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For earlier inspirations, details see posts on March and June 2003 Spirit of America Walks in Los Angeles at which led to initiation of Silk Road to Peace March becoming Red Silk Road Peace March Project announced June 2003, initiated June 24, 2003, inaugurated August 24, 2003 -- and in October 2003 triggered by Steps for Peace before it walked to the United Nations 31Oct03 -- as the Global Peace Avalanche of...

The American Peace March 2003-2004

------------ Why now and what it's all about:

It is now clear that in 1945 a Peace Treaty had been negotiated with Emperor Hirohito by Vatican Secretary of State Giovanni Battista Montini who later became Pope Paul VI (and who initiated World Peace Day.)

Since 1995 it became known that General Douglas MacArthur did not support atom bombing Japan as is evident from web searching.

Search these military leaders names all together to appreciate the lack of military support for the atomic bombing Japan.

Hiroshima: MacArthur, Eisenhower, Leahy, Arnold, Bard, McCloy

From email to Steps for Peace Walk approximately 20Oct03:

American Peace Walk 2003-2004, Maine to UN to DC to San Francisco, inspired by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, 2003 Gandhi Award recipient, author of legislation to create a cabinet level US Dept. of Peace as endorsed by the Dalai Lama, first US Presidential Candidate for nuclear disarmament.

As you know, the United Nations was "conceived" (to "remove the scourge of war from the future generations") at its June 26, 1945, meeting at the Herbst Theater (now Veterans War Memorial Bldg) in San Francisco when the UN Charter was drafted and signed by the initiating founding members including the United States. In that UN Charter is the prohibition against using the weapons of mass destruction which indiscriminately kill combatants and non-combatants alike when used in warfare. Normally after conception, for example in the case of human beings, there is joy and love and nurturing during the gestation period before the being is born. In the case of the being of the United Nations Organization, during this "gestation period" until the "birth of the UN" on October 24, 1945, now known as UN Day, only five weeks after its conception with the vow to prohibit such weapons, the new and horrific nuclear weapons were used against the civilian populations of Japan as a human test and to threaten the Soviet Union not to complain about the US taking over Japan after the war instead of it becoming the satellite of the Soviet Union per Yalta secret agreement for the Soviet Army to finish the difficult war against militarized Japan and take it over after the war. Since the US from that moment forward has continued to threaten the world's nations with nuclear destruction in order to impose its economic domination on the world, from the beginning of the birth of the UN this has been the underlying fear rather than love which is embodied in the being of the United Nations Organization.

Now we must heal this fear.

This is what the American Peace Walk 2003-2004 is all about.

-------------- The Inspiration of How to End Global Terrorism:

From: David Crockett Williams
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Subject: Re: [global-peace-movement] How to stop the escalation of terror?
Date: Sunday, November 23, 2003 9:45 AM

Alice Slater is on the right track here folks, and/but the key to understanding and solving this global terrorism issue is recognizing and publicizing the actual history of the nuclear weapons terrorism and the continuing "first strike" threat, what Alice calls this "bludgeon club," held since 1945 over the world's head as "The Threat" that has initiated the cycles of global terrorism now karmically reflecting back onto the United States.

On June 26, 1945, the United Nations Charter was signed after the UN creation meeting at the Herbst Theater in what is now the Veterans War Memorial Building in San Francisco across the street from now United Nations Plaza there. This charter signed by the US and other UN founding nation-states renounces and prohibits the use of weapons of mass destruction.

On July 16, 1945, history's first nuclear weapon was tested in New Mexico by the US and then tested on human beings in two versions (uranium and plutonium versions) on the non-combatant cities of Hiroshima August 6 and Nagasaki August 9 in Japan where US medical teams quickly went after Japan's surrender August 15 to take photos and assess damage but rendered no medical aid before displaying the results of the bombings to the world to specifically threaten the Soviet Union and the world ever since with the use of these weapons on ever increasing scales of potential devastation.

This is why Mahatma Gandhi's "Guruji" Nichidatsu Fujii in his speech at the end of the American Indian Movement's Longest Walk from San Francisco to Washington DC in 1978 called the US, "a violator of the United Nations Charter and a criminal against humanity".

Then with this "nuclear bull-whip" the nations were corralled into the United Nations whose Charter was then ratified on October 24, 1945, the so-called United Nations Day anniversary. Is this any way to base the founding start of a "United Nations Organization," by the fear of nuclear terror?

The rest of the world knows what this perspective means at the root of "global terrorism" and since 1945 we can see the ever-escalating increases in response to this criminal history of the US government regarding nuclear weapons and the UN Charter.

But the American public does not understand this perspective. When it does, they will demand its correction through vehicles like the Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act put into Congress several times unsuccessfully so far because the public does not appreciate this historical perspective above. If the public demands full discussion and implementation of this bill as the way to address and correct this error, this will greatly help now to end global terrorism by our enemies seeing that at least the public understands and is fomenting support for this bill.

The US started the global terrorism mentality by this history, so to stop it the US must "back off" this first strike threat posture and move towards global elimination of nuclear weapons. No more apologies for Harry Truman (whom Fujii Guruji called a "ten times worse war criminal than Adolf Hitler" because of this history) by organizations carrying on his legacy as nonprofit groups.

No more Hiroshimas.

No more Nagasakis.

