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Paramahamsa Tewari on correcting pathological science and the Tetron Theory

The Science Solution -- New Energy Cover-up Exposed

22Nov03 Summary Status Report Pending American Scientific Revolution
[Full report of 22Nov03 to Drums of Peace Lobbying List]

22Nov03 Open letter to Ted Kennedy on New Energy Sci-Tech

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This page offers initial post, ie, the "UMD Physics Overture to Correct the Mind of Science," and will here post the most important relevant responses, details and updates over time, as per below about why the University of Maryland at College Park was set as the fist local event north of Washington DC for the NORTH ROUTE of the American Peace March 2003-2004's Peace Relay Walking tour Nov.15-Jan.15 to the tip of Maine and then from USA-Canada border in Washington State starting January 15, 2004, down to San Francisco's United Nations Plaza, Febrary 29, from where the main 2004 route will start on March 20 walking to Washington DC for closing ceremony at Washington Monument October 24, 2004, utilizing networks and public interest stirred up during Peace Relay Walks promotions 2003-2004.

The coincidence of the below Nov.6 letter from the Chairman of the California Energy Commission (received Nov.12) and the Nov.11 article in the New York Times citing UMD's Dr. Robert Park as usual the physics expert critic cited by the media on so many articles about consciousness related studies and criticizing many forefront new science advances towards new energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, combined with the coincidence that a then physics graduate student was one of the network of folks who conducted the October 24, 1998, March for Peaceful Energy Rally in Washington DC originally planned to feature many of these new energy tech speakers, combined with the timing needed to start the North Route, made the schedule at UMD happen at this place. See details on the March for Peaceful Energy from "Energy" button at http://www.prop1.org
and more at http://www.sunspiritgallery.com

Below is text of CEC letter of Nov.6 and communications towards "correcting the mind of science" by properly studying the new energy tech developments and so-called "paranormal" effects (such as prayer itself) by developing an "experimental protocol" that will "control" (carefully account for and test for) such experiments for the "consciousness factor" which so many physicists are convinced is involved in both of these leading edge areas of modern science.

For more info on the forefront of physics of consciousness

Due to time constraints and possible volume of exchanges in coming days and weeks on this matter, the best place to get latest info is in public archives of the Science and Technology in Society and Public Policy List at https://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/dwilliams.html

----- text of letter from California Energy Commission Chairman:

State of California -- The Resource Agency Gray Davis, Governor

[State Seal]
William J. Keese, Chairman
116 Ninth Street, MS-32
Sacramento, CA 95814-5512
Telephone: (916) 654-5000
Telefax: (916) 653-3478

November 6, 2003

Dear Mr. Williams,

Governor Gray Davis has asked that I respond to your July 19, 2003, e-mail, regarding the need for the State to explore potential energy sources that are not derived from the limited fossil fuels or nuclear energy.

It was your wish that these concerns be stated during the public comment period at a business meeting of the California Energy Commission. Two of associates of yours, Mr. Alden Bryant and Dr. Brian O'Leary did give a presentation on the need for additional research into "cold fusion", "advanced hydrogen technologies" and "zero point energy". My fellow Commissioners expressed their appreciation to Dr. O'Leary for taking his time to bring to the state's attention the need to look into unconventional areas of energy research that have not been fully investigated or overlooked entirely.

The Energy Commission does have a research and development program, the Energy Innovations Small Grant (EISG) Program that provides up to $75, 000 to small businesses, non-profits, individuals and academic institutions to conduct research that establishes the feasibility of new, innovative energy concepts. I would suggest that you encourage your colleagues to visit the EISG Program's website at http://www.energy.ca.gov/research/innovations/index.html and prepare to enter a proposal in the next EISG solicitation.



