An Amazing Dream about President Bush and Hopi Prophecy

Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya's 1960 letter, detailing for the first time in writing The Hopi Prophecy secret knowledge revealed for the first time to the public from the 1948 council of Hopi leaders first time ever gathered from all the Hopi Villages to compare their knowledge and offer it to the public because of the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, "the gourd of ashes falling on the Earth two times," explains their view that their ancient prediction of the coincident "shaking of the Earth two times" related to the First and Second World Wars where Japan had the predicted "sign of the Sun" and Hitler's Germany used the symbols of the Iron Cross and the Swastika like predicted ones, and until the world leaders heeded the Hopi Message of Peace more and more disasters would follow. In 1991 Banyacya fulfilled his life mission assigned by his elders to open the door of "the house of mica" (the United Nations) for the Hopi Message of Peace to be presented to the world leaders there, but they did not listen. Banyacya told many times until his physical demise Februaray 6, 1999, that unless the United States corrected its ways it would experience the retribution of the use of nuclear weapons against the United States. In today's climate of the acclerating use of global terrorism, initiated by the Atomic Bombings of Japan and the US lack of reptentance and continued first strike nuclear policy, this dismal prediction of Thomas Banyacya is coming too close to fulfillment to avoid urgent action any longer. That the American people and the US government will wake up from this American Nightmare of Endless War, such an idea of such an awakening may itself be only a dream. But dreams are what the future is made of. Like Gandhi's vision of ending India's domination by Great Britain via the nonviolent application of "Truth Force" (Sathya Graha), "it was just a dream back then." Starting in the 1970's as per Banyacya's message from the Hopi elders according to their Prophecy (Hopi language word also translates as "Life Plan") the global spiritual leaders coming to council with the Hopi spiritual leaders to compare their knowledge began to include the Tibetan Buddhist leaders (amazingly the Tibetan and Hopi could understand one another's languages) who are seeing their ancient Tibetan Prophecy fulfilled "when the iron bird flies and horses run on wheels the Tibetan people will be scattered over the Earth like red ants and the Dharma will flourish in the land of the red face" and who also use the symbols of the swastika and the double dorje which looks like the iron cross or four leafed clover symbol per this letter as shown in abridged form in the Hopi Prophecy chapter of the 1962 book Warriors of The Rainbow by Vinson Brown and William Willoya from Naturegraph Publishing. Also, Hopi leaders met the Japanese Buddhist spiritual elder, the most venerable Nichidatsu Fujii whom Mahatma Gandhi called "Fujii Guruji," who offers insights from the Buddhist Prophecies and teachings of his spiritual predecessor Japan's Great Saint Nichiren on "How to Make The Dream of Global Peace Come True"

An Amazing Dream about President Bush and Hopi Prophecy

Compilation of recent emails detailing an amazing dream about President Bush connecting to an inspiration to end global terrorism and the determined religious faith to fulfill the Hopi Sacred Stone Tablet Prophecy:

From: David Crockett Williams

Subject: I just had an amazing dream about President Bush
Date: Monday, November 24, 2003 7:42 PM

This dream seems very significant to my mom on explaining it to her after my meditating carefully since Friday on how best to send out my email earlier today to public with the Baba intro in it and following on the heels of the email exchange yesterday, below the dream writeup following. I thought you all might find some usefulness for this information, noting the message offered.

Subject: Re: [global-peace-movement] How to stop the escalation of terror?
Date: Sunday, November 23, 2003 9:45 AM

From: David Crockett Williams
To: Ellen Thomas
Date: Monday, November 24, 2003 7:26 PM
Normally I would first write to Carolynne about this and will copy this to her later because she is way into dreams, but since it relates fo the email you responded to from me about the roots of global terrorism, the new energy issue, and the peace walk genre, I am recording here my dream I awoke with from a three hour nap ending at 6pmPST today 24Nov03.

