Hajj Ibrahim Abu El Hawa

Hajj Ibrahim Abu El Hawa at London Soho Restaurant evening 31Mar06

12Apr06 Tragedy strikes Ibrahim's family: Nephew murdered by Al Aqsa Martyrs'
Brigade over selling land and buildings in East Jerusalem because Jews moved in:

The love Ibrahim shares with Rabbi Menachem Froman shows in this
photo of these two sitting with visiting Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh Ji,
the custodian of Sikhism's Great Holy Golden Temple in Amritsar, India

At a World Peace Prayer Society Peace Pole in the Holy Land, the Rabbi tries to link the Nipponzan Myohoji Holy Land Dojo’s Reverend Horikoshi with a representative of the Korean religious order of the Reverend Sun Yung Moon whose pictured delegation visited Ibrahim. https://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/HolyLandPeacePole.JPG

See and hear a few minutes of Ibrahim’s London 04Apr06 interview
located under COLLECTION POINT, Message to the world (Password: Peace)
A Message from a Palestinian Champion of Peace and Love for All:
“If there is no peace in Jerusalem, there is no peace in the world”
“Love and Peace” is one of Islam's Ninety-Nine Names of God.
Only when we have Love and Peace in our hearts can we then pass it on to the world.

See his 06Apr06 report about Ibrahim in India and my 13Apr06 Invitation to America to Eliyahu McLean

Hajj Ibrahim and Eliyahu McLean, foreheads marked with black,
photo in Jerusalem Hebrew language newspaper of 01Apr06

Snapshot and India newspaper, photos of Ibrahim in India February 2006

Dr. David Leighton and Hajj Ibrahim converge simultaneously at Soho 31Mar06

David Leighton with Hajj Ibrahim arrive at same time 31Mar06 to
her Soho office in London with Brigitte MJ Williams of Williams Editing

31Mar06 afternoon English Tea toasting Peace are Hajj Ibrahim
and Nipponzan Myohoji London Buddha Dojo's Reverend Nagase

31Mar06 The Day Before, David, Reverend Nagase & Ibrahim in Soho.

01Apr06 David being told by a warden that he could not wear
his sign in spite of the good cause "Peace Through Brotherhood"

Arm in arm, hand in hand, just before starting 01Apr06 London Peace Walk
at fountain in Trafalgar Square, Reverend Nagase, Brigitte, Hajj Ibrahim
and David Leighton savor their moment of spiritual unity

End Walk, Reverend Nagase, Hajj Ibrahim salute a piece of the Berlin Wall at
01Apr06 London Lambeth Imperial War Museum Lawrence of Arabia exhibit

Reverend Nagase, Hajj Ibrahim 01Apr06 at big guns, Imperial War Museum

Ibrahim and Rev. Nagase hand in hand close-up under big guns once pointed at France.

A monk-sized bullet from the Big Guns at War Museum 01Apr06

Ibrahim in front of the Peace column at War Museum Peace Garden

01Apr06 David and Ibrahim relaxing with friends after their walk:
Gemma, Amira, Hannah, and Derek Williams (Brigitte's husband)

Ibrahim, David and Brigitte dining with brother, Rev. Dr. Adams, evening 01Apr06

Hajj Ibrahim 04Apr06 interview wearing traditional Palestinian Kafiyeh

After 04Apr06 Interview, Brigitte, Hajj Ibrahim, cameraman David

04Apr06 After interview, Brigitte, Ibrahim, and Amira

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From: Ibrahim Abu Elhawa
Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2006 9:34 AM
To: friends of Ibrahim
Subject: Happy Palm Sunday

Dear Friends,

Today we have celebrated Palm Sunday here on the Mount of Olives, with a
pilgrimage holding palm branches from Beit Fage to the Old City of

Many Christians, as well as Muslims and Jews were commemorating the entry
of Jesus into Jerusalem on a white donkey, when the people living on and
around the Mount of Olives welcomed Him by waving palm fronds, and
carpeting His path with them.

I wish you all happy Palm Sunday, Easter and Passover!

I invite you to the holy land, and my home is always open for you.