William J. Keese

===end letter ===

American Peace March 2003-2004 Peace Relay Walk, Mon.Nov.17
11am University of Maryland College Park walking to Physics Dept.
asking Dr. Park about new energy science as per Sept.5 Wall Street Journal article about the "realities of cold fusion" and per NYTimes Nov.11 article citing Dr. Park as critic, "Do paranormal phenomena exist?" towards furthering scientific dialogue portendings realization of the so-called new "space energy" technologies genre to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, the physics of consciousness and how "paranormal" events may be seen as "normal" in light of knew knowledge.

11am Nov.18 Baltimore City Hall, report to Baltimore Mayor, public, media, activists, Peace Relay Walk to University of Delaware, Newark

11am Nov.19 University of Delaware Administration Building walk to appropriate departments on campus per local guidance to further global peace through advancing knowledge and understanding.

From: David Crockett Williams
To: Mark Gubrud ;
Dr. Robert Park - American Physical Society (fax cc UMD College Park Physics Department) ; USA President George Walker Bush (fax cc attn White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card) ; Sharon Begley - Wall Street Journal Science Columnist; US Central Intelligence Agency Science and Technology Directorate; Dr. Harold Puthoff; Thomas Bearden - Association of Distinguished American Scientists; Dr. Vladimir Poponin; Dr. Gennady Shipov; Dr. Jack Sarfatti PhD Stardrive.org Internet Science Education Project; Evan Soule' - Joseph Newman Power Co; Hal Fox - Editor Journal of New Energy; Dr. Eugene Mallove - Editor - Infinite Energy Magazine; Dr. Brian O'Leary - President - New Energy Movement; Alden Bryant - United Nations Climate Stabilization Movement Initiator; Jack Janes - California Energy Commission; Adam Trombly - Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen - Director of Project Earth; Paramahamsa Tewari; Toby Grotz Webmaster Tewari.org; Uri Geller; Dr. Fred B. Wood Computer Social Impact Research Institute; Dean House
Cc: MD -Julie Weber - Peace Walk Local Coordinator College Park;
Thomas Valone - Integrity Research Institute Tesla Conference Nov.8-9 College Park Sheraton - www.integrityresearchinstitute.org; DC Peace Through Reason - Proposition One - White House Lafayette Peace Park Vigil for Global Nuclear Disarmament since 1981 www.prop1.org; Ellen Thomas; Remy Chevalier; Jon-William Brown
Subject: healing "pathological science" by developing an experimental protocol to "control for the consciousness factor"
Date: Sunday, November 16, 2003 12:13 PM

FROM: David Crockett Williams, human being
TO: Mark Avrum Gubrud, physicist
Center for Superconductivity Research
Physics Dept., University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-4111 USA
ph 301-405-7673 fx 301-314-9541

November 16, 2003, Tehachapi, California

Dear Mark, (et al, no bcc's)

Thanks for responding and appreciate your offer of collaborate still standing as before. Now there is another very useful focus for your skills in this arena of the so-called "new energy science" which stems from your witness and evaluation of the physical analysis of the Marinov ball-bearing motor that you and Thomas et al got to see when I brought it to your lab during the March for Peaceful Energy event days when we all did our best to bring out viable alternatives to the present energy industry pressures behind wars and environmental problems, etc.

Some months after that I was able to visit Dr. Jack Sarfatti (See "The Story of The Century" https://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/isep.html) one day at his invitation during a month-long colloqium he was having there with physic luminaries of various stripes including leading Russian torsion field theorists Dr. Proponin who now lives in San Francisco, Dr. Shipov who came to visit from Russia during that time, Dr. Vigier who came from France, and others who I met that day including Creon Levit then of NASA and working with their new energy science and tech exploratory group financed by Joe Firmage including of course Dr. Sarfatti, all of whom also witnessed and were perplexed by the operation of that Marinov Ball Bearing Motor which operated without any magnets just by applying a current through the inner to outer races of a standard ball bearing assembly.

