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"The Science Solution: Conscience"

"The Civilization of Science," A Message from Nichidatsu Fujii (1885-1985)

24Nov03 The ConScience Solution Global Peace Plan
Science is a "Con" -- Conscience is "against Science with knowledge"

22Nov03 Summary Status Report Pending American Scientific Revolution
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22Nov03 Open Letter: Sen. Kennedy, Gov. Schwarzenegger, New Energy Sci-Tech

24Nov03 An amazing dream about President Bush and Hopi Prophecy

The President and The Baba

The Sai Baba's 78th Birthday Global Peace Sunday 2003 Related News Reports
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"I feel no need for food and water" -- Sri Mataji Prahlad Jani
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2Dec03 Newman Energy Machine Report -- New Energy Cover-up Exposed

Paramahamsa Tewari on correcting pathological science and the Tetron Theory

Why targeting University of Maryland at College Park

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Science v Conscience

The fundamental theory of Science is that human beings know nothing but what is gained to memory, by experience and observation and analysis of "what happens" that any and all observers can equally reproduce, as what Science defines as "real" always operating uncertainly doubting the truth.

The fundamental theory of Spirituality is that human beings know everything but what is suppressed from recall, by experience and observation and analysis of "what happens" that each observer's mind determines by its application through Conscience, as what Spirituality defines as determined religious faith in the absolute nature of truth.

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From: David Crockett Williams
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Subject: 21Nov03 - The Coming Energy Revolution Nov23 Peace Sunday,
Global Peace Plan - Red Road to Peace - American Peace March "Science Solution"
Date: Friday, November 21, 2003 11:45 AM

21Nov03 - The Coming Energy Revolution Nov23 Peace Sunday,
GEAR 2000 Global Peace Plan - Walking The Red Road to Peace -
The American Peace March2003-2004 -- "The Science Solution" --

For success beyond protesting, apply faith in truth to what we want,
instead of applying faith in uncertainty "against" what we don't want!

Following links summaries/intro is article on the "science" solution and:

The Coming Energy Revolution v New US Energy Policy Bill in Congress

PEACE SUNDAY 2003 -- A CALL TO SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM <- 23Nov Los Angeles and Globally

"Miracles happening every day, open mind can see" - Yusen Yamato

"I believe in miracles" - Dennis John Kucinich

"My miracles are my calling cards" - Sathya Sai Baba

November 23, 2003 --- Global Peace Sunday
The President and The Baba -- see photo and story at

The Story of The Century -- Internet Science Education Project
-- Towards a Scientific Spiritual Conscience Revolution --
"On the forefront of scientific consciousness application"

The Red Silk Road to Peace -- The Red Road of Spiritual Unity,
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Global Emergency Alert Response 2000
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The Coming Energy Revolution v New US Energy Policy Bill in Congress

See overview book on new energy tech of this title by Jeanne Manning
with foreword written by Dr. Brian O'Leary

The information referenced below shows the $7.5 billion nuclear energy industry subsidy in the Energy Bill now in Congress would cost each American taxpayer about $600 to produce six privately owned nuclear facilities to further endanger the public, especially in these times of threat of terrorism against such facilities in addition to the normal dangers of nuclear power.

At the same time, the California Energy Commission Chairman two weeks ago issued a letter recognizing the potential of the new ("space energy") technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power such as "cold fusion", "advanced hydrogen technologies", and "zero point energy" technologies, as reported to them in public hearing four months ago by former NASA scientist-astronaut, physics teacher, and science and energy policy advisor to four US presidential candidates, Dr. Brian O'Leary Phd president of the New Energy Movement Inc and cofounder of other new energy organizations including the Institute for New Energy whose scientists have reported to the American Nuclear Society annual meetings on applications of this misnamed cold fusion effect for neutralizing radioactive wastes. The breakthrough September 5, 2003, Wall Street Journal Science Journal article on the realities of cold fusion labels the problem, in implementing such new energy technologies panned by such physics luminaries as Dr. Robet Park of the American Physical Society and professor at University of Maryland at College Park, as "pathological science." This "breakdown in the normally open channels of scientific communication" is exacerbated by the limitations of the scientific method which only defines as "real" those physical occurances which are reproducible by all observers. See the details, latest status at

