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David Williams Peace March History Summary

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Explaining my double-sided business card.

A Prayer for America: Restore the Great Law of Peace

American Peace March to the White House, issues and info: How and Why “To Correct America.”

It should be obvious to anyone that America is on the wrong path of history and it needs to be corrected: Off of the current path toward the destruction of life on Earth by otherwise inevitable nuclear holocaust.

But how to Correct America? The fundamental problem that needs to be corrected to put America on the right path, the path of peace and prosperity for all, is to correct misunderstandings about the inviolably sovereign Law of Nature.

Otherwise, it means suffering the consequences: disharmony, civil strife, even the natural disasters which are also reflected by the Mind of Humankind out of harmony with the Natural Order.

Greed, crime, and avarice are other consequences of mistaking what seem to be uncertainties, which are simply the causes and effects of the operation of this Law of Nature. Like gravity it always works. Ignore it at your peril.

My first PocketBook, “To Correct America: The American Peace March”, is to provide convincing examples to understand how this Law of Nature works, for the reader’s better health, longer life, peace of mind, and prosperity.

In addition we will present a comprehensive list of practical suggestions and perspectives on the Truth of The Matter of Correcting America.

First of all, we need to support Presidential Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier who has been imprisoned for over four decades, falsely convicted of the murder of two FBI agents based on ballistics evidence the FBI has long acknowledged was falsified. This is the most important act of good faith to correct America that any US President should do immediately.

Global Prema Consciousness, means Peace Through Divine Love, looking at the world in the light of the Universal Unconditional Divine Love called Prema, the Love of Jesus Christ, the Miraculous Love exemplified by the 22 year old Prema Sai Baba. This is how we Take Control of America and Restore The Great Law of Peace.

How can we do this within the turmoil of daily life? By practicing our faith in the Power of the One Almighty God.

Use this as a weapon, “Prayer Drumming,” drumming the Sound of Freedom to Eliminate Child Sex Trafficking, to End Child and Human Slavery, as demonstrated in the recent movie about the story of Tim Ballard, the “Sound of Freedom” starring Jim Caviezel, released over the July 4th weekend 2023.

To end such outrageous crimes, the distortion of the minds of the perpetrators must be understood and remedied. Part of this is the influence of addiction to drugs of various kinds which adversely affect behavior.

Ending Drug Addictions becomes a higher priority as it influences this kind of deviant behavior, as well as the known social and mortality costs.

There exists a way to do this with a combination of mind control dynamics techniques of the Silva Method of Mind Control taught by the Mind Valley organization, and the Monroe Institute where all the CIA remote viewers were trained, with the chemical influence of ibogaine. This extract of the African rain forest Iboga vine root bark, by its ingestion causes a deep hypnogogic lucid dream state for a long day of introspection on the choices people make, and their effects, basically like rewiring the brain and flushing out the mind, with the end result of terminating addictions without withdrawals or cravings. This works for addictions to hard drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and combined with its indigenous use in Iboga Exorcism, may be worthy of exploring as a sex addiction remedy. It is currently illegal in the US, misclassified as a psychedelic.

Another big part of this problem is the poverty of the people involved, the economic incentive.

One of my particular areas of interest since before my first visit to the Hopi Land is the advanced technologies I foresaw and first wrote about in the Summer of 1976. These include what has become known as “free energy” technologies to generate electricity without using fuel, transportation “levitation” technologies based on magnetism, devices to neutralize radioactive wastes, and new technologies to provide abundant clean water.

Over the years, I learned about Nikola Tesla and his free energy technologies, and others like Bruce DePalma whose discoveries about the connection between rotation, gravity and inertia, gave support to my predictions. The big break was on June 12, 2023, the Disclosure Project Press Conference at the Washington DC National Press Club by Dr Steven Greer MD, revealed what I had only dreamed about, or perhaps in a nightmare. The dream is the fruition of many of my predicted technologies has already taken place for many decades, and the nightmare is that an illegal and unconstitutional secrecy cabal has kept this knowledge from the public until now.

Dr. Greer has documented enough evidence over the past thirty years to bring an end to this suppression, to begin implementing these technologies in the coming months and years, to completely eliminate poverty globally within the next two decades. The evidence of this, and a vision of our future with these advanced technologies, is presented in his new movie that premiered on June 8, 2023, called “The Lost Century: And How to Reclaim It.” It shows many examples of these advanced technologies kept secret for the last 100 years since the time of Nikola Tesla.

As we reclaim this Lost Century in the coming months and years, it will remove the financial incentive for the previously mentioned despicable criminal activities and many others.

To Correct America by ending such illegal and unconstitutional secrecy will Liberate the Free Energy Technologies to end poverty and usher in the era of true peace with harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth.

Technologies to Neutralize Radioactive Wastes have also been proven, called Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation Technologies, a byproduct of Cold Fusion research. All we need now is the rapid deployment of these technologies with the transition of manufacturing in a “crash program” analogous to the Manhattan Project which built the first atomic bomb.

This new Global Abundance Economy will empower the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, and the redirection of their funding to peaceful technologies.

This means the end of the End Federal Income Tax Fraud foisted on the public since 1913. Look up the movie on YouTube called “America, From Freedom to Fascism” to see how. Or look into the Freedom Law School to get individual relief from the income tax. It’s a fraud because no law can be produced to show this government-enforced “voluntary” tax is legal.

When the details are made public about the level of public secrecy, one of the areas likely to provoke a public outcry will be the obfuscation about the municipal Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. These have hidden a double set of books which hide such enormous municipal wealth that could otherwise be used to eliminate property taxes, according to experts at CAFR1.com

The shortage of abundant clean water is more apparent than ever today when buying bottled water is so popular. Normally we think of the “water table” as the source of water from the earth pumped up from below or in rivers. But there is another source “Abundant Primary Water” which is hidden deep in the Earth separate from the Water Table. The techniques for accessing this primary water are now known and proven over decades by the folks at the Primary Water Institute. This resource needs to be more fully exploited.

Hemp for Victory is the slogan from the time of the 1930’s when hemp was made illegal in a fraud on the US Congress by demonizing it as marijuana. This plant should be more widely cultivated for all its uses to replace plastics which produce hazardous microfibers and clog up the oceans with non-biodegradable trash. Hemp is the most bio efficient plant for the bulk of paper, fiber, fuels, composite lumber and building materials, even oils and seeds for food, but all the equipment to revive the American Hemp Industry is in China!

As a chemist, one of the things that excites me the most is my discovery about ten years ago of the work of Dr Joel Wallach, Founder of Youngevity Life Sciences, who should be the Surgeon General of the United States to share his information with the American public for increasing health and longevity and correcting the errors of the dysfunctional allopathic American Medical Association with its complicity in the pharmaceutical industry.

I am the Homeless Independent Presidential Candidate, Davy Crockett for President, Davy4President.com, since my 33rd Birthday in 1978 the Surrogate King of Jerusalem Israel to Return the Divine Love of Jesus Christ:


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