Most of then, especially notably the esteemed theoretician and proud to be "not an experimentalist" Dr. Sarfatti were totally silent and offered no "speculations" whatsoever regarding how this device could possibly be actually working as they were seeing in front of their eyes. Creon offered his "off the top of his head" drawing on an easel pad about how it could be due to thermal effects etc, and the other luminaries sort of just let it go and scratched their heads and then later I was graciously invited by Dr. Sarfatti to their dinner where I sat across the table from Dr. Shipov and asked him questions about torsion field theory and its well established math etc behind much more seriously taken work among physicists in Russia about "paranormal phenomena" very carefully documented there over decades starting before the 1960's before such research came out at a public level in the US astonishing many with the book by Ostrander and Schroeder called "Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain" with many photos of telekenesis experiments and quoting some Russian scientists to effect they were paying very serious attention to this investigation. I also was able to ask Dr. Shipov if torsion field theory could account for the gravitational rate of fall changes DePalma discovered and demonstrated to Dr. John Archibald Wheeler circa 1970, and the "variable inertia effect" of the precessing counter-rotating gyro "force machine" of DePalma experiments and others which I discussed with you in your lab that day and gave you some papers, the photo of the spinning vs non-spinning ball bearing trajectories showing this variation in gravitational behavior that was published on the front page of a Princeton newspaper forcing Dr. Wheeler to reluctantly see DePalma and the experiment in person.

None of these luminaries had the confidence that you had about your evaluation of the ball bearing motor which you took some time to well prepare and send for evaluation which then was not of interest to the others apparently because of factors generically labeled by Sharon Begley, in her Sept.5 Wall Street Journal article about the "realities of cold fusion", as "pathological science", ie, because they from their own "theoretical viewpoints" simply "couldn't grok" the ball bearing motor operational dynamics, they were not about to take too seriously the well reasoned and explained with graphics analysis of yours which they prejudicially saw as coming from someone "their junior" as "only a physics grad student". After all, as in the case of Dr. Wheeler witnessing Mr. DePalma's experiment "what would people think" if a "non-PhD" had an understanding of something that they themselves were perplexed about with all their "superior education" and "theories" etc. This is one dimension of what is going on in this arena of new energy science and the "pathology of academia" behind this so-called "pathological science".

Now, Dr. Robert Park of your University's physics department is widely quoted at all levels by the public press as the leading critic of just about everything outside his "theories" of "established science" including denigrating as "pseudoscience" not only all such new energy tech experiments and theories as "crackpot" and "pseudo-science", but also everything that has to do with this now well established "fringe" area of science of the "paranormal" phenomena, and even to the extent that similarly he apparently applies the same rigorous criticisms to the "power of the human mind" as it is applied through prayer itself since time immemorial by peoples of all faiths in all parts of the world.

If you ask Dr. Park and he refutes this as an extrapolation of his views and says that he can explain clearly scientifically how it is that the dynamics of the human mind empower the obviously well documented "power of prayer", then I will know that I am mistaken about that last part above. But otherwise, if my view above is an accurate interpolation of his views in this area, then his views in the other areas are also suspect as not valid, or at least not adequate and therefore his leading influence as a "professional debunker" of this new science should be tempered in the public mind in light of this inadequacy due to the "uncertain nature" of science as it has been influenced by belief in the doctrines of uncertainty such as Heisenberg's.

I am going to take you up on your offer and arrange financing for you to visit and test various new energy devices now at hand.

My commitment to the various scientists involved has been to conduct such tests in a manner using "experimental controls" that will properly "control" the experiment for what many of us see as the "hidden variable" of this so-called "consciousness factor" apparently at work in the yet to be understood physical dynamics of "the human mind" responsible for these "paranormal effects" such as the power of prayer, the "remote viewing" (ESP) subject of much CIA and hard science interest in recent decades as per experiments by Dr. Harold Puthoff at Stanford Resarch Institute, and the work done with extensive brain monitoring instrumentation at the Robert Monroe Institute nearby DC close to Faber, Virginia where one of my brothers live and has studied extensively as did the CIA's leading "remote viewer" McMonagle.