Usually I don't remember much of my dreams and don't put much stock in them to repeat to people, just take what is given in them and use in daily life, most recently of course dreams about emails and now learning again about doing webpages html etc, but this is only the second dream in my life where I awoke with tears in my eyes relating to crying in my dream, not as profusely as the first one recorded in the story of my trip to India but same kind of feeling almost but this time the dream featured President George Walker Bush instead of a Sai Baba book in a bookstore.

In my dream I was in a park and approached two children playing on the ground with some toys behind whom was some kind of a dividing area like a flowerbed without flower that had the feeling of a perhaps ten foot wide trough area with someone seated on the other side facing the other way whom I did not recognize.

The children were talking while they were playing and as I approached into earshot I could hear that they were talking about being worried about terrorism and its impact on there lives.

So as a way of trying to comfort them I said to them, "I know what the root cause of global terrorism is and how it can be solved, shall I tell you about it?" and they responded with some mild interest at me a stranger coming up like that but the man across the empty flowerbed trough stood up and turned around with keen interest on his face and it was President Bush. So I started to explain to him what I wrote about and you responded to and the dream went into me having this personal conversation with the president man to man kind of thing.

I just explained first that the root cause of global terrorism today being leveled at the United States was in the history of the United Nations being created under the cloud of fear created by the US use of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the official government policy since then of "first strike" use of these weapons thereby terrorizing the other nations into compliance with the UN and US policies around the world thus creating the resentment that exists today. And that the way to end this was for the US to simply give an indication that this global nuclear terrorism initiated and maintained by the US was ending by he as president making an announcement that the US was officially renouncing its previous first strike nuclear policy, and he understood and agreed with this logic as something that he should do.

Then the dream went into my explaining to him with his full attention some of the information about the so-called new energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power that were available but suppressed for decades due to the US "dual use" military secrecy policies, to which he responded with understanding and nodded his head knowingly about what this term "dual use secrecy restrictions" means. I then explained that this would be very important for him to implement as the better way for energy policy that would take the pressure off of the US going to war over oil, etc., and again he understood and agreed.

Then I started talking to him about the idea of the peace walk genre as a way to bring these messages out to the public, and (you know how dreams are sometimes changing midstream) he pulled out a map from his pocket that he had bought for this purpose at a gas station and complained about the price of the map. We went over the map together and I showed him on it where such a walk should go through the Big Mountain area and why it should do so because of its connection to the energy issue, etc (coal mining there for electric power plants).

Then I folded up the map and he asked that we should pray together about all this so we embraced one another in a deep way and he offered his prayer and I offered mine in that deep embrace. I don't remember what his prayer said but it was kind of awkward like someone trying to reach for the right words from "stock scripture concepts" and when he finished I offered my prayer which got me to crying in my dream, offering profuse thanks for our ability as human beings to express love to one another and to receive the blessing of the wonderful feelings we get by offering our love to others, not mentioning getting love from people, just the wonderful feelings we get as part of being human and giving profuse thanks to the Creator for our human beingness dynamics by which we are able to love and feel the wonderful feelings that come from our expressing love.

Then we came out of that almost dream within a dream "embrace of prayer" and seemed to be finished with our conversation, but the president said that he was still waiting for someone he was going to talk to as a kind of spiritual guide type person who was expected directly so I waited with him and very shortly he came through the gate of the garden park we were in. It turned out to be a rastaman who was someone that I knew very well as per friends in my past with a knit rasta cap on who greeted me and the president warmly and on first approach jovially took off the president's knit cap (which I didn't notice before then) and stuffed it on my head in a playful gesture before taking the president arm around his shoulder and walking off to another part of the park. So I took off the cap and gave it back and said goodbye and left them walking away.

The next part of the dream was me driving to another place thinking about this happening and what to do next. I got out of the car and walked towards the entrance of a building with two men talking and kind of joking together outside with some glassware on the ground near them. One of the pieces of glassware scultures was smoking and I picked it up to see it and smelled ganja so finished the last of it.

