge" in his Cosmic Consciousness.

Then beginning January 1976 and ending October 1976, the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Monks completed a Continental Peace Walk for Social Justice and Disarmament. Master Nichidatsu Fujii, founder of the Order is expected in the U.S. after August 15th, 1977, to speak before the United Nations. The Order at present and since May 15, 1977, are conducting another Peace Walk from Tokyo to Hiroshima, to be concluded on August 6, 1977. This walk is for Nuclear Disarmament.

Both of these Spiritual Leaders carry signs as their symbols the exact signs found in the Hopi sacred rattle.

And again on June 11, 1976, Thomas Banyacya, in a three-day Healing Ceremony for the Healing of the Planet Earth, at the Vancouver United Nations Habitat Conference, gave a written invitation to the world spiritual leaders to come to the Hopi land NOW and discuss the future unity of humankind.

In addition to all that has happened, or will happen... Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Geat Indian Master of Miracles is expected in the U.S.A. after June 20, 1977, to travel from the west coast to the east.

One of the greatest observers of our time is R. Buckminster Fuller, whose Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science Movement has been the source for gaining insight into the true state of the planet and what should and could be done to harmonize our existence. For the past seven years, Mr. Fuller's concepts have inspired the World Game Program, a symposium for gathering and channeling energy and information about the quantitative and the qualitative resources of the Earth. Their findings are that we could all live in peace with plenty if we can properly organize our thinking. The results of these gatherings have been sound proposals for world synergy, but up until now no large scale gathering has taken place to share these ideas.

Another observer, D.C. Williams, Jr., has recently suggested an oversight in the accepted Relativity Theory of Einstein, as to the nature of light and being. His Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory takes into account that any system observed is the natural function of the observer. Whereas Einstein's theory considers the speed of light as a constant factor in all conditions and does not take into account the fact of an observer of the system observed. The Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory introduces new scientific notation, thus offering a restatement of Relativity to the scientific community. It also scientifically explains the spiritual mysteries of all religions and faiths by a mathematical definition of the nature of faith and belief corollary to the nature of light. True One Law of True One God has been the goal of serious natural scientists since the inception of the scientific method. As new age political scientists begin to understand the political impact of spiritual unity on world peace, humankind will be experiencing accelerated change towards pure land...paradise on Earth.

And upon July 4, 1976, in Oraibi, Arizona, Thomas Banyacya was given by two members of the ALL ONE FAMILY UNION, dressed in bright red lab coats...a copy of "A Hopi Proposal for World Peace" ...(incuding a stone tablet inscribed with the Equations of Tetronic Relativity). This marked the inception of the HOPI STAR PROJECT.

Thomas Banyacya, interpreter for traditional Hopi Leaders, wrote a letter to President Jimmy Carter on the occasion of his inauguration, advising him as to the Hopi situation and what they are being subjected to; asking him to give life to his inaugural words in which he called for a "new beginning", and that TRUST, both morally and spiritually, was essential to our nation's strength".

The PURPOSE of the Hopi Star Project now, is to propose a World Peace Pilgrimage to the Hopi Land, where we may all gather for the clarification of the essential spiritual unity underlying all religions, creeds and sciences of humanity. This would also mark the establishment and international recognition of a World Center for Peace, and the path towards the Purification of Land and Life. At the gathering, a proposal would be drawn as a result of our shared ideas, integrities, and energies to be presented on October 24, 1977, United Nations Day, to the U.N. assemblies: "Our Hopi Proposal for World Peace". Let us gather first in spiritual unity, that our prayers may be understood and strengthened by all. For this purpose, all spiritual leaders, scientists, political leaders, and all peoples of a clear and peaceful consciousness are invited to experience the dawn of the New Age.

In the name of the Great Spirit, whose name is ALL names and None...May Peace be on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Shalom.

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