To the purpose of establishing an effective "working protocol" for the measurements you will make as the "experimentor" in testing the various devices of the inventors I will set up for you and arrange funding for your trips etc., such "experimental protocol controlling for the hidden variable of the human mind's consciousness factor" we need first now to get some vocabulary precision established.

Let us accept for the time being this term of Wall Street Journal Science Columnist Sharon Begley's "invention" as the label for "the breakdown in the normally open channels of communications in science" that she terms "pathological science". To understand and perhaps find the remedy for this pathology as also above exemplified in my simplistic analysis of the "ball bearing motor" as an example of this "breakdown in communications" obviously related to "how or what the observer believes something to be true" (a part of "prejudice" or pre-judging), let us honestly look at the situation at hand at the moment regarding this matter of this particular one of many electrodynamics anomalies discovered by Marinov.

First -- You saw this "Marinov Motor" in operation before you had heard anything about it, correct? You therefore had no prejudice about it and had no knowledge of what was even expected when I showed it to you and said let's hook it up, right? Or did I communicate with you by email or in person before the test about what it purported to do? (it's been five years) These questions are to address what we might call the "Expectation Effect" as part of the protocol for "experimental control of the consciousness factor".

Second -- Had you not seen this motor in action first, and had someone tried to tell you that such a device would operate as a motor with no magnets involved, spinning in either direction, with very low torque and very high rotational velocity, can you honestly say that you would have believed that such a device would function as a motor and would have come to the same conclusions that you did in your later analysis of its physics AFTER seeing it and being compelled to "come to grips" with the reality of it? Sarfatti et al saw it and basically wrote it off because they couldn't understand it in terms of their knowledge. Same with Dr. Wheeler who wrote off DePalma's dropping ball experiment for same reasons after first saying to DePalma, "this is going to change everything (in physics), isn't it?" But you have some kind of clarity of mind that allowed you to focus on this "phenomena" of the magnetless Marinov Ball Bearing Motor, which according to the maker of that particular model who is an electrical engineer at UC Santa Barbara "nobody has been able to explain, ever" including Marinov. Never mind for the moment that Chris Carsen did not agree either with your analysis of it, the point is that you rendered a very thorough evaluation in light of the established theories of physics that your education and mind offered, ie, you did not "run away" from that one by claiming "it's impossible". But the question here for your honest consideration is, would you in advance of seeing it work have "believed" that it would work, let alone could you have come up with the analysis of its dynamics that you did BEFORE seeing it work to compel your mind to focus on "figuring it out"? Let this question introduce what we can term for our "experimental protocol development" as that aspect of the "pathological science syndrome" or the "consciousness factor" as the "Believability Effect".

Third -- Did you discuss the Marinov motor with Dr. Park? Did you show him your evaluation and if so what did he think of it? Is he aware of this ball bearing motor, ie, does he "believe" it works if he has not seen it work? If by observation personally or reliance on other's qualified testimony of its actually working as we know it does, Dr. Park does "believe it works" and is not another fraudulent claim by pseudoscience practitioners, and if Dr. Park does not agree with your evaluation/analysis of "how it works", does Dr. Park have a detailed explanation of this particular "Marinov effect" in terms of the "advanced level physics" of which he is considered by the press such a worldwide expert that his opinions carry more weight than those of others who have "seen with their own eyes"? Bottom line is, Dr. Park is at present either aware or unaware of the claims of validity of this Marinov effect. He is either aware or unaware of your witnessing of this device and testimony of "it working as claimed". He is either aware or unaware of your physical dynamics analysis of its operation. These questions relate to another aspect of this "consciousness factor" hypothesized as a "hidden variable" in the physical dynamics of real systems including electrodynamics, gravitodynamics, and intertiodynamics. Let us call this aspect of this purported "consciousness factor" the "Awareness Effect". You may conduct a control run here by posing the above questions to Dr. Park if you have not already, and if so your answers to the above questions will help define the parameters of this now offered term definition of the "Awareness Effect" of the "consciousness factor" now covered in three of its definable aspects.