Then I went into the building where they were working on music and singing songs and doing crafts and composing songs. I was looking for a friend there to help with something because in my hand I had a perhaps six inch long simple perhaps 3/8" diameter piece of glass tubing like I used in the chemistry lab but inside of it over half of its length in the middle was the crafted image of a penguin in maroon and ocre colors, an object that somehow was a symbol of the experience I had just had with the president and I wanted to find my friend there and show it to him and explain what had just happened for his advise. Then I saw someone I did not know who was doing glassblowing work and on a table he had a number of items just like the glass tube in my hand but none of his had a penguin inside it so I asked him if he could make me some like this one (which was like a crisp-lined imperfect "cartoon like penguin inside the glass tube like a little figure stuffed inside it), and he said he could make some for me.

Then I awoke from this dream with marvel and went and told it to my mom. In the dream the part when we ended our prayer was like the feeling of waking up from a dream, and when I awoke from this dream my eyes were still wet from having formed tears in my eyes during the embracing prayer part of the dream about giving thanks for the human ability and reward of expressing love.

Amazing dream. The other one with tears, but so many more, is written up with the story of my trip to India in 1996 where I found the book in my dream which turned out to have a special photo in the book which now is posted with that story at

David Crockett Williams 661-822-3309 24Nov03 7:25pmPST
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From: David Crockett Williams
To: Ellen Thomas
Subject: a DC Peace Sunday Event Re: Washington, DC, Global Peace Zone Mayoral Proclamation
Date: Monday, November 24, 2003 12:45 PM

I will copy you any replies but also you can post your agreement with my logic on your abolition and nuke lists with my post for wider understanding of this important way to end hostilities against the US, ie, US "backs off" first strike posture and public rallies around Prop1 as way to show world people understand something here in US about "true UN history" and origin of global terrorism now karmically coming back on the US.

Next 9-11 will likely be a suitcase nuke in DC otherwise.

I will email that mayor office person again soon but need idea for time hook on proclamation now the the walk timing is void, eg, a DC Peace Sunday Event per recent email. If we give the mayor two more weeks and negotiate with local groups etc for such event to present it, his proclamation can be issued maybe this week to promote peace message via a Peace Sunday "time hook" for his proclamation. What do you think? Main thing is if DC Mayor follows San Francisco and 9 other mayors and proclaims DC a Global Peace Zone, this is a big deal to inspire mayors and activists all across country to do such and work with local mayors to create media interest events with peace messages the news media will get out otherwise ignored. ie, For something instead of Protesting something.

----- Original Message -----
From: Ellen Thomas, White House Peace Park Vigil
To: David Crockett Williams
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2003 6:24 AM
Subject: Re: Washington, DC, Global Peace Zone Mayoral Proclamation

> It's nice to hear the Mayor may issue a message of support. Thanks for
> this posting and the response to Alice Slater's piece. I agree with
> you, and appreciate your reminding people of the bill in Congress.
> Please forward me any replies you get?
> Ellen
> David Crockett Williams wrote:
[to Washington DC Mayor's Office, see below]
> > Yes, please, any time will be great. Sorry for delay in responding to
> > your email overlooked in my haste. The idea is if the mayor will
> > proclaim Washington DC as a Global Peace Zone, this with whatever he
> > puts in such proclamation will be very powerful for us to circulate.
> > Thanks very much.
> >
> > David Crockett Williams 661-822-3309
> > One human being living in Tehachapi, California
> >
> > Global Emergency Alert Response 2000
> >
> >
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: Akers, Betty (EOM) [Washington DC Mayor's office]
> > To: ''
> > Sent: Monday, November 10, 2003 12:22 PM
> > Subject: Global Peace Zone Day Proclamation
> >
> >
> > Our office just received your request for Mayor Anthony Williams
> > of Washington, DC to prepared a Global Peace ZOne Day Proclamation.
> > Unfortunately, we will not be able to process this document in such
> > a short turn around time. Our normal turn around time is three weeks.
> > However, if you still would like the proclamation after the fact,
> > please advise.