God Bless You,


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From: Ibrahim Abu Elhawa
Sent: Saturday, April 01, 2006 11:55 AM
To: Friends of Ibrahim
Subject: My trip to the UK

Dear Friends,

I am in the UK for a few days to attend a press conference at the Imperial
War Museum about a peace meeting in Wadi Rum, organized by my good friend
Dr. David Leighton.

You can reach me on my UK cell phone: 079-0843-9419

I will stay there until Wednesday.

Yesterday, an article about my open home was published in the main local
paper of Jerusalem. I attach here some photos of the article.

God Bless You All,


On April 1, 2006, Ibrahim took part in a peace walk in London. Here is a report by Brigitte there who organized the peace walk. She sent photos which will be posted here soon with more about Ibrahim. This page is under construction starting 1:48AM April 14.

-----Original Message-----
From: Brigitte MJ Williams
Sent: Monday, April 03, 2006 4:42 AM
To: David Crockett Williams
Subject: David & Ibrahim's arrival in London & 1st April 06

Good Morning David,

Back in London after just a day in Wiltshire without email.

I have added a few photos to highlight the "2" eventful days. After all David and Ibrahim arriving at the same time in London or in Soho I should say was tricky but somehow it all worked out. As I was walking back to the office with Ibrahim and his suitcase there was David just arriving on the doorstep. It worked wonderfully well ! Reverand Nagase joined us for tea at 5 pm, it was good to meet and talk about the day ahead.


After a heavy shower of rain Derek and I arrived in Trafalgar Square by 9.25 am. The sky had cleared and the sun was shining, we just walked around looking for a possible location, trying to spot any possible walkers. The square was popular with tourists even at that time. I heard a drum in the distance, I knew then our monk was on his way. He had in fact walked from Westminster singing and beating his drum, blessing the way !

Within minutes David and Ibrahim had joined us. It became soon obvious that we were going to be the only "4" die hards of this walk so we gathered our thoughts, proceeded to do a ceremony and bring our intentions for the day in focus. And so under a warm morning sun, sprayed by the water of the fountain we prayed, blessed by Rev. Nagase's drum and chant, Ibrahim recited mantras both in Arabic and Hebrew. We finished this simple but profound ceremony by reciting each in turn the "Sacred Office of Peace" (the 12 Peace Prayers of the 12 denominations as selected by James Twyman and his Beloveds). We finished by the prayer of Saint Francis. It felt very sacred and was very moving indeed. Just gone 10 am we were ready to go, no one else showed up so we started our walk under the gaze of tourists and passers-by ! We walked past the offices of government, 10 Downing Street, the Cenotaph, etc.... We had agreed to stop in front of the Houses of Parliament to meet and chat to Brian to single handedly has demonstrated against war for the last 5 years on that spot. It had been a good idea as this man feels and collects the pain of WAR. We tried to comfort him and to give him hope. He was very distraught !

At this point we picked up our 1st flower, Amira joined us ! (A cousin of Ibrahim's from Columbia) Derek was filming, David conscious of the time walked ahead to meet up whomever at the Imperial War Museum........I walked side by side with our monk, I enjoyed the beating of the drum and the chanting. Ibrahim stopped to chat to passers-by and fellow muslims from various parts of the world.

Our little group arrived eventually just gone 11 am at the Imperial War Museum. By then I had learnt an awful lot from Reverand Nagase, he had pointed in the direction of where TE Lawrence had lived not far from the Houses of Parliament and as we arrived in the grounds of the "Imperial War Museum" he pointed to a "Peace garden" on our left just as two enormous mighty guns welcomed us by pointing in our direction. He had also pointed to St Georges' Cathedral across the road stating that the Pope had visited it.

Before long we were joined by Tom Clark who had travelled from Somerset to meet Ibrahim. A 2nd flower had also joined us, Hannah was with us now.

No obvious Press was waiting for us so we moved to inspect the "Garden of Peace", there again to discover that it had been dedicated and Blessed by the Daila Lama.

