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We are The only One who Will make this happen! -- Let's Do It! -- For Global Peace Now!

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Beloved Community Walks for Global Harmony
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23Nov03 Global Peace Sundays Start

22Nov03 Open letter to Ted Kennedy on New Energy Sci-Tech

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This is a Scheduling Offering only. Actual manifestation of the local peace relay walks depends entirely on local supporters accepting and implementing this schedule with local peace relay walks on this schedule or any other schedule before or after these dates in promotion of upcoming dates, or as a "makeup" event for the below scheduled dates discovered too late to implement on below schedule. These routes will be the same coming in the opposite direction in 2004 as the American Peace March 2004 main route goes from San Francisco 20March to Washington DC 24October, so this is all about networking and mobilizing for 2004 and using that event as current media interest item now to get news coverage of local support peace events now. In each location, if this or modified schedule for such events is adopted locally, coordinators there will advise local news media, mayors, et al, of local schedules and events/messages details as per local interests.

NORTH ROUTE of The American Peace March 2003-2004

Washington DC, November 15, 2003, to tip of Maine on January 15, 2004, same day starting USA-Canada Border in Washington State walking to end San Francisco United Nations Plaza on February 29, 2004

North Route basic East Coast printable flyer "DC Peace Chest Tour"


See copious details in recent posts to

-------------- Saturday, November 15, Washington DC Citizen Summit to City Hall
(What Happened?)

Sunday, November 16, Washington DC City Hall 11am to University of Maryland College Park Administration Building
(Why UMD)

Ellicott City

Monday, November 17, UMD Administration Building 11am walking to Physics Department asking premier new science critic Dr. Robert Park about latest developments in research on new "space energy" science and technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, per letter of November 6, 2003, from Chairman of California Energy Commission, per September 5, 2003, Wall Street Journal Science article about "realities of cold fusion", and per November 11, 2003, New York Times article "Do Paranormal Phenomena Exist?" quoting Dr. Park to effect that even prayer itself is scientifically "a fraud".
(Why UMD)

-----------example/background on new energy info

(Why UMD)
Recently in College Park MD, a Nikola Tesla "Space Energy" Conference was convened as The Nikola Tesla Energy Science Conference & Exposition November 8-9, 2003 (9-11 PM Sat., 9-5 Sun.) Sheraton College Park, Exit 29B off Rt. 95, Washington DC area - 301-937-4422 -
To replace nuclear and fossil fuel power -- Wireless electricity, Tesla history, and electrotherapeutics will be featured. Centennial celebration of the Wardenclyffe Tower (1903-2003) Nikola Tesla, inventor of the Alternating Current (AC) utilized the knowledge of the later "rounded off" original form of Maxwell's Equations of Electromagnetism to develop a new form of electric power requiring no fuel, "tapping and energy field in space" that could be broadcast wirelessly. He built the Wardenclyffe Tower on Long Island in New York to power the whole country with free energy but the project was scuttled by financier J. P. Morgan, Morgan Bank, in favor of centralized control and monopolistic profiteering from energy, copper mining, and related industries to thwart free energy. In recent decades scientists have rediscovered how this can be done. This conference is being convened by a researcher of this knowledge for several decades, former US Patent Examiner Thomas Valone who was fired from his job because of convening these conferences and his personal first-hand knowledge of how US "dual-use" military secrecy restrictions are hampering this new "space energy" tech genre by the confiscation and secretization of hundreds of patents. This knowledge also has applications for "biomedical remediation" devices to ameliorate sickness and disease as per above, see also by netsearch for work of Royal Raymond Rife, Wilhelm Reich, et al., while at the same time over recent decades covertly deployed in new advanced electromagnetic weapons of mass destruction now being planned to put into Earth orbit by the US Government in its Star Wars program whose funding instead would better serve humanity by using it to develop peaceful space energy.