From: David Crockett Williams
To: .Hopi Prophecy Fulfillment Group [special list of collaborators]
Cc: Prophecykeepers
Subject: to fulfill the Hopi "Return of the Sacred Stone Tablet" Prophecy
Date: Tuesday, November 25, 2003 12:11 PM

This post is to mostly same list bcc as my post of advice about dream 24Nov03 where after soon reflection the "penguin in glass tube" detail described as "cartoon like" was of not smooth but angular edges around shoulder/chest area between maroon and yellow/ocre color suggestive of the garments worn by HH Dalai Lama in photos, hence this "symbol of the message of the dream" regarding the president's receptivity and spiritual identity now indicates connection to the following proposed "scientific experiment" (glass tube symbol as per my chemistry lab days) regarding the "bridging" between "destiny" per "prophecy" and "cause as effect of action" per karma and "free will" by focusing the power of the human mind in prayer towards fulfillment of the Hopi Prophecy regarding the return of the sacred stone tablet apparently to match, correlate, or be the missing piece of the one held by Grandfather Martin, Kikmongwi of the Hopi Fire Clan in Hotevilla AZ.

You will see in my overall story on this of key events through 1979 that my belief is that this "Pahana" who is predicted to come and bring this stone tablet, and thereby "take control of the whole continent in one day" with the help of two helpers, one with the sign of the swastika and something looking like a four-leafed clover (double dorje?) and the other helper with the sign of the sun, where this "Pahana" (or True One, ie, "true white brother whose skin may or may not be white") represents the True Oneness Consciousness operating via perhaps many people each "channeling" as The True One, and the part of this "Hopi Prophecy" per Banyacya's 3page letter of December 1960 second elders conference authorizing this information for release to public first time then in writing, saying that "The First One (Pahana) together with the First Helper, the Second One with the signs of swastika and (four symbol), will join with the Third One, the Second Helper with the sign of the Sun, and come as One to bring purification..."

This part perplexed me until my experiences with the Nipponzan Myohoji monks from Japan beating the drums and chanting the Odaimoku Lotus Sutra mantra as a practice of "purification" and then the experience of the Refuge Ceremony 5Mar77 in Santa Barbara when I received intitiation Tibetan name etc and HH Karmapa had Tanka with swastikas in four corners and double dorje symbol in center.

All these years I have felt that somehow Sai Baba would be involved in this stone tablet return, in combination with the well focused and timed prayer of the Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo as the meaning of "join with the helper with the sign of the sun and come as one". Understanding after all these years that much of this has many levels of symbolic and literal meanings interperable by each person in own correct way, I have been waiting and "sensing" for when is the time for the "next try" at this stone tablet manifestation.

But all of the Nipponzan Myohoji people I have met do not seem to relate to the mind dynamics involved in the "paranormal" such as the mechanism I envision behind how this stone tablet will be "returned," and other orders of Buddhist practitioners do not seem to practice this drumming chanting together (joining minds as The One) so now here is to propose an "experiment" per my "science theory" about the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light, an "experiment" whose timing now is suggested by my unusual dream of yesterday and the urgency of the global situation now ever more desperately making all of humanity screaming silently the prayer for global peace now.

My suggestion/proposal is to now "tap" the intensity of this prayer and the coincident timing of the Dec.1-7 annual practice of the Nipponzan Myohoji practitioners all around the globe who fast during those seven days each year while beating the drums and chanting this purification prayer all day preparing for the 8Dec annual ceremony observing the "Buddha Enlightenment" remembering Shakyamuni's Buddha Enlightenment 2500 years ago.

This suggests that the opportune time to go to Hopi land and meet with Grandfather Martin on this for ceremony prayer for return of sacred stone tablet may well happen during this time frame, for "some One" who feels spiritually determined to go, no me this time due to duties caretaking ill aged mother, to the Hopi land on personally directed spiritual mission to share knowledge and ceremony and "see what happens" without attachment to results (neutral or "empty mindedness")

This is beyond my control but suggested as a good time to conduct such "scientific spiritual experiment".

Soon more coming on this after checking last couple days emails.

David Crockett Williams 661-822-3309
One human being living in Tehachapi, California
Global Emergency Alert Response 2000


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