Let's start with this much for now, and see where the answers to the above questions lead towards refining a precise vocabulary that can be utilized in formulating a rigorous experimental protocol for controlling experiments (ie, observations) for the consciousness factor, then we can proceed to next step of discussing which of the half dozen or so candidates I have in mind for your first tests of these now working demonstrated "overunity energy generators."

Also, for background so others understand your mind, if you will, please resend your Marinov Motor Analysis to recipients of this email so that your understanding of it may be grasped by them in light of the below meager reference to your work in physics there at University of Maryland College Park.

Thanks again for this opportunity to collaborate with you on this.


---dcw: November 16, 2003, 12:13pmPST

Global Emergency Alert Response
- David Crockett Williams, Jr. (age 58) - 661-822-3309

----- Original Message -----
From: Mark Gubrud
To: David Crockett Williams
Cc: MD -Julie Weber - Peace Walk Local Coordinator College Park;
Thomas Valone - Integrity Research Institute Tesla Conference Nov.8-9 College Park Sheraton - www.integrityresearchinstitute.org; DC Peace Through Reason - Proposition One - White House Lafayette Peace Park Vigil for Global Nuclear Disarmament since 1981 www.prop1.org; Ellen Thomas; Remy Chevalier; Jon-William Brown
Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2003 5:25 AM
Subject: Re: students (Mark Gubrud, Mikkel Erjnaes, Jim Farrell and Dan Sullivan) are involved in this

> David,
> When we last met (several years ago), among many things that were said,
> I expressed a willingness to verify any demonstration of a working "free
> energy" device such as you talk about. In the intervening time, nothing
> has changed, except that I am no longer in a position to set up a test
> using UMd lab equipment.
> None of the breakthroughs you were touting five years ago has been
> proven to the world. Any of these things, in that amount of time,
> should have advanced to the stage of a rigorous, unambiguous, readily
> reproducible demonstration which should have been repeated by recipe in
> every major research university of the world, if there were anything to
> them. But in fact, none of them were new even five years ago. Most of
> them are very obviously delusional notions based on half-misunderstood
> science, and most have either been around for decades or have obvious
> antecedents going back even hundreds of years.
> I'm still willing to verify a demonstration to the best of my ability.
> But as time goes by, this subject just gets deader and deader from any
> intellectually honest perspective; still the same buzzing battery that
> has always powered pseudoscience and other forms of magic continues to
> regenerate the same enthusiasms until they progress to the status of
> legends.
> I am not willing to engage another round of fruitless debate with you;
> therefore I will not reply again unless you ask me to verify (with my
> expenses paid) some demonstration of an actual working device.
> Regards,
> Mark
David Crockett Williams wrote:
From: David Crockett Williams
To: MD -Julie Weber - Peace Walk Local Coordinator College Park; Mark Gubrud
Cc: Thomas Valone - Integrity Research Institute Tesla Conference Nov.8-9 College Park Sheraton; DC Peace Through Reason - Proposition One - White House Lafayette Peace Park Vigil for Global Nuclear Disarmament since 1981 www.prop1.org ; Ellen Thomas; Remy Chevalier www.endsecrecy.com Jon-William Brown http://wwwsunspiritgallery.com
Subject: students (Mark Gubrud, Mikkel Erjnaes, Jim Farrell and Dan Sullivan) are involved in this
Date: Friday, November 14, 2003 10:35 AM

Mark was typical skeptic during our March for Peaceful Energy 1998, etc., lately has been active on nuclear abolition list and other stuff as per citations below this technical report article on his area of physics which relates experimentally to "zero point energy" theory etc as the reason why he is "invested" in this new energy tech area. Now it would seem he is in excellent postion to be liaison for overtures to reason with the good Dr. Park there in UMD physics, ie, media are interested in both sides of the story and Mark is someone not shy to put his ideas into the mix in an intelligent and resonable and enthusiastic way. What we need is wider public discussion and interest in this new energy tech science and academic argument/discussion is an important part of this which local and national and international media will be interested in on UMD campus Nov.17 11am-12pm via peace walk adding media attention dimension to give good platform for this details http://groups.yahoo.com/group/American-Peace-March