---------end aside/example,

Tuesday, November 18, 2003, 11am Baltimore City Hall walking to University of Delaware in Newark.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003, 11am University of Delaware Administration Building, walking campus per local advice, then walking to Rodney Square in Wilmington.

Thursday, November 20, 2003, 11am walking Rodney Square to Wilmington City Hall.

Thursday, November 20, 11am Walk Rodney Plaza to City Hall Noon
---- To Find The Money, Walking to Remember Caesar Rodney ------
Honoring Delaware's Major General "Caesar Rodney's Ride To Vote"
Event in memory of Caesar Rodney's inspiration of how "one person can make a difference" because of his July 1-2, 1776, midnight ride to cast decisive vote for American Independence. This midnight ride is depicted on the first US State Quarter minted, on back, Caesar's ride

Where are the trillions of dollars that are now missing from the federal government that have simply "disappeared" - "Where's The Money?" asks President GHW Bush's former Assistant Secretary HUD, details, The Missing Money -- The Greatest Hits, 2000 to date -- **Trillions Missing From The Federal Government** -- In a classic example of the government lack of responsibility and accountability that needs to be fixed. See example of spurious lawsuit to cover up deep reaching corruption in corporate monopoly complicities that are disappearing the money in what Rep. Dennis Kucinich calls our government run "as a criminal enterprise" -- The truth behind privatisation and transparency - Catherine Austin Fitts
Zoomable map shows Caesar Rodney Plaza
Zoomable map showing Wilmington City Hall
See closeup map showing address of City Hall and Plaza Location at

Saturday-Sunday, November 22-23, 2003, 11am
Philadelphia Independence Square Circle of Hands
Ceremony, walking to Constitution Hall and Benjamin Franklin's grave.

Philadelphia, PA, Saturday Nov.22 circle of hands 11am Independence Square
Center Circle "The Freedom and Responsibility of The American Spirit"

-- MAIN EVENT -- November 23, 2003, Sunday ---

Circle of Hands Ceremony 11am - Center of Independence Square, followed by Walk to Constitution Center "Independent but United" bringing out the original true spirit of America's independence and union. Walk ends at Benjamin Franklin's Grave, Christ Church Burial Ground at 5th and Ash Streets, short walk route passes historic Philadelphia sites. Remembering that Benjamin Franklin studied the Iroquois Confederacy as a precedent for creating the US system of "government by the people." Also he was a very famous American inventor and the scientist who proved that electricity and lightning are related. Before that only chemistry and electricity were understood as related. Only in 1830-32 was it discovered how magnetism and electricity are related and only at the start of the 20th Century was the modern electrical industry begun with Nikola Tesla's invention/discovery of the Alternating Current (AC), but his later "free energy" fuel-less wire-less broadast system was scuttled by monopolists at the time. Now this knowledge is now coming out again to the public in the so-called new "space energy" technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power --

See Independence Plaza info
Map of Independence National Historic Park locating above places


From Philadelphia to:

Camden, NJ

Trenton, NJ

Princeton, NJ

New Brunswick, NJ

Newark, NJ

Jersey City, NJ

Hoboken, NJ

Thursday, 11am November 27, 2003, Thanksgiving, United Nations, Ralph Bunche Park at the "Swords into Plowshares" monument (43rd and 1st), walking to Strawberry Fields John Lennon Memorial in Central Park, Circle of Hands around "Imagine" mosaic.