This was overwhelming ! By then a picture was emerging and I started to sense a great Blessing indeed ! We had been very guided on this walk by the Spirit of TE Lawrence to come to this very special spot ! We had walked a path where great Victories and death had been celebrated, commemorated and then we found ourselves in this very special blessed ground where PEACE was waiting for US at LAST. We spent a while there in silence, sensing, feeling, grasping the moment..........we then closed our walk with another Ceremony with more mantras, chants, the 12 prayers of Peace and St Francis Prayer. It was just beautiful, so sacred, so blessed we were !!!!!!! No press was needed, it would have been an intrusion to what we had just done.

I feel very privileged and blessed to have been on this walk. I feel we have now paved the way, sawn the seeds for more, each year on the 1st of April to make it:


The walk is short but now I feel, I know quite symbolic on many levels.

We could dedicate it to Gandhi next year, etc.........

The fact is that somehow it was the energy of a few men/women and the spirit of TE LAWRENCE who guided us. This discovery is overwhelming, I signed in for Peace, I have become a committed student learning as I go along. The next steps are on EASTER DAY, the walk from Bethlehem to Jerusalem.

Hannah and I will be there and all my Beloveds in my heart.

Grateful for your input.

Blessings of Love and Peace



From: Brigitte MJ Williams
Sent: Friday, April 07, 2006 3:39 AM
Subject: Re: April 1st 06- Our walk of "Truth, Love & Peace"

April 5, 2006

Hi All,

I just have to share that this experience has been a reminder of the lesson I have to learn, a very hard one indeed : "To Let Go and Let God" !

Indeed, this Walk for a "Day of Truth, Love & Peace" has been a real lesson in Trust, Acceptance and Humility.

It was All very Perfect really, perfectly planned for those who showed up and those who did not, for whatever reason.......... This is all God's plan to teach us, if we chose to, the lessons we need to learn. Whatever word we chose to label it Spirit/God/our Creator had a hand in this.........

Indeed great planning and great work had been done to set this up and we should be grateful for this. But some time, in fact most times because of all our efforts we have expectations and this is where we fail.

As David (US) put it so well I caught "the spirit" a few days before the date. I knew I wanted to support David Leighton. in his endeavour to go to the exhibition of TE Lawrence at the Imperial War Museum. I had felt and sensed quite a while ago that he was flying the torch for Lawrence and finish the work he had set out to do all these years ago. I also knew that I wanted to help but needed to be in Wiltshire that weekend, therefore I could not do the walk.

Over the weeks of preparation I had learnt so much about our friend TE Lawrence that he had become real and had become a part of my life. He became even more special when I discovered he had spent his early years in Dinard France. He spoke fluent French and Arabic also. I sensed a new dimension in the man also when I also learnt a shared interest in the Knights Templars and the crusades. He perhaps had more an interest in the warfare and the architecture as I discovered later in the exhibition but he must have also realised what they were really about and not what we are told now to fit our 21st century notions and expectations.

"Lawrence of Arabia" had ceased to be a romantic figure, for me he had become real. I had to be there, I had to be present on the day, I was beginning to feel it inside of me.

When David asked me to organise the walk that became more clear, things just flowed and fell into place, it was obvious I had to be there.

Ibrahim's surprise visit hit the nail on the head and the presence of our Buddhist Monk made it even more compelling for me. It suddenly took a life of it's own, it became very blessed and very sacred.

It was not anti this, and against that it was a conscious choice of Pro this and Pro that. It became clear that in our heart of hearts we had chosen:

We may not have been aware of it on a conscious level but now I do know this is what it really was about.

It had been aware for quite a while that I had to change where I put my thoughts and my awareness in my life and that PEACE for me meant, it simply has to be cessation of anti and against this and that.

Not an easy choice to keep to I must admit and I am constantly being tested but it has entered my consciousness now and is very present. This is also why I do not want to get involved with politics and politicians, into arguments about the past, who has done what to whom and most of All: "What we should Do" for the future.

Ibrahim gave me the answer when on David's (US) advice I tried to interview him and have him sharing his thoughts on the future of Palestine/Israel, the "One State Solution".

He just did not want to go there, his reply was very simple: "We need to break down the Wall we have each and everyone of us inside of ourselves that prevent us from loving our neighbour". I feel this is the truth...... this is the wall that needs to come down before the real wall outside can come down, we need to built bridges, to learn to know, respect and accept each other.