The Photon - Spotlight on UM Physics Research ... Wellstood), two post-docs (Roberto Ramos and Phil Johnson), and four students (Mark Gubrud, Mikkel Erjnaes, Jim Farrell and Dan Sullivan) are involved in this ...
www.physics.umd.edu/news/photon/iss002/spot_research.html - 2003-08-14

[PDF] annual report
Page 1. 1 Center for Superconductivity Annual Report July ... of this report. Page 2. 2 Center for Superconductivity ...

... samples, measured devices, and discussed Josephson junction physics. Sudeep Dutta, Mark Gubrud, and Dr. Roberto Ramos also made integral contributions to the ...


On Quantum Computing

Q & A
What is a quantum computer?

Unlike ordinary computers, a quantum computer uses quantum mechanics to do calculations. While ordinary computers use a system of "logic" based on either zeros or ones, quantum computers would use a logical system that is based on zeros, ones or a combination of both. This combination would theoretically allow a quantum computer to do certain calculations, like finding the two factors of a particular product, exponentially faster than the conventional computers of today.

What is an rf SQUID?

A radio frequency superconducting quantum interference device, or an rf SQUID, is a magnetic field measuring device made of a loop of superconducting material with an insulating barrier. The particular rf SQUIDs worked with at UM are made of thin films of aluminum and niobium and are roughly the diameter of a human hair (about 50 microns).

How are quantum computers and rf SQUIDs related?

The research group at Maryland is trying to make the rf SQUID to the quantum computer what a bit is to today's computers. In other words, the rf SQUID is used as a qubit, or a quantum bit, in a quantum computer. Quantum Computing with rf SQUIDs By J.R. Anderson Professor, UM Physics

Computer components have been steadily decreasing in size and increasing in power required, tending to follow Moore's empirical "law," which states that computing power doubles approximately every 18 months. However, extrapolation suggests that within about 10 years the size of a transistor logic gate element will be only a few atoms. Consequently, computer power will soon reach a limit, unless another approach for computing can be developed. Quantum computing is one possible approach.

An ordinary electronic computer uses two-level logic, zero and one. A quantum computer, on the other hand, has states corresponding to zero and one and all linear combinations in a single element called a qubit. A quantum computer would consist of many qubit gates with entangled states. These gates could be addressed in parallel by unitary transformations, which must be carried out reversibly, implying no loss of energy in a gate operation. Quantum computers are "wired" so that they can do many calculations as the same time. This is known as "parallelism" and represents the power of a quantum computer.

The quantum computer would be superior to the classical computer for two important problems: finding the factors of a large number and searching an unstructured database.

Since it is far easier to find the product of two numbers than to find the factors of such a product (a nearly impossible task for conventional computers), industry and banks use this asymmetry to transmit information securely. In other words, the factors of a particular product are the key to many encrypted security systems, and if one could find the factors of a large number quickly, this security would be lost.

Searching an unstructured database may become crucial as the information on the World Wide Web expands. Here, again, the parallel processing quantum computers would provide an exponential speed-up.

Several systems have been proposed for quantum computing including trapped ions, quantum dots, and Josephson junctions. Although there are advantages and disadvantages to all systems, we believe that Josephson junction arrays have the greatest potential for realizing the entangled qubits of a quantum computer.

Schematic of a Josephson junction. A thin insulator of aluminum dioxide is sandwiched between two superconducting layers of niobium and aluminum.