New York City Hall (day before or after Thanksgiving and ongoing) asking for Mayor's Peace Proclamation, continuing request/offering until accepted whenever on his schedule possible depending on local support

28Nov03 Manhatten, Queens County Criminal Court

29Nov03 Hempstead, Long Island, NY

30Nov03 Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY

1Dec03 Bridgeport, CT

2Dec03 New Haven,CT

3Dec03 Hartford, CT

4Dec03 Holyoke, MA

5Dec03 North Hampton, MA

6Dec03 Amherst, MA

7Dec03 Greenfield, MA

December 8, New England Peace Pagoda, annual Human Buddha Enlighenment Day Anniversary Ceremony, for arrangements contact/see

December 22, Portsmouth, New Hampshire "Breaking The Ice"
40th Anniversary "Global Minute for Peace" Observance

23Dec03 Keene, NH

Peterborough, NH

Nashua, NH

Durham, NH

Kittery, Me

Kennebunk, ME

Scarborough, ME

December 25, Christmas, Portland, Maine

27 Dec - Brunswick, ME

28 Dec - Gardiner, ME

29 Dec - Augusta, (Capitol) ME, Wounded Knee 113th Anniversary Observance

30 Dec - Brewer, ME

31 Dec03 Bangor, ME, New Year's Eve "Spirit of Crazy Horse Observance"
West Route in KS at Leonard Peltier Prison Vigil
Lakota Route in MT at Little Bighorn Battlefield Monument)

2 Jan04 - Orono, ME

3 Jan04 - Old Town, ME

5 Jan04 - Lincoln, ME

9 Jan04 - Houlton, ME Fujii Guruji 20th Demise Anniversary

12 Jan04 - Presque Isle, ME

13 Jan04 - Caribou, ME

14 Jan04 - Van Buren, ME

15 Jan04 - Tip of Maine
USA-Cannada Border just below Edmunston, New Brunswick, Canada

January 15, East Coast North Route ends tip of Maine

January 15, West Coast North Route starts USA-Canada Border towards San Francisco.

15Jan04 11am County Courthouse Friday Harbor WA Starts
Beloved Community Walk for Global Harmony

Local Contact: Mark C. Billington - 360-378-6154 (^see details)

15 Jan 2004 - Blaine WA

16 Jan - Bellingham WA

17 Jan - Mount Vernon WA

18 Jan - Arlington WA

19 Jan - Everett WA

20-21 Jan - Seattle WA

22 Jan - Auburn WA

23 Jan - Puyallup WA

24 Jan - Tacoma WA

25 Jan - Olympia (Capitol) WA

26 Jan - Centralia WA

27 Jan - Chehallis WA

28 Jan - Longview/Kelso WA

29 Jan - Vancouver WA

30 Jan - Portland OR

31 Jan - Oregon City OR

1 Feb - Woodburn OR

2 Feb - Salem OR
(US Groundhog's Day Observance)

3 Feb - Albany OR

4 Feb - Corvallis OR

5 Feb - Junction City OR

6 Feb - Eugene OR
(Global Red Road to Peace Opening Ceremony)

7 Feb - Cottage Grove OR

8 Feb - Drain OR

9 Feb - Roseburg OR

10 Feb - Grants Pass OR

11 Feb - Medford OR

11 Feb - Ashland OR

12 Feb - Yreka CA

13 Feb - Weed CA

14 Feb - Dunsmuir CA (St. Valentine's Day)

15 Feb - Redding CA

16 Feb - Red Bluff CA

17 Feb - Chico CA

(Colusa Sai Center Thursday Bhajans)

Wed 18 Feb Yuba City CA

Wed 18 Feb Marysville CA

Thurs 19 Feb Roseville CA

Fri 20 Sacramento CA Arrive 11 AM at West Lawn of State Capitol for Sacred Circle of Hands Ceremony joining West Route
(Camp on Sacramento River, Feb.20-22)

[Join WEST ROUTE rest of walk to San Francisco]

[Note: See here if/when Steps for Peace will follow the American Peace March Schedule ]

Steps for Peace 2003-2004 Route Map


We are The only One who Will make this happen! -- Let's Do It! -- For Global Peace Now!

Print/copy the basic American Peace March 2003-2004 Peace Relay Walker's
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American Peace March 2003-2004 General Information and Philosophy Overview

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American Peace March 2004 from San Francisco 20March to Washington DC 24October

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American Peace March 2004 from San Francisco 20March to Washington DC 24October