In fact on Saturday we had a piece of the Berlin wall standing in the grounds of the Imperial War Museum, so it is definitively the way (photo herewith). We were being shown.

For me the blessings have been many with all I have learnt on the way and I am still learning. It is a real spiritual journey !

The gifts and the revelations are still coming. Through his sharing Rev. Nagase had pointed to me on the way the area TE Lawrence had lived near the House of Parliament, then he had pointed at St Georges Cathedral as we approached the Imperial War Museum which the Pope John Paul II had visited. Then as we entered the ground he also said that there was a "garden of Peace" on our left. This journey was really moving for me and was taking a real sacredness I could not put my finger on. It was only when we walked towards the garden of Peace that he revealed its real significance when he shared with us that it had been dedicated and blessed by the Diala Lama. It hit me, a revelation inside was taking place, we had chosen Truth, Love and Peace and our steps had been guided to that very place. This area had indeed been blessed by a Pope and the Diala Lama.......This had become a very sacred Place indeed............... I had absolutely no idea before I had set off !!!!!

A new picture was emerging and is still emerging when I looked at the red booklet he left with me on Saturday "St Martin of Tours" by John Ruskin. It was a small leaflet he put together himself and was about St Martin. I am still speechless about this. In fact I have now to share this with you to make it real as a clear message is coming through, is given to us if we choose to follow it.

The 1st page: NA MU MYO HO REN GE KYO "Civilisation is neither having electric lights, nor manufacturing atomic bombs. Civilisation is not to kill human beings, not to destroy things, not to wage war; it is to become mutually amiable and respectful. What constitutes its foundation is not the establishment of a judicial system but religious faith that seeks gentleness, peace and simplicity and uprightness". Words of The Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii, (6th August 1885-9th January 1985), Founder and Preceptor of Nipponzan Myohoji.

Amen !!!!!!!!

2nd page: "There is no Wealth but Life", John Ruskin.

3rd page: the mystery of St. Martin of Tours has come back into in my life revealing the tip of the iceberg of who we really are and what the world is really about. I went on to discover that this booklet is an extract from "The Bible of Amiens" written by John Ruskin and published in 1880. It goes on: "Just 100 years ago, Dover born Henry SL Polak handed a copy of John Ruskin's 'Unto This Last' (the author's real title) to a young Indian lawyer, MK Gandhi, at Johannesburg station who was on his way to Durban. Gandhiji read this book during his 24hr train journey and the book captured his soul and transformed his life. He was later to be known as Mahatma Gandhi."

You can now feel my trepidation, I need to say no more.

Only there is more: the story goes on, St Martin (everyone knows him as a French Saint) was born circa 316 AD at Upper Pannonia, in modern Hungary. He passed away on 8th November 397 and was buried on 11th November 397 in the cemetery of the poor in Tours. Thus 11th November was known as Martinmas.

"In 1985 an Interfaith Pilgrimage for Peace took place from Canterbury Cathedral to the London Peace Pagoda's inauguration. St Martin's church in Canterbury is one of the oldest churches in England. Its namesake, St Martin in the Fields in London, has played host to many Peace Vigils over the years. St Martin's non-violence of the brave and compassionate was to become and influence of unmixed good for all humanity and for all time". This is my interpretation and abriged (as close as I could) version of Bikkhu G. Nagase presentation of the booklet.

By now I had reached overwhelm.....I can't find words to express my emotions, I will leave it to the reader to have his/her own.

Now all I know is that we have been guided to something very precious and very sacred. If we chose to do this walk again it will take a new dimension and will have 2 different in and out points:

START: "Saint Martin in the Fields"

FINISH: "The Peace Garden" on the grounds of the Imperial War Museum.

This way we will walk the true walk of Truth, Love & Peace.

Many Blessings to you All of Joy, Truth, Love and Peace as our ancestors really want us to have.

(See photo of Heart shaped rock set in wall by the Incas at Machu Picchu)

This has been a very Blessed, Sacred, Magical Journey for me, thank you for making it possible, for being part of it !!!!

A piece of the Berlin Wall. There is HOPE after All

Heart Rock at Machu Picchu. The Incas knew and left us a very potent sign