In 1961, Brian Josephson, a graduate student at Cambridge University, published a Physics Letter with a remarkable conclusion, i.e. coupled electron pairs could tunnel across a narrow insulating barrier between a pair of superconductors without the development of a potential difference across this junction. In addition, if a voltage were applied across the junction, the phase difference of the electron wavefunctions on the two sides of this barrier would be oscillatory with its derivative proportional to the voltage. If this barrier were part of a superconducting loop, an applied voltage would produce an alternating current. These conclusions were confirmed by experiment shortly after Josephson's publication.

Our approach to quantum computing takes advantage of the "Josephson Effect". We plan to use radio frequency (rf) superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs) as qubits. An rf SQUID is a single Josephson junction loop, which can be modeled as an loop inductance L in parallel with the junction and a capacitance C and a resistance R. If we ignore the resistance, adjust to an appropriate critical current through the junction, and apply an appropriate small biasing magnetic field through the loop, then we believe that it is possible to treat the rf SQUID as a qubit with flux (magnetic field times area of the loop) as the relevant macroscopic quantum variable. That is, in a simple picture, clockwise current through the loop can be taken as 1 and counter-clockwise current as 0. This can be modeled as a double potential well. Coupling among qubits arises because the magnetic field from one qubits influences the properties of a neighboring qubit.

This project on quantum computing began last summer with support from Department of Defense. The research is very difficult because the experiments must be carried out at mK temperatures in a special He3-He4 dilution refrigerator and the SQUIDs must be well isolated from outside interference in order to have long coherence times. Our approach to the development of a quantum computer is sequential.

Schematic of an rf SQUID. A thin wire of aluminum is formed into a loop and cooled to superconducting temperatures, with an insulator at the join forming a Josephson junction.

First, we must prepare very good junctions, probably from aluminum or niobium. At the same time, we must learn how to isolate our system in the dilution refrigerator from external noise. Next, we must prepare rf SQUIDs and exhibit tunneling from one well to another in the SQUID. This is called macroscopic quantum tunneling or MQT. The quantum mechanical energy levels in the double-well system are separated by energies in the GHz range. The next step will be to look for enhanced absorption of microwaves at frequencies corresponding to the separations of the energy levels. This is called energy level spectroscopy. Then, we must see if there is quantum coherence, that is look for coherent tunneling between the two wells. This is called macroscopic quantum coherence (MQC) and may be the most difficult aspect of the research. Finally, we must prepare arrays of rf SQUIDs and look for interactions among them.

At the present time, four faculty (J. R. Anderson, A. J. Dragt, C. Lobb, and F. C. Wellstood), two post-docs (Roberto Ramos and Phil Johnson), and four students (Mark Gubrud, Mikkel Erjnaes, Jim Farrell and Dan Sullivan) are involved in this research, which is being carried out primarily in our Center for Superconductivity. In addition, Dr. Manheimer is setting up a parallel system with a dilution refrigerator at the Laboratory for Physical Sciences. We have already made very good Al/AlO/Al junctions as demonstrated by their current-voltage characteristics. One of the dilution refrigerators, a 50 µW system, is operating successfully down to 90 mK and the second, a 100 µW system, is being modified and with it we already have reached temperatures below 20 mK. There is a long way to go before successful realization of a quantum computer. A first step will be to demonstrate that quantum mechanics really applies to a system of rf SQUIDs. Experts have predicted that 40 years should be allowed for the development of a working quantum computer.

Tel: 301.405.3401
1117 Physics Bldg.
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742 Contact the editor.
Contact the webmaster.

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Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jerusalem, Europe, USA, La Paz.
Desde La Paz, Hasta La Paz -- "Si, Se Puede!"

A Columbus Day Offering: "Discover Your Self" 12.Oct.03
"Nuclear Physics and The Consciousness Revolution"

-- "Spirituality is The Highest Form of Politics" --
-- Longest Walk Indigenous Elders' Council 1978,
Message to the United States Government

"One person can make a difference"
-- Rep. Dennis John Kucinich -- http://www.kucinich.us

For a Culture of Peace & Community