Can everyone do whate Uri Geller can do, bend spoons with "the mind"? This paranormal phychokinetic ability has been witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people including Dr. Harold Puthoff in the 1970's at Stanford Research Institute whose nominal "controlled" experiments were published in the October 17, 1974, issue of Nature, one of the most prestigious "hard science" journals in the world. Dr. Puthoff is now the leading figure recognized by the US DOE and CIA as the physics authority on "zero point energy" technologies potential which DOE called "the holy Grail of energy research" in its May 1998 letter discussed at the US Capitol March for Peaceful Energy event on October 24, 1998, the letter first starting DOE responses increasing since about these new energy devices
presented in depth by many scientists' public input to DOE in 1998 &2000.
Can everyone do what Sathya Sai Baba can do? This year's Peace Sunday occurs on his birthday November 23rd, (77th by western reconing and 78th by eastern) and will be observed by his estimated 100,000,000 students globally, yet only in the months following his birthday last year has there been apparently the first mention of his 63 year teaching career in the mainstream western press (NYT, IHT) where among those now on record testifying to his ability to materialize objects, as gifts to inspire faith in the absolute nature of truth, is the author of that International Herald Tribune article whose "day job" is United Nations Under-Secretary for Public Information and Communications, accomplished author Shashi Tharoor. Dr. O'Leary writes about his friend Sai Baba in three of his recent books and shows photos of the ring directly materialized for him "out of thin air." Literally over a million people since his birth have personally witnessed Sathya Sai Baba's "paranormal" abilities practiced daily many times at his ashram in India and remotely around the world as millions more will testify, including this writer as a skilled chemist and observer. Many who have not heard of Sai Baba upon seeing his photo "remember" him from a dream or inspiration they have had in the past. But because of his strict admonitions against publicizing or collecting money in his name, only in the last year has the western press paid any attention to him through the veil of doubt and uncertainty at the foundation of "science".

Can everyone do what you can do? Everyone has special abilities to "manifest" things in the physical world, different abilities, so by nature human beings implicitly invalidate this fallacious assumption of the "scientific method" by which mistakenly believing nations and people accept as the "definition of what is real" that which only may be reproduced by any observer at any time. The mind is the lock, opening it takes only faith in human conscience to dispel uncertainties of science.

This conundrum means that the negative influences of the doubts and uncertainties of "pathological science" may now be resolved in order to implement solutions such as these new energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power which have been presented in depth to the California Energy Commission since 2001, to the Bush administration in its National Energy Strategic Plan since 2000, and previously to the US DOE since 1998, all dutifully ignored until the recent letter from the California Energy Commission Chairman under Governor Gray Davis. --CA responds --input Clinton Admin --input to Bush Admin.

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That provision in the pending New US Energy Plan Bill in Congress now, crafted in secret and not released until late Saturday night, could cost taxpayers as much as $7.5 Billion and is intended to result in the construction of six new privately-owned, for-profit reactors across the county. This provision alone would cost each American family about $600. This incentive is in addition to almost four Billion dollars included for other nuclear energy programs...

[a nucler power expert says:] "I am personally fed up with the lies coming from the DOE/NRC. I think the people have a right to know that a terrorist could turn a nuclear power plant into a bomb that would render living conditions in certain parts of the country unlivable." - - John "Jack" P. Shannon -- Retired U. S. Marine Corps Major, Former Nuclear Physicist/Nuclear Engineer, Former Supervising Nuclear Physicist/Engineer, Former Manager of Nuclear Safety, Industrial Safety/Industrial Hygiene at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, designer DxG US Navy nuclear reactor.

The entire Bush speech that introduced Clear Skies is so full of lies, manipulations, disinformation, and blatantly false promises that it would require a book to address each statement. In this series, I have selected 16 statements from the text of the speech and divided them into what I consider the Initiative's five main issues: conservation (lack of), environmental health (devastation of), free market solutions (failure of), science (absence of), coal (dominance of), and nuclear energy (state sponsored terrorism).

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