The only way to end global terrorism is for the US to take this first step and renounce first strike policy, recognize and acknowledge and repent of this criminality of violating the UN Charter which it signed on June 26, 1945, apologize for the immorality and criminality of bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The the world will see that the US is serious about becoming friends with the world and the terrorism against us will end.

To work for anything less, especially the notion of "non-proliferation," is to endorse and support his criminality of the US government as agents of this continued nuclear terrorism of the US.

Not before that, will this happen IMO. See Fujii Guruji's Longest Walk speech and others starting at

Now Rep. Dennis Kucinich is calling for a resolution to get the US out of Iraq and let the UN take over entirely. This sounds like a good idea but do you think it will work unless the above issue is resolved? The UN is also under attack in Iraq. If we correct the US thinking on nuclear weapons and make the UN basis one of cooperation instead of fear, the Kucinich plan may work. Otherwise it too is doomed.

So far our enemies have kindly not used nuclear weapons against the US as Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya warned all his life since 1948 will surely happen to the US unless it changes its thinking.

Is it time yet?

David Crockett Williams, November 23, 2003 -- 661-822-3309
One human being living in Tehachapi, California
Global Emergency Alert Response 2000

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From: ASlater
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Sent: Friday, November 21, 2003 10:37 AM
Subject: Re: [global-peace-movement] How to stop the escalation of terror?

Dear Friends,

I also believe that terrorism is a response to the nuclear terror that the US holds over the world like a club to bludgeon countries into doing our will. France, UK, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, and Israel also have nuclear weapons. As a matter of fact, the Israeli whistle blower who told the world Israel has nuclear weapons, Mordecai Vananu will be released this April after 18 years of imprisonment for his heroic act, 15 of them in solitary confinement. If we want to stop terrorism we should eliminate nuclear weapons in the states that already possess them. See Alice Slater

At 04:07 PM 11/21/2003 +0700, wrote:

I believe that the majority of people in the anti-war movement would be opposed to terrorism as a method of fighting imperialism. However we should not raise this issue in the manner suggested below. This is because it implies that the violence of terrorism can somehow be equated with the violence of imperialism.

This is a mistaken way of looking at the situation. Terrorism is a response to the continuing occupation of Iraq and the continued violence from Israel. If we are to end it we must tackle the root causes. ie concentrate our efforts on opposing the occupation of Iraq and the violence against the Palestinians. We must also oppose the expansion of US military bases etc. To start a debate on terrorism is to get side-tracked from the main issue.

If we are to provide a real alternative to terrorism which can win over deperate people facing repression, we must build a credible international mass movement against imperialism rooted in workplaces throughout the world, not spend time condemning desperate acts by desperate and oppressed people.

Ji Giles Ungpakorn
Workers Democracy, Thailand.

Quoting Herbert Docena :

> [this proposal calls for 1. A discussion of the anti-war movements' response
> to the escalating violence during the coming General Assembly at the WSF and
> 2. Support for the International War Crimes Tribunal on Iraq.(HD)]
> ============================================================
> (Proposal for a plan of action by Enrique Gomariz)
> 1. During these last months of the year 2003 we are witnessing an escalation
> of terrorism at the global level which affect mainly arab states and in the
> latest cases at Turkey. The last attacks in Istambul have been extremely
> cruel killing numerous innocent people. At the same time, the illegal
> military occupation of Irak, under US leadership has worsened the military
> repression in violation of the human rights of the Iraqui population.
> 2. The international peace movement must confront with clarity before the
> public opinión of the world this terrorist escalation and condemn strongly
> and clearly all terrorist tmethods such as the September 11, 2001 attack
> against the US or the invasion and occupation of Irak by the US and Great
> Britain.
> 3. This present terrorist escalation reflects the struggle between violent
> strategies fueling each other. The terrorist attacks of extremist groups
> provoke even more military responses of the most conservative political
> forces of the west. On the other hand, the predictions of several known
> experts and groups of the peace movement about the violation of basic
> principles of international law by military actions by the superpower has
> the effect of increasing terrorist movements instead of reducing them.
> 4. In this situation, the international peace movement needs to take a step
> further from the casual condemnation towards the debate and elaboration of a
> strategy for peace action in order to accumulate strength in public opinion
> and send a clear message to the citizens of the world that nobody has
> neither the obligation nor the wish to choose between competing terrorist
> forces. This really means that another world is possible.
> 5. At the present time the antiwar movement needs to increase considerably
> its profile and identity, in order to avoidthe relegation behind terrorist
> dinamics or the creation of false imagesof a broad front with any one of the
> terrorisms against the other.
> 6. In the case of Irak, the pronounced condemnation of terrorist strategies
> does not mean to ignore the rights of sovereignty and selfdetermination of
> all peoples. The UN charter clearly states thatall people have the right to
> selfdefense in case of aggression or illegal occupation.
> 7. The debate about the need of a strategy to increase the profile of the
> international antiwar movement against the terrorist escalation needs to be
> a key element of the agenda of the General Assembly of the Global Peace
> Movement at the World Social Forum in Mumbai in January of 2004.
> 8. It is important and necessary to maintain the call for the International
> Tribunal of Concience about the Intervention and Occupation of Irak planned
> to take place in Istambul. However, in coordination with the turkish
> organizers other possible alternative places for the Tribunal should be
> considered in order to avoid the risk to have to postpone it for
> circumstantial reasons.

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