Muhammad Abu al-Hawa (pbuh)

Nephew's death, the price of selling land in Palestinian East Jerusalem.

This is a serious situation only beginning to show an ugly face. Others of the family are in danger in future over this decision to sell land for money. The Earth is our Mother and should not be bought and sold. Now it is important for this message to be spread to correct people's minds about land and money and to prevent further bloodshed over this particular real estate transaction where results, not intent, are held accountable and personally responsible to the decision maker(s) who decide(d) to exchange land for money.

David Crockett Williams
4/16/2006 8:53 AM PDT
A Friend of the Abu El Hawa Family
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Middle East

The Times April 15, 2006

Arab is murdered for selling to Jews

By Ian MacKinnon

AN ARAB man accused of selling his property in the fiercely contested region of east Jerusalem to Jewish settlers was buried in a traitor’s grave yesterday after Palestinian police found his body riddled with bullets in a burnt-out car.

Israeli police believe that Muhammad Abu al-Hawa, 48, whose body showed signs of torture, was murdered by Palestinians outraged by the sale to Jews of the three upper floors of a four-storey property on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

The al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades claimed responsibility, saying that a similar fate awaited traitors who sold to Jews land or property in Arab east Jerusalem, which Palestinians still hope will be their capital.

Mr Abu al-Hawa’s family protested his innocence. One of his brothers, Mahmoud, 42, said that the property, and two adjacent apartment blocks, were sold to an Arab land dealer who sold them a Jordanian investment company.

Arab residents of the A-Tur neighbourhood were incensed when Jewish settlers moved into the properties two weeks ago and have since clashed repeatedly with Israeli police.

A restaurant owned by Mr Abu al-Hawa’s family was torched and Mr Abu al-Hawa was repeatedly summoned for questioning by the Palestinian Authority security forces. On Wednesday, in a telephone call to his wife and brother, he claimed to have found documents to prove his innocence. He told them that he was driving to Jericho to clear his name.

Three hours later he was found in Jericho, shot seven times in the head and chest and with a badly bruised face. He was buried in an outcast’s grave near Jericho after residents of A-Tur barred his burial there.


-----Original Message-----
From: Ibrahim Abu Elhawa
Sent: Friday, April 14, 2006 3:52 AM
Subject: Please Pray for my Bereaved Sister and for my Nephew's Wife and Children
Importance: High

Dear Friends and Family,

It is a dark day for my family that has lost a precious and dear son, my nephew, Muhammad (Mike) Hijazi Abu el Hawa, at the young age of 44.

Muhammad, may Allah have mercy upon his soul, was senselessly murdered in Jericho on Wednesday night.

I ask you to pray for his mother, my sister, Fatima, and for his wife and their beautiful and brave young children, who carry the bright spirit of their late father.

May Allah bless all His children with Life and Love and Brotherhood.

God Bless You,

Ibrahim Abu el Hawa



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From: David Crockett Williams
Sent: Saturday, April 15, 2006 11:00 AM
To: 'Ibrahim Abu Elhawa'
Subject: ma'a sha Allah, Al Salaam Alaykum, wuh rachmatu Allahu wuh Barakatu

To Our Dearly Beloved, Bereaved Uncle, Hajj Ibrahim,

I had overlooked your email here until Brigitte's post just now brought it to my attention, so I write to you with my heartfelt condolences and prayers for healing of your family that such a tragic incident has befallen you good people so dear to so many around the world because of your commitment to love as the answer and to recognition of all as one human family as our common prayer in the name of the Wonderful One God whose mysteries and mercy always seem just beyond our mental grasp to understand.

May the memory and spirit of goodness of your beloved Nephew and his name be close to our hears in our ongoing prayers that such as this should never happen again to anyone anywhere in the world by all recognizing our human relationship to one another and to all life as kindred to love and take care of one another in all ways.

May the memory of your late nephew, Muhammad (Mike) Hijazi Abu el Hawa, give us strength and empower our prayers and actions to end war and murder on this planet forever, as has been done in the past for limited periods in limited regions per the work of your nephew's namesake, our beloved Rasul, Mohammed (may peace be unto him and your nephew of his name) and in other areas and times of the world such as the legacy of Ashoka 2200 years ago in India whose conversion from war to peace implemented 500 years of no war, no crime and no violence in that whole subcontinent per the message of peace symbolized by the peace poles and peace pillars and peace stupas that he made to memorialize the message of Surrender to Truth for Peace, the message of the Holy Faith of Islam in all of its colors and shades and cultures and languages all over this planet our home throughout all time as all are manifestations of the love and mercy of The One God whom we love with all of our hearts.

Ma'a Salema, With Peace

Ma'a Shah Allah, With The Will of The One God

Al Salaam Alaykum, The Peace Upon You

And the Blessings of The One God and His Mercy

Your Brother of One Mind and Heart and Spirit,

David Crockett Williams
4/15/2006 10:59 